Lost days, pictures fade.

Friday, April 30, 2010
My own mixed-match spagetthi at 11:51

Yours truly woke up super early today to do the Subject Registration. I hate subject registration session because we always need to keep "refresh" to get into the page everytime we add/drop one subject and it keep show "500 internal error"!

But today unexpectedly everything went so smooth and not even once "refresh" needed. Finally MMU system improved yea? Done the subject registration in 5 minutes time and i shall get back to my sleep since still early [9.05am] can sleep till 12 noon de marh. But i felt super duper hungry already so go and get some food instead of go back to sleep.

Tadah! I gonna do my own mixed-match spagetthi!

#1. Cut the hotdogs and fishballs into smaller pieces.
Later gonna fried them and add in the spagetthi sauce.

#2.Yellow Young Corn and Green Broccoli [love the colour so match]
Get them boiled for about 3 minutes and keep it aside.

#3. Boiled the spagetthi noodle. 
Add in all the spagetthi, the boiled vegies, hotdogs + fishballs with the sauce and mixed well 

#4. The outcome is just i simply put all the thing in the bowl without any dressing. =P

#5. So, my messy tables shows you i really got study one!
Even with the dictionary and my blog on. 
Checking my blog and replying chats leave at my chatbox are the EXERCISEs i do. =P

I'm a hardworking Blogger! =D


Thursday, April 29, 2010
The 9 most annoying types of people on facebook at 00:13

A little thing to share. This is what i got from my friend through forward emails.
Enjoy larhhhh.. Busy for finals. T.T
I wanna go home!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Road Trip with My Broadband at 14:40

I’m a typically girl who can’t live without internet even though I’m out for trip. I am used to online once I wake up in the morning and the last thing I do before I sleep is still checking on people’s facebook or blog. It is already part of my daily routine!
Recalled back last year June, I had a family trip three days two night to Damai Puri. My father drove up to Damai Puri in the morning and checked in apartment around 2pm. I brought the laptop there because I think that though we go for trip we won’t play whole day outside right? There must be some free time at the night and got nothing to do. I was disappointed and found out I bring the laptop also useless because my laptop could not connect to the wifi available at the apartment. Gosh! End up I just spending the nights transferring the pictures from the camera to the laptop and only can do the editing stuff to prepare for blog post. >.<"

#I want to go there again!

#I miss the beautiful sunset.
If I got a wireless broadband, then I would not spend the whole lonely night during my trip.
If I got a wireless broadband, I can check out my friend’s facebook status and would not feel like I missed out something they shared on facebook.
If I got a wireless broadband, I can go to my own page and show my friends those pictures I got in Damai Puri! =)
Now, little cute and tiny WIGGY is out! With it, you will not feel bored even though you are on trips! You can stay connected to the internet at anytime and anywhere! Go and get one faster!
Check out the packages available here!
*Something to share here. =)

# Episode 8 of Project Alpha Season 2.

# Episode 9 of Project Alpha Season 2.

# Episode 10 of Project Alpha Season 2

PS: Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Girls' Generation at 21:19

*No time to update my blog. Enjoy the musics ya!*

[ENG] SNSD - Echo

Girls' Generation(소녀시대)_RunDevilRun(런데빌런)


Monday, April 26, 2010
Cbox new look ♥ at 12:58

*Quick Update!*

I'm so happy till i want to shout to the whole world that i got a LOVELY skin for my chatbox!!

If you noticed, i have changed my cbox skin yesterday. whee thanks much much to Lollii sis!
this skin so muchhhh and of course credit to the skin's designer!

#My chatbox looks like this nao. =)

I wish i can design my own skin. May be i will try to figure out how during my semester break.

Off to study first. Bai!

Ps: Countdown 8 day to FINAL!


Friday, April 23, 2010
Ice Kacang Puppy Love + Shopping! at 23:36

I saw a lot people posted their status about Ice Kacang Puppy Love since last week. Another Malaysia production film filmed by a few local Malaysian singers. =)

So i dated my coursemates, 3 of us went to the nearest MBO at melaka mall for the movie. ^^ The show starts at 2.15pm. My friend didnt tell me earlier so i had my lunch already and she is quite disappointed cause we cant have korean food as lunch for today. Never mind, still got chance de larh.


