Lost days, pictures fade.

Thursday, February 21, 2013
My Babe Angie at 23:45

2013, this year we didn't get to have a proper reunion dinner with the family. Previous years, our family will be having the reunion dinner two days before the first day of CNY. This year, sister was still in Melaka, i was outstationed and uncle couldn't get his leave approved. The reunion dinner is not complete. I reached home the night where mumsy and the others had their reunion dinner. I was told that Babe Angie keep on vomiting and whatever she takes in, she will vomit out. Later at night, her mum send her to the hospital and we were told that she is suffering a food poisoning. She slowly gets better after some medicine and we had a very happy celebration for the CNY until day sixth...

That day, i've resumed my work and once i off from work, sister told me that Babe Angie was admitted to KPJ! Was kinda worried and seriously don't know what's wrong with her! When her mum back from the hospital, she said "This round is very serious matter! I already cried at the hospital!" That makes me even more worried. She said, Babe Angie is suffering from children tumor and it is pressing on her brain's nerve. That's why she is having symptoms like double vision, walking imbalance and vomiting. We never thought that this kind of sickness will fall on anyone in our family. Seriously, i felt helpless and worried. Keep on wondering what the doctors can do for her. That was a night that we all can't sleep well.

The next day, we were told by the parents that they had decided to send her for operation at 9am sharp. I guess that the best way to cure it. However, i'm still worried. The whole family wakes up early in the morning and we went to temple for prayer. After that, we got a text from auntie saying that the Blood A+ is not enough for the operation. Coincidence, i'm from Blood A+ group. Then, i rushed to the hospital to donate blood. At least, that is the very least thing that i can help. Later, a lot of friends helped to post to FB and texting to gather donors of Blood A+ group. Seriously, feeling thankful for those who helped and present on that day. Kuching, is full of helpful people. The operation starts at 10.30am and it is expected to take 6-8 hours.

Three of us (sisters) stayed at the hospital to accompany the parents. Time is passing really slowly. I keep on walking around the corridor outside the operation room. The silence is scary. I cant really tell what is going on and couldn't expect what time the operation will end. The operation ends at 7.30pm. I can see the parents   slightly feeling relieved after the doctor came in and tell them that the operation is considered a success, most of the tumor are removed and he did try to burn the root of the tumor. Thank god. Babe Angie is send to the ICU and i think she doesn't know what actually happened to her.

The next day, she is still in pain but she doesn't know what is going on. But here is a peace showed by her. So cute!

Here is a picture when all of us eating in front of her, trying to make her take in some food. Family love is what we can show to her and support her to go through all this. She is really a tough girl. She listens to us that whenever she feels the pain, she try to sing a song. Do not shout out loud as it will hurt her wound. Everytime see her suffering the massive pain, i feel heartache :(

Babe Angie, please get well soon and come home faster!
I'll buy you your favourite Barbie/ angry bird!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Thank you for your presence at 00:23

One incident,

It makes me realized who really cares and who doesn't. Well, this is reality and I don't really care anymore.

Thank to those who loved me.
But hey, I'll love you more than you love me.

Sincerely appreciated your presence :')

You know who you are.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013
Day 5/28 Breakfast at 00:57

My breakfast. Choc bun vs Nescafé 3 in 1

Day 4/28 - your favorite exercise at 00:56

Current favorite.

SMS at 00:54

Seriously Missing Someone.

Sunday, February 03, 2013
Day 3/28 water at 23:41

Black coffee, it is.

Saturday, February 02, 2013
Day 2/28- Your inspiration(s) at 08:43

Found this inspiration picture on FB.
Are you inspired yet?
Thank god i'm not like the picture on left,
and i think i'm closer to picture on right?

add oil everyone to achieve the new year resolution :)

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Friday, February 01, 2013
February a day a photo challenge 1/28 at 12:33

i was browsing the IG in the morning while my client sending us to the office.
Spotted an IG-er posted about this February photo a day challenge.
I'm thinking to give it a try.
Maybe just as a motivation to update my blog daily too :D

Day 1/28 - Goal to reach/better by Feb 28th
Day 2/28- Your inspiration(s)
Day 3/28 - Water
Day 4/28 - Your favourite exercise
Day 5/28 - Breakfast
Day 6/28 - Greens
Day 7/28 - Workout clothes
Day 8/28 - Cardio
Day 9/28 - One interesting thing about you
Day 10/28 - Recent personal best
Day 11/28 - Sweat!
Day 12/28 Outdoor workout
Day 13/28 - Dinner
Day 14/28 - Favourite muscle(s)
Day 15/28 - Protein
Day 16/28 - Shoes of the day
Day 17/28 - Favourite fitness tip
Day 18/28 - Your favourite IG'er
Day 19/28 - Post- workout face
Day 20/28 - Plank time
Day 21/28 - Clean dessert
Day 22/28 - Favourite motivational quote
Day 23/28 - Your gym
Day 24/28 -Fit girl/ guy problem
Day 25/28 - Calories burned
Day 26/28 - Carbs
Day 27/28 - Gym Bag (What's inside)
Day 28/28 - Update on goal

So, this is the photo for my first day out of 28 days :))

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