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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Gals Outing. 24032010 at 23:10

Last Wednesday i went shopping with my lovely coursemates. Another gals outing. ^^ i'm so looking forward until whole day (Tuesday) couldn't concerntrate on lectures. =P

I love March so much cause everywhere shopping malls all got SALES. Girls all love sales, isnt it? We want to save that little money then spend on other thing marh. I have a list on hand what i want to bring home before we go. We reached AEON Jusco around 3pm and we need to leave around 6pm cause we got IVAQ briefing at 7pm. So, we only have so little time to shop. >.<"

I heard my friends saying that Baskin Robbin is having a Pink Wed promotion for buying one scoop and FREE for another scoop. Total just pay for RM7.90! I never try Baskin Robbin before so i'm not going to miss the chance. I know Baskin Robbin do have 31% discount on every 31th of the month. But it is not easy for me to go shopping on 31th that falls on weekend larh!

Okay, after we had our ice creams, we start to look for our things-to-bring-home. My friends want to look for formal attire as we were having 9TH IVAQ event on Saturday. She want to get herself a pair of heels to match too!

This is the driver of the day. =) Thanks so much to her if not we cant reach to New Jusco.

Not forget to camwhore with Eunice too. =) There are two more girls but then they were busy buying things so didnt get the chance to camwhore larh.

This is the place i heart the most for the day!
Etude House look so cute and sweet! Can i bring all the items home? >.<"

Precious Mineral BB cream from Etude House. [#2 Sheer Glowing Skin]
Original Price: RM69.90
Discounted Price: RM52.70 if i'm not mistaken. =)

My first Aloe Sun BB pact that i got from Skinfood also costed me RM69.90. That BB pact is a little bit more to foundation so that it gives high coverage while the Etude House BB cream is more to cream based and watery bit so i feel the whole makeup more natural. It wont makes me looks like i have put on thick make up. =) And another thing is BB cream from Etude House has SPF 30/PA++ while the Aloe Sun BB pact only has SPF 20 PA+.

My new collection of nail polishes from Etude House!
I just realised Etude House do sell nail polishes and they have nice colour when i do my blogwalking to one of the blogger's blog. I'm so into nail art recently and i have been looking for sweet and cute nail colourssss! Since Etude is having sales why dont i buy it nao, right?

Normal Price: RM5.90 each
Discounted Price: RM4.72 each. (20% off)

Nude. Light Purple. Sweet Yellow. Sweet Pink. Light Pink

#. Nails of the week. Trying on the Sweet Pink from Etude House. =)

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Monday, March 29, 2010
少女时代《因为只有我自己》 at 23:25

제발 모른채 지나가요 请装作不知道的走开

제발 눈길도 주지마요连眼神也不要对视

모래바람같은 날들에 像风沙一样的日子里

아무것도 내게 주지마요 什么都不要给我

내 마음 하나 접어두고 只有我一个人放弃

내 눈물 하나 숨겨두고 只有我一个人藏着眼泪

처음본것처럼 如同初次见面

낯선사람처럼 如同陌生人

지나가요 그래야만 해요就那样走开吧 只能那样

나 혼자서 사랑을 말하고 我独自一人说着爱

사랑을 보내고 혼자쌓은 送走爱后

추억에 겹겹이 눈물이 매여在自己编织的回忆里哽咽

먼곳에 있어도 即使身在远方

그대 행복하길 也希望你能幸福

나의 사랑을 가슴깊이 묻어요请把我的爱深藏心

다음 세상 우리 태어나면 假如有来世的话

그 땐 사랑으로 마주봐요 那时我们再相爱

운명 앞에힘없이 지는일 두번다시 없게
来世 不再因为命运而退缩

나 그대 앞에 꽃이 되게 让我成为你面前的花

나 그대 위해 노래하고 让我为你而歌唱

한 사람 여자로 作为一个人的女人

한 남자 연인으로一个男人唯一的恋人

그대 곁에 늘 살고싶어요 想在你身边长相守

나 혼자서 사랑을 말하고我独自一人说着爱

사랑을 보내고 혼자쌓은 送走爱后

추억에 겹겹이 눈물이 매여在自己编织的回忆里哽咽

먼 곳에 있어도 即使身在远方

그대 행복하길也希望你能幸福

나의 사랑을 가슴속 깊이请把我的爱深藏心底

아파도 아파져도 即使痛 很痛

절대 난 울지 않아요我也绝不哭泣

바로 내 사랑은 이별이 없으니因为我的爱没有离别

이삶이 끝나고 다음세상에 우리此生结束 来世我们
꼭 사랑해요 一定要相爱

꼭 사랑해요 一定要相爱

우리 我们...


