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Monday, October 28, 2013
Kuching Cafe | My Sugar Bakes at 15:00

October 2013. halloween

The internet line is so suck that i cant load my Hong Kong drama now!
Really annoying! I thought the line is best for buffering drama in the morning? Sigh.

So, my family decided to start up a small family business selling coconut pudding (preorder basis). Guess we will be the founder of coconut pudding located in Kuching. Only one in Kuching! Laugh.

Our FB page name is "Deli Coconut Pudding".

The progression letter come in togather with the October's payslip.
We are so happy with the revised pay. As compared to the commercial line, our increment are like 3/6 Times more. I'm so thankful that i was given a chance to work in this firm and also the amount that i'm going to receive for the coming year. But at the same time, i do expect more coming for next year! I want to fulfill my travel dream. Please give me more money!!!

This is one of the happening and long awaiting event for EY Borneo (whole sabah and sarawak). It is called as EY Borneo Game. For the last two years ago, it was held in Sabah, KK as it is hosted by EY KK. All the staff from kch, miri, bintulu, sibu and also tawau, sandakan, labuan... they all flew over to KK for the games (sport game/teamwork game) for a three days two night short trip. Awesome food and staycation were provided.

I really wish i can make it this year.

But after they announced the date and the venue, i was annoyed again. It is in Kuching this year as it is going to be host by EY Kch. So they are going to have it at Damai. But it is ok i will still join despite it is in Kuching but what the hell they set the date that is crash with my ACCA revision class. I want to join also cannot lah wei! Did not register myself up and i did not get any goodies for this EY Borneo game.

But somedays later, i think they felt sorry to us because it is not we don't want to attend the game but it is them who set the date that crash the time. So, they invited us up for the Gala dinner and also allow us to stay for one night at Damai.

The theme set was The beach escaplade.

Was browsing my gallery on the beach wear and showing my colleague. 
Building the team of sarung. Laugh.

Next up..

Halloween Eve

I know that My Sugar Bakes has this theme celebration for its store. I thought of i have yet to bring my buddie there, so i decided to bring her there during this special event.

They have designed and decorated the whole store with Halloween Theme.
This is their fire mantle place. They placed a real snake in the middle. 
I don't really understand what is the point of placing a snake there. Scary? Hmm...

For all the guest who dressed in Halloween costume will get a complimentary pumpkin soup.
We didn't dress like one but we have it too! Lol Maybe they have a lot pumpkin soup to be given out instead of wasting it.

Candle Light tea time!





So, i ordered a smoked salmon sandwich and three more cup cakes for sharing.

The first one is red velvet with cream cheese, then next is oreo cup cake and the last one is vanilla with strawberry syrup.

The designer cupcake. Each of them cost either RM4.50/ RM4.90
It was really expensive for a little cup cake. Doesn't worth that price.


Buddie ordered a cup of latte. Priced RM7.90/8.90

My caramel latte. Priced RM8.90

Die die have to take a picture of us eventhough is under low light. Sorry for all the noise due to my lousy phone camera.

Last picture to end this post.


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Syndy's 25th birthday celebration | My Sugar Bakes Kuching at 23:34

Halo! Finally i'm gonna blog about the secret mission that i want to carry out at My Sugar Bakes! It's my BFF's 25th Birthday Celebration! Since both of us likes to take a lot of pictures, it would be nice to take the background in My Sugar Bakes to record down more memories.

So, i did not let her know about the place that we are going. I'm just letting her know the day, the time and the dresscode. lol

This is me camwhoring before picking her up!

So i picked her up around 1.45pm. I made a reservation as i specifically request for the fire mantle place. In my plan, i wished to order the tea sets and hoping that everything will be nicely setup at the place where i made the reservation. But, in fact that's not happening because i did not drop by earlier to settle the bill or paid a deposit. So, i guess people won't want to set up the tea set for us before we arrive.

I wrapped her gift in this brown envelope and handmade the bookmark to be tied on it.
I just want to make everything beautiful. I know it is hard to get someone who will did this to me. But i'll feel happy if i can make this for my best friends. #lovetodiy

First thing to do! Take a nice profile picture!

This is us, camwhoring using the latest updated ios 7's camera with the filter "chrome".

