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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
19052013. Melaka day 2 at 21:32

We were trying to let mummy experience the life we had in Melaka! One of te favourite thing that we love to do is food hopping aka cafe hopping!

We picked the baboon house because we love the interior design of the cafe, which is closer to tribal and nature.
The chicken ham and cheese sandwich! This is my favourite choice of sandwich!

Another set is Tuna toasted sandwich!

Le sister and me!

Mummy loves their sandwich and she was inspired by the decoration of the cafe! Feeling success as a good tour guide!

Next cafe is MODS Cafe. It was a cafe that I always wanted to visit but I din get to visit in the past 4 years.

The cafe was famous with a van been placed inside the cafe. We had been passing by a few times and found out the  gate was being half closed. So, I was thinking that maybe they was not ready for business. But I found out they do close half of the gate just because they wan to prevent tourists taking pictures from outside without dining in their cafe.

A picture of me with the van.

Actually they have coffee makers equipment inside the van!

A selca with mum

They preset that every customer must order at least one item! This is kinda weird because they force us to spend in their shop and all the items are above RM10!

The menu! It is kinda limited of choices!

The interior design.

Some pictures on the van.

Since I have already paid about RM40+ for the total bill, therefore we must take a lot of pictures!!!

Compare to the first cafe we visited in the morning, I still prefer baboon house more!

Xoxo, kelyn 

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