I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star! at 12:29

You might be wondering what is Project Alpha? What TV Star i am talking about? No worries, this is not from any spamming / cheating organizations. =) This is a great chance open to Malaysia Bloggers out there to become a TV star! Okay, let me tell you more about it.

Before I continue, I want to tell you the top 2 featured blogger I love are Ringo and Audrey. Why I love their blog so much? Well, Ringo’s blog always full of her “cheated One” post and Audrey’s life seems interesting. Ringo’s cheated tutorials always light up my day you know? I love the way they speak, the way they dress, love to see their travelling photos and more. Both of them just like a Japanese Doll and I always wonder how they can be so inspiring and influential. =)

So, how I discovered their blogs? Hmm, if I’m not mistaken I found them through some friend’s post who been to Nuffnang event and I saw their link over there so I blog hopping around. And then I become a loyal daily visitor to their blogs. ^^

I believe that there are a lot of talented bloggers around Malaysia are yet to be discovered. This is a great chance for those who are talented and those who wish to become a Project Alpha TV star to take part in the Audition. Everyone has a chance to be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Here are steps to submit your video:

1. Go here and sign up your account.

2. Join the Project Alpha ruumz Groups.

3. Make your own creative/funny video clips and submit to the "Audition" column.

4. Your may insert a title or short description about your video.

5. You may ask your family and friends to "like" your video in order to increase your chance!

So what are you waiting for?

Top 3 high voted Blogger will become the Guest Blogger in Project Alpha Season 3!

And who know you will be one of them?

Faster go dress up/dolled up, then shoot a 60 seconds (or less) creative video clips


submit to here.

You may view this sample video here too! Good luck!

As for me, I am here waiting to discover more featured blogger. =)

Ps: Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions or projectalpha.ruumz.com/groups

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Saturday, March 27, 2010
9th IVAQ. Seri Negeri Melaka at 20:15

Hey there, i was busy for the past few days for midterms and preparation for an event.

This is the first event i joined as working committee and it was a grand one! This event, IVAQ stands for Inter Varsity Accounting Quiz. This is a quiz competition where various university sends their representative to take part. We started our preparation since last year around August 2009. Few months of work cause we as External Public Relation Committee will need to call up and invite them to join this event.

Universities that takes part are Taylor's University College, Sunway University College, Stamford College, UTM, TARC, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, UM, UKM, UUM, UPM, KLIUC, UPSI, University darul Imam Malaysia, Unity College International, Inti International College Penang, Sinar College and MMU.

So, we had our rehearsal on Friday night around ten till midnight almost one. >.<"

#1. The big crystal light at Seri Negeri Melaka grand hall.

#2. The stage.

So on this actual day, we wake up six in the morning to get ourself dolled up well-dressed in formal attire to look smart! We gotta get ready and be in school before 7am! Ohya, forget to mention, our task of the day is being Ushers/ Baby sitters! =)

#3. Send our varsities in and we start to camwhore around like nobody cares.

#4. Pose with the banner! Smart or not?

#5. Wear Purple Eyeshadows to match with my purple formal!

#6. Me and sister camwhore at ACR. Hair colour got more obvious right?

#7. Group pic with some of the ushers. =)

#8. Group pic of girl ushers only!

Reached at Seri Negeri Melaka around 9am. While waiting for my varsities to come, we camwhore first la! Treasure every moment mar!

#9. She is Regina. One of my coursemates!

#10. Yi Wei from Cyberjaya Melaka! We were net friend over Facebook. Got to know each other through Facebook and we were coursemates but from different campus. This is the first time we meet up! LOL meet up in such a formal way.

