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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
A sum up of my April 2014 at 19:30

A quick recap for my April 2014....

Life's been busy and pack for my April. So, i only have a lot of minor minor random pictures from my iphone.

Been assigned to audit a construction company which operates by China people. Had a hard time dealing with them and super tight dateline to meet. But, bright side is we get to have free meal every day! This is one of the lunch that we went to Grandma Bak Kut Teh.

Recently i really love to munch seedless grapes. It's very addictive that i can finish one kg in two days by myself. Too bad that seedless grapes aint cheap! But still ok la have to treat my self better since i worked so hard these days.

First time, i wrote emails in chinese! It took me some time to type out the pin yin and have to be in a formal way. Tension lol

✿ 1/100: Mcd As lunch to balance out the OT mood on a holiday.

Randomly shopping day and spotted midi skirts. Quite tempted to purchase it but also worry that i wont be wearing it. So end up i din buy it.

✿ 2/100: Flight ticket booked! Another one thing to make me stay motivated and move on!

Langkawi hotel searching in process...

✿ 3/100: Another trip is confirmed!

Le brother treat us drinks from Georg peck for his good results after he got his cash rewards from those clubs. 

✿ 6/100: A date with le bff at The cozy cafe! Great catch up after some time.

Our new york cheese cake! Recently consumed too much cakes, a little bit overdoze already >,<

She handed over me some souvenir that she brings back from kl and penang trip.

✿ 7/100: I appreciate those rare days that i can work in my office instead of rushing out to client's office.

Mummy loves this type of flower so she planted a lot of it. I love it too! 

✿ 8/100: Life goes on despite on what's coming up next is something you don't wish it to be happen. You gotta lift yourself up cause if you don't, who will?

Something really bad hit my mood badly. I feel so hard to stay focus in the study and again i have doubts in my career again.  But anyway, keep reminding myself about those travel plans that i've made and the initial point why i'm here. So, just move on and i'll be able to get over it!

✿ 9/100: Le coursemate aka colleague bring us some snail essence hydrating mask which she brought back from her taiwan trip!

Finally, a selfie session with her in class after attended three semesters continuously!

I'm so thankful to have her around for those times that we went classes together. At least i'm not alone there to fight with this paper~

This semester, bow is taking the same paper with me!

Lunch break, we went to do some groceries shopping at Watsons store. Spotted all this with funny titles.

✿ 10/100:  The number 22th payslips collected to-date! 

I didn't expect that time flies way faster than i expected. So, bond shall end by another 26 months later! I can do it! 

✿ 11/100: Glad that we still have the ability to help!

Volunteered myself to help out the cash count for GO Bald event. I wanted to join it last year but the timing clash with the time i went to Melaka. So last year couldn't make it. Too bad!

I just applied another leave on 23rd May! So, my study leave will start a little bit earlier! Keep Counting down days to it!

✿ 12/100: Had a very nice claypot chicken rice with mushroom at Tun Jugah Food Gallery!

Am so happy that friday because i just receive a feedback from one of the managers. From his reviews, i feel my hard work are being recognized. Which makes me feel so happy! At least what i've done, people see it and appreciate it!

Footnote: Seriously, i hate it when people try to be sarcastic while talking to me. So annoying!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014
Malaysia | Langkawi 2014 at 12:36

Hello! It's mid April already and i'm going for a family trip in July. Before that, will be going to Penang with Bow and my buddie! First trip with le buddie!! Kinda excited for it! Sounds like my second Half year of 2014 will be quite fruitful! (love)

So, it was quite random that sister took the ipad and start searching for hotels.

Actually i was planned to book our hotel in June 2014. I thought it was quite early to think about our trip. I was planned to do it after my ACCA exam. Gosh, suddenly mood strikes me to make planning by random.

