Lost days, pictures fade.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Kukup Day 2 at 17:00

Hello, im back to continue my Kukup Post Day 2! wheee
Everytime i'm blogging about our past event, i miss them more!

38 GANG i really miss you all, when are we meeting again?! >,<

That morning we all wake up around 9am to do our check out. We are heading to Johor Bahru which is Jye Wann's hometown! I'm excited again which like always! This is the first time i'm heading to Johor!

Group pictures in the morning before we left.

The first stop. Johor Premium Outlet.

I really love how the Instagram effect makes my picture this awesomeness!

Johor Premium Outlets is a place where they have more than 80 outlets which are from brands and designers that sells at 25% to 65% cheaper at everyday. They are Adidas, Armani, Burberry, Coach, Guess, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, and more!
My friends walking down the street :)

It was a bright day which falls on Wednesday! So it is PINK day where we can have 50% off from Baskin Robbin!
Happy kids having our PINK day promotion in Baskin Robbins.

After that, we all headed back to Jye Wann's house for a short rest.
Around 7pm, we went to the nearest mall for our dinner. We decided to go for western meal for that night.

the pasta that i ordered for that night :))

After the dinner, we went to Danga Bay!

There are a real small train moving around. 
REMEMBER to stop on RED SIGN ;)

some random posing picture hehe
WE all shared to rent a trishaw for that night. Ten of us riding on it, take turns of course ;)

Another four of them went to play "pong pong car" too!
We are typical children playing at the play ground that night

That night, we are young again!

till then, 

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Bee Hive, Buzzing to town at 14:45

There is one day of my normal working days, which i think is the day i am having a whole day long meeting. I've got a missed call from my BFF. Right after the meeting, i texted her back. She was telling me that there is a newly opened dessert shop in town, and they are inviting us to join the grand opening of their shop :))

And it happens to fall on 22.12.2012.
Lol. So if the worlds not going end on 21.12.2012
Bee Hive is buzzing to Kuching town. :)

The event starts at 11am as i was told by Syndy. So, she dropped by my house in the morning and then we heading there togather. I didn't get to join alot of blogging event in Kuching ever since the grand opening of Berrylite. Bloggers out there, kindly invite me to more blogging event too okay? Am so willing to blog bout more exciting stuff that happening in Kuching :P

So back to the point.
We met Tracy there who really friendly to tour us and give us a little brief on their main selling product.

We are going to try the ICE Series very soon! People who fancy SNOWFLAKES ice series, you can finally have a mouthful taste on BEE HIVE now in KUCHING.  Bee hive, is a Taiwanese dessert shop that comes in hand-made and freshly cooked. It was setup by a group of passion youngsters. This was told by the Pastor Lim :)

So this is their main product's menu.
All priced at RM5.90 to RM7.90.
Reasonable, no?

Happy us at Bee Hive, buzzing around ;)

Both of us were sitting at the VIP area, hehe *shy*
They have catering for us before the event starts :)

Tracy served us Green tea match red bean drink from BEE HIVE.
God, she knows we love matcha red bean so much is it?
much loves for the first drink we had before the dessert comes :)

Later, they have their opening ceremony in front of the shop. 

Someone is wearing the Bee moscot out in the middle of the opening ceremony ;)
 nice one!

Ok, back to our dessert section! Tracy really treating us real good! 
Im so blessed to get to try all the flavours available on the menu!

First comes first, This is milk tea snow with pearls.
I found it very special! why? They collaborate the snow ice with MILK TEA! But, so sad that i dont get a try on it because the moment i wanna get it, it was finished by someone else. So, you can see how nice it was right? Feeling local lol

Second of it, this is Grass Jelly Ice with QQ
This gives me very refreshing taste. They have the taro ball which is my BFF's favourite. 
She loves it so much, just like it named very QQ :)

Third is Matcha Ice with Red Bean.

Here is another special little dessert by their shop - Steamed Milk.
It's full of protein and it is definately a good beauty dessert for ladies! *yay*

Last but not least, Sesame soup with Glutinuos Rice!
So far, can't be found in any shop in town. 
Looks delicious ya? 