#11. This group of smart looking/yeng people are my varsities from MMU melaka! LOL i'm ushering for my own university okay? They all are smart seniors of my course! Nice to meet them! =)

#12. Picture taken using their friend's DSLR. I love DSLR feel so much!!

#13. Some participants on the stage. Group First Round Quiz is going on.

#14. Toilet Break. Camwhore with the name tag. =P

The event ends around 5pm. Time to take more pictures lorh!

#15. Another senior of mine - Avis.

#16. Anorther usher, Vanessa also senior of mine. She looks a bit like Phoebe ho???

#17. Coursemate, genius Kangwei!

#18. Vice Chairperson of the event. My junior wei!
Smart guy from Ipoh, he is coursemate of my sister =)

#19. Coursemate, Ming Chiew!

#20. Another cute senior, Li Ching.

#21. Take pic with elder sis of the twins. =)

#22. Skinny shwufen!!! T.T i wanna be skinny!

#23. Posing up on stage. I totally forget that there are so many people down on stage doing their cleaning up job lorh! But, we are ushers! Our task should end when the varsities all leave the venue, isnt it?!

#24. My coursemates from Special Task division. =) Their team colours are black! Girls always look slim in black shirts!

#25. My coursemate, Karryn from Program Division!

#26. Emcee of the day. Lots of the participants think that he is handsome leh but misunderstood that he isnt chinese.

#27. I shall end this post with our collar pin from IVAQ as souvenir for being a working committee! =)

Ps: I had fun for this event and i just love my awesome division-mates! Now only i know the fun of being a working committee for event. May be i will join more event in coming months? Another thing is, everyone busy adding new friends after the event, tagging people and comments all over the photos. lol


Monday, March 22, 2010
No Sweat at 15:14

Lets say "NO" to sweat! Why? Why? Why?

I guess you all know that sweat and other skin secretions will mixed up and it forms a kind of smell which we normally called it as "Body Odour". Now let me ask you, what comes into your mind when you saw the sign "ADIDAS"?

ADIDAS = SPORTs, right?


Sports = Sweat!!

In such hot weather in Malaysia, people tend to sweat easily while doing sports or somebody even don't move sit still also will sweat a lot. >.<" This is because we can sweat under few factors like obesity, wearing too tight shirt, hot weather, doing exercise and so on. Sweat normally comes with no odour itself but it has bad smell after react with those bacteria. OWHHHH.

Frankly speaking, humans [girls or boys] were not only sight looking creature but also smell based creature. We stay away from someone when they smell badly isnt it? It feels so bad even the lift you entered got the bad odour smell left by people who used it before you.

I think it is a confirmed statement that everyone loves good smelling people right? I guess no one going to tell me that they love BAD smelling people unless they got special taste? Thats also why girls do use deodorant and PERFUME!!! Arent you going to approach someone when they looks good and smell good as well?

Lets imagine, if the guy you happen to meet on a football match/ any sport event has such bad smell, do you think you still want to approach them? I guess the answer should be NO, right???

So hey people out there, lets be more hardworking prevent bad odour!

Below is just a sample image of Adidas Action 3 Fresh Anti-Perspirant Spray. It looks light and easy to carry around. This Fresh series will makes you feel cool and refreshing. The most important is it contains 0% alcohol! It has special anti-whitening material to prevent any white stain on your clothes. =)

So, go and grab one Adidas Action 3 Anti-Perspirant Spray!

Don't let any single chance of meeting the right person in your life got ruined just because of the bad odour. Sometimes it might just happened to meet them once! =)

Ps: Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

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Sunday, March 21, 2010
Bonnie 21th Birthday Party at 23:10

As mentioned at the title, me and my sister were invited to Bonnie's 21th Birthday celebration. Bonnie wasnt my ex-housemate/coursemate, but she is the ex-tenant of my current bedroom. =) Was knowing each other through housemates last time during yum-cha session. Glad to know her cause she is a girl who talk very straightforward and treat you with heart.

So, to get our transport to Bonnie house, we walked to our ex-housemate's house at the housing area. The party started at 7pm but we were there around 8pm. Like usual, buffet style for the party.