After seeing her searching on hotels, so i started to search it as well and compare prices among all and so on. Langkawi, is somewhere to relax and chill with those duty free alcohol! I've been there once for my graduation trip year 2012. Read my post here! That trip, we didn't in charge of hotel booking part as it was planned by Irene's friend. We had a short stay in casafina fine homes hotel. And, i recommend you all to go there if you din opt for a hotel by the beach.

Last year, our family went to Pulau Pangkor for bow's graduation short family trip. While searching for hotel, we thought of searching for a hotel that is clean and it is okay that not to be by the beach. However, we kinda regret after that la. That was my fault for not doing enough survey on it. Should have try to hunt for some homestay or resort or something since our trip to there is quite short! Did not enjoyed fully. So, do not repeat the same mistake again this year!

Am using Agoda and Expedia to search for hotels. This two websites is really very useful!!
Since our family is big, with 6 person in total. So, it will be quite costly in terms of booking hotel. I always think that, as long as the hotel is clean, with two big beds then everything is solved. We can squeeze a bit at night. It is okay because we want to save the cost to as minimal as we can!

There are so many hotels in Langkawi, but this round, homestay is out of our choice. Any hotel with 1 or 2 stars is definately out! But thank god there are a lot hotels with 3 stars and still charge at reasonable price.

After compare up and down.. finally, we decided to do hotel hopping for the 4D3N stay in Langkawi! LOL

Day 1: De Baron Resort Langkawi ♡ 

Why are we choosing this hotel?

Reason: Because the first day, we reached at Langkawi around evening 6pm. We just need to find a hotel that is moderate okay to sleepover. From the photo gallery, it looks quite ok with nice evening scenery? I hope they don't cheat us la LOL

Hotel ratings: 6.5 pleasant, acceptable la right?

Price: RM183 for Deluxe with breakfast (Price before tax) and it comes with 2 queen bed. After some modification (Joint the bed), i think can fit all of us la!

 Day 2 : Best Star Resort ♡

Why are we choosing this hotel?

Reason: After the Pangkor trip experience, we wish to stay in a resort that is by the beach. It is a trip ma so we want to relax with some nice beach view. Of course, we will monitor the price as well when making decision.

Hotel ratings: 7.1, good!

Price: RM148 for Deluxe with breakfast (Price before tax) and it comes with 1 queen bed. So, we will have to take two rooms!

Day 3 : Casa Fina Fine Homes Hotel ♡

Why are we choosing this hotel?

Reason: The last day of stay in Langkawi, i chose to stay in casa fina fine hotel as they have family room that can fit up to 5/6 pax! I've stayed there before. The location is very convinient. You can just walk across the road to read the duty free shop! The hotel is located at the shoplots area. To me it is really good, cause easy to access duty free store, we can just buy things on the last day and go back hotel to do packing. Then next, it is near to airport with only 6.1km!

Hotel ratings: 7.5, good!

Price: RM207 for Family Room with no window (Price before tax) and it comes with 2 King Bed. 

Footnote: I hope you don't get bored by my post as i love to write blog post according to my thoughts. I love to jot down every single little things that i won't want to forget. Everyday is a precious moment to me. This is just like a diary of mine about my life.

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Monday, April 14, 2014
To Travel Is To Live ✈ at 20:30

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the roads of lands remote; to travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen
Perth (October 2015)

Pulau Redang (August 2015)
1. Pulau Redang Day 1
2. Pulau Redang Day 2
3. Pulau Redang Day 3

Bangkok (June 2013) 

Malaysia | Bow's Convocation Trip (Aug 2013)

Malaysia | Johor (Aug 2012)

Malaysia | Kota Kinabalu (November 2011)
1.  KK Day 1
2.  KK Day 2

(April 2011)

(April 2012)

(November 2012)

(May 2013)

Malaysia | Klang (November 2012)

Malaysia | Penang (July- Aug 2010)

Malaysia | Ipoh- Cameron Highland - KL (October 2012)

Malaysia | Graduation Trip 2012

Malaysia | Cameron Highland (July 2009)

Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur 

Malaysia | Kuching's Road Trips



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