Bee Hive Located at Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching ,Malaysia (Right beside Mick Long Bridal Shop)
Operating Hours: Mon- Sun, 7.30am till 11pm

You may visit their Facebook page for more info at here.

This surely gonna be another hang out spot for me and my BFF next round.

Till then,

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Sunday, December 16, 2012
Kukup. 15.05.2012 at 16:40

Welcome to Kukup, Johor Malaysia!
Our 38 gang had decided for a short gateaway to Johor as our graduation trip right after our Final Exam.

We planned for it a bit last minute (somwhere around Early of May). All I heard about Kukup - it is a fish village in Johor. They have a few houses available for people like us to have a short gate away from the city.
Din put a lot of expectation on that place but surprisingly it gave us a lot of memorable moments.

So that morning, we meet up around 8.30am and headed to MCD for our breakfast before we drive up to Johor. It takes about three hours ride to Johor from Melaka. Kukup is very near with Pontian. Therefore, Kawan's friend come to meet us up and lead us the way to Kukup Entrance :)
At the entrace of our house of the day.
Settled down and we went out for our Lunch.
FYI, we paid RM90/ each which includes one lunch, one tea break, one BBQ dinner and next day's breakfast. CHEAP or not?!

After we had our lunch, all of us went back to our room and have our own activities which available there!

Me as usual, like to snap a lot of scene's picture for memory.

Yours truly standing on the bridge.

The room that 6 of us staying! Not to kidding you, they have a few rooms and in total can fit 40 people in this house! zomg really too big! But we only have ten people so we only occupy two rooms ;)

The living room

There is karaoke facilities, boardgame and mahjong! So, we arent bored there!

The toilet is a bit like those we saw in the drama ya? Like in JAIL lol
my dear friends busying singing!
and some busy playing mahjong! Sorry i dunno how to play!
While me and suhui busy discussing on..... WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES? LOL
Then tea break come around 430pm. They gave us "har peng" and coke!
Around 6 something, all of us came out for picture session!
Super beautiful sunset! <3 p="p">
Our version of - Those Years.

Here are some of the pictures we took! Seriously i love it so much!
Glad that kawan brought her DSLR and we borrowed Kiwi's tripod! ;)

For more pictures, please go to this link.
Here comes our BBQ seafood dinner! I'm satisfied because afterall we just paid RM90 for all of this thing!
At night, we all continue singing lol We starts to sing from 1pm until 2am! >,<
Around 9pm, all of us start to write our wishes on the Kong Ming Deng.
It just cost RM5 each ;)
I've took the picture of all the wishes wrote by everyone, but i dint combine the pictures so i'm not gonna post it up.
There is a memorable moment behind this.
We had two kong ming deng but at last only one manage to release. This is because of Min Chiew who thought the kong ming deng is gonna hit the electricity wire therefore she hit it until it flew under the house! It scared all of us because the kong ming deng is still lighted up and it is under a house! Zomg what if it gonna burn the house? All of us is kinda helpless because we cant go under the house to get it. All of us just stand there for a while and wait until the lights off then we back to the house. *phew* What a memorable moment and... there is a video for prove LOL

After that we continue drinking and chit chatting and singing until 2am.

There ends a day.


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Last class of the semester at 13:49

This was the day we have the last class of our final semester. We were advised to attend the seminar organised by MIA. This seminar is to let us know what to do and duration to be a qualified MIA member.
# testing out the panaroma apps.
This picture taken at Studio B when all of us queue up to redeem our free 4G pendrive from MIA.
This seriously is the best free gift that i had before! :P

Then the gang went to find our Audit Lecture, Mr. Vanatharajah for picture session.

And another picture with Mr. Ramaiyer (Corporate Accounting) Lecturer.
i used to scare of him a lot because i still remembered that during CA1, he make all of us do his tutorial question and he did spot check on our work.
That is quiet a stressful subject which really cant be lazy like always.

So, here is the certificate and the pendrive.
Dated 25 April 2012.

That night, we went to movie again.
If im not mistaken, we were watching Cabin in the Wood.
The second horror movie that i watched in my life time. :/
Anyway, we all enjoyed that day and ended it pretty good :)


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I amkelyn
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my favorite quote

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will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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