Our tea party nicely setup!

This is the first tea party we had!

So, i request her to unwrap the gift on the spot because i asked her to bring her polaroid. But then, she doesn't have any white film in her camera. She did bring out a new box of kitty film but i think it will be nice to use the plain film where later we can write down the date on it. So, I got no choice but to let her unwrap the gift first in order to use the film. Laugh.

I drew some cute little cards and put inside the little envelope named "Dear U"

We asked the staff at My Sugar Bakes to help us take a picture of us with this nice tea set and also the fire mantle place that i booked.

For the tea set, we can pick two flavour for the cup cake from the displayed cup cake of the day. I picked the chocolate peppermint and vanilla strawberry. I also picked the Hanami tea (Japanese green tea with some cherry blossom).

The bottem layer is the smoked salmon and also cream cheese sandwiches.

Another closer shot.
The bottom layer is cream cheese sandwich and smoked salmon sandwich.

I took more than 30 shots of the setting! lol From left to center to right side, i snapped almost every angle!

The decoration that they put on.

Last picture to end this post. 


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Thursday, October 10, 2013
Honey oat Crunchies vs lemon cupcake at 22:17

I'm updating my blog now as i'm waiting for my drama episodes to buffer. Laugh. I've to have some entertainment before i start my study today. Hell P2 is really Hell. Damn tiring that i think i really used up my brain juices last night. Restocking now.

Come back to this baking diaries. 
I can't remember ever since when i like to eat Oats. Last time i thought oats are only for oldies but later found out it is really good for health and one more thing, it helps to absorb cholesterol. 
So, i found this Honey Oat Crunchies recipe and i want to make it as my healthy snacks! I just can't stop munching food when i'm at home or drama-ing or study-ing. Bad Habit.

Can you see the recipe? Click it to enlarge :D

So, sister saw i'm making cookies then she also feels like baking something. 
She get the cupcake book and flips thru what cupcake she can bake with the ready ingredients that we have in our cabinet. So she picked - Lemon cupcake.

Lemon Cupcakes Recipe

Preparation Time: 30 mins
Cooking Time: 20 mins

110g/ half cup self raising flour, sifted
110g/ half cup caster sugar (superfine) sugar
110g/ half cup butter, softened
2 large eggs
1 lemon

- Preheat the oven to 190 degree and line a 12-hole cupcake tin with paper cases.
- Combine the flour, sugar, butter, eggs, lemon zest in a bowl and whisk togather for 2 mins.
- Divide the mixture between the paper cases, then tranfer to the oven and bake for 15-20 mins.
- Test with wooden toothpick, if it come out clean then it is done.

The Outcome. We only put simple decoration on it. Actually it was because we haven't master the frosting skill.
My Honey Oat Crunchies. All the raisins popping out!
Setup a corner for picture. We can now have our own homemade tea break! It wont lose to those pricey tea time at stores out there! ;)



Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Kuching Cafe | My sugar bakes at 23:57

Hello! This is the bakery shop that i mentioned in the previous post. Where this shop is located at Jalan Wan Alwi. It is inside a residential area which i wasn't that sure how to go there at first. It is somewhr turning into the Choice Mall at Jalan Wan Alwi. Then, you will see a few block of colourful building over there.
It was pretty nice! I love this fire mantle place!!! Spotted the floral mat on top! Big Love.

Another side of the decoration. Everything look so clean and vintage!
Colourful syrup as decoration.
They have an open kitchen (in the right hand side).
This is their consultation area! Looks super cozy right??
The display section!
Haha pls dont laugh at me for taking a picture of their toilet! I just think this is so nice and i would decor my house like this too (in future) :)
They have a section that sell some mini mini cookies or decoration thing.
Vintage boxes.
Another vintage corner.
My caramel Latte, RM8.90.
The machiato and scone were ordered by my sis. The drink is super small cup and very rich in coffee taste! 
My sis said their scone taste very good! worth the try! I wasnt that good in giving comment on bakery stuff, so everythg looks ok for me. But i can rate very high for their environment! lol

It is just a real life bakery shop that we played in those FB game.

Would definately come back for a secret mission(coming up)!

xoxo, kelyn

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