Lost days, pictures fade.

Sunday, November 20, 2011
August Holiday @ Kota Kinabalu. Day 2 at 21:13

Here i continue to blog about my KK trip day 2 :)

Day 2 we checked out the apartment then we headed to the mountain kinabalu.
First stop, Gerai Pekan Kinabalu. Erm, places that sells vegetables, fruits and souvenirs.

There is a tower for tourist to climb up and have a clear view of the mountain.
owh, mother nature super pretty again!
honey honey honey

a lot cheap souvenirs can be found here and they sells tees too! 
But all priced RM25, kinda expensive!

 keychains. 7 for RM10 
I dunno why daddy will went on to cut the fruit there. We had video on it. Super nice memory over there!

Next stop, the kundasang war memorial. Hmm, maybe you dont know that that day was actually lunar chinese ghost month. I feel kinda reluctant to go up. But, grand aunt was like kinda interested to go up have a look so we sisters go up with her. Each of us paid RM2 for the ticket.

 I love taking pictures of flowers :)
yours truly.
This place was decorated with flowers because the next day got some function over there.
 me and bow

Then, dad drove us to Kinabalu Pine Resort to have a short dropby.

simply love the not too cold weather.

the family pictures without brother in.

we dropby the restaurant inside kinabalu pine resort.

a picture with granny. I seldom take pictures with her.

another shot with grandpa too! 

Then, we move on to the hot spring. Grandpa loves to play water just like a kid.

The weathers turns into a bit cloudy. 
But still, this place is full of people and we cant get any proper nice tub.

This is where the hot water comes. Seriously can see the white smokes. As it rains a while later , so we leave that place before the night comes. 

We had dinner at Beverly Apartment area as uncle suggested it to us for Chinese cuisine.

BBQ chicken wing is our favourites of the night. 
While the rest of the food for the night are very disappointed.

vegies are okay, it never goes wrong.

some kind of chicken herbs soup, but tasted not good.

Can u tell this is thai style chicken? Dunno what are those little tiny thg floating on the sauce.

Steam Fish.

Nestum Prawn, I seriously think KK's ppl way of cooking food are a bit extraordinary. It doesnt looks like nestum butter prawn. =.=

After the dinner, we back to Tune Hotel and had a little bit window shopping over One Borneo.
Sisters and I went to One Borneo's Starbuck that night.

Then, the trip is gonna end here cause the next day we all feeling unwell after that dinner. Vomited few times and have to stay in the hotel for our day :(


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