Didnt feel the party feel at the starting cause everyone just busying with the food. After that, we just move in and have fun ourself. Get to know a new friend, hui en who is our ex-housemate's coursemate. Bonnie's house has the Karaoke set. Listened to Hui en's sound. Wow, i was totally attracted and i wish i have such nice sound. I wanna sing k larrrr!

Okay, skip the talking part and focus on pictures.

#1.With long time no see ex-housemate. =)

#2.The birthday girl of the night.

#3.Group of girls. Actually the party has a theme- summer surf. But it isnt easy for us to dress in summer dress as we need to walk to JY's house to wait for hui en pick us up.

#4.The key shaped cake. =)

#5.Off the light, just the candle light.

Okay, last but not least....

#6. Nails of the week. =)

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Saturday, March 20, 2010
First photo sticker @ Melaka at 11:11

Phew~ Two midterms just over today and i have been looking forward for today since Tuesday! I have made a plan with my dear coursemate, Jye Wann. We are going to watch Alice in the wonderland and also go to Jonker Street! Woohoo!

So our exam ends around 12noon. We all went home changed our clothes and gonna go to town! Got myself dolled up in 15 mins and meet them downstair of the apartment. Heard that we were going for big head sticker shot! OMG so excited and looking forward!

The plan to watch Alice in the wonderland in 3D failed cause too full and the ticket left first row of the hall. Audrey said that we sure feel dizzy if wan 3D at first row. So, we switched to watch non-3D one. The one we watch is with sub-titles. Heard that 3D version doesnt have subtitles and those people were talking British English!

So the movie ends around 5PM, we shop a while to the Padini group and Jye Wann found her love - the Paris Eiffel tower necklace! Then we go for our Big Head Sticker shot at Dataran Pahlawan! We choose the one with 10 different type of pose where 2 is big sized and 8 small one. We just paid RM13 each person to get all the photo stickers in a piece of B5 sized!


Heart this alot! Love the smile of everyone and the rainbow colourful background!

This one is with everyone making ugly faces! Hahaz my face look smaller in tiger ROAR!

Another normal/zheng ging photo! Too bad we missed out and din edit this one! T.T

The other pose we got! =)

Ps: Thanks so much to my lovely girls. Enjoyed this girl outing much much!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010
Reality at 14:09

This should be the busiest semester ever. However, due to lots of holidays i dont have the study mood. Now is already week 8 of the semester. Our finals just 6 weeks ahead. T.T

I really don't what should i do everytime i felt like i lose control on myself. I'm not that strong yet i still pretend to be strong and smile after feeling sad. There is no one who actually cares. So, i need to be strong.

一个人要自己对自己好,因为真正关心你的人很少,有了事他们也不一定会在你身边。所以要自己照顾自己。-quoted from bonnie low.

This is reality. Sigh.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Sweet purple nail art with cute patterns and gucci inspired at 10:58

I'm so in love with nail art recently. So, i wiped off the white pink nail art and painted my nails purple. I'm using the sweet metallic purple nail polish that i bought last week. The nail polish isnt from famous shops like faceshop/ elianto. Faceshop one is no doubt quite good quality cause it wont harden so fast and smooth to apply. For elianto, i like the colours but it takes longer time to dry up. Both shop's nail polish cost us a boom! Cant really spend alot on it as i'm still a poor and no income student. >.<"

The metallic purple i got it from my hometown but not famous shop. It cost me RM2.30. Cheap right? The colour is nice, smooth to apple and easy dry off! Below nail art just took me around an hour or less than an hour to be done. Fastest ever!! =)

Pictures to be show

I like the cute cloud and love designs!
I think i'm going to keep this nail art for a week or more? wheee

Okay, on previous post there is an anonymous asking me what i use to drawing the patterns. Hmm, actually there are nail polish which come with fine brush inside. Or you may dip a drop of nail polish on a paper then you use toothpick/ brush to draw on ur nails. And, brilliant us come across an idea using compass.

Just to avoid misunderstand. This is the compass that i mean. Use the sharp end, dip on the nail polish drops on a piece of paper and start drawing! =)

Hope you like this post! Bai!



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my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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