Nice Quote From the movie:


Ice Kacang Official Trailer

Around 545pm, me and another 2 friends take cab to the Aeon Jusco again.
I heart Jusco's sushi section cause a lot choices and cheaper price than Sushi King. I had a hard time making decisions. I actually take a set of sushi costs around RM10.88 for ten pieces. But while i'm queue-ing for payment, i saw the sandwiches all having 30% discount. Hey, damn cheap ok RM3.90 still got 30% discount. The sandwich still got thick chicken slices, CHEESE and vege and tomato.
*very healthy and balanced*
So, i put back the RM10.88 sushi set and switch to sandwich.

This is my dinner set for the day. RM10.50 only!!!
RM2.72 for the Sandwich.
RM3.98 for the Sushi handroll.
RM3.80 for my mix match sushi box.
So full larh after ate all these. I still heart sushi so i die die want buy!

#Forget about diet at the moment. Shopping will need alot energy one! XD

I din buy a lot thing. I'm so broke at the moment cause i just did online shopping for a bag, had some outings which means also spends some amount of $$ and i also reserving some cash for my coming holiday in my hometown! Must watch out my expenses!

#This little cute white wawa shoes only cost RM20! =)

The shop is offering BUY ONE FREE ONE. Thank to Karryn cause she also bought the same pattern with different colour then we can get two pair of shoes with single pair's price. Both of us UNTUNG larh! =D

#Close shot. Seems like lace and this bear is very big hit now.

I love to shop at Aeon Jusco cause the shoe lots were all placed next to each other. I can one go survey all the price for all the shoe shops then make my final decision.
There are still a lot other patterns that i wish i can bring them all home. I dated my friend that we shall be here again when Mega sales [August] reach!

# Camwhore in the shoe shop. Purple background!! I love purple~

Reached home around 10.30pm. Did not study anything for the day. I'm so guilty now. =(

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Thursday, April 22, 2010
Iron Man at 16:04

Today i just watched the Iron Man. Kinda outdated huh? I get the movie from my sister's boy friend. She also have not watch it but she is going to watch Iron Man 2 so must get a little bit idea from Iron Man before watch the following series right?

Well, i actually watch this movie cause i got no drama series to watch at the moment. My daily routine now is wake up-- lunch--movie-- study--online-- sleep. Well, i cheated. I do online almost 14 hours though i'm studying. >.<"

I dont know how to tell you the sypnosis about this movie. But, after watching this Iron Man i feel like want to watch Iron Man 2. I hope the time when i can go to cinema for this movie after my exam, this show is still available. Really hope so.

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My Dream Destination at 14:06

Well well well, my dream destination will be Korea! Why I want to be there?

It is because I want to have a plastic surgery!

Hmm, talking about the part I want to operate on will be my face structure, have a sharper chin, bigger pair of eyes, skinny long legs just like what the main actress in 200 Pounds Beauty did!

Okay, actually I’m just kidding!

Natural is beauty! ^^

Talking about Korea, it is a place with four seasons which is Spring [March – May], Summer [ June- August], Autumn [September – November] and Winter [ December- February]. If I want to go for trips, I think I will go during Spring time or may be autumn time. But if you go during winter time, may be you can find a chance to take pictures just like you saw in Winter Sonata. Somehow, I don’t wish to go there during Winter time because you will feel too cold to go out. And for me, if I got a chance to go for travelling I would take hell lots of pictures. If you go on Spring or Autumn time, you will still be able to dress very nicely for picture like wearing those floral prints dress and so on. I can image the scene of sakura and the trees that change colours during Autumn time.

Pictures to show! Of course all from google. I'm still saving hard to go my dream destination! >.<"

# Sakura.

# Autumn Season. Nice colour.
# hot winter sonata scene. =)

Now this period is the nice season to travel. Login to here to plan for your holiday. You can check out the great deals, contests and promos too! Happy travelling!a

Project Alpha Episode to share here.=)
# Episode 4 of Project Alpha Season 2.

# Episode 5 of Project Alpha Season 2.

# Episode 6 of Project Alpha Season 2.

# Episode 7 of Project Alpha Season 2.

Ps: Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAStraveller.com

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Final Exam makes my life dull at 12:13

Hey all, i want to blog but i don't have any special thing to blog.

For your info, i'm going to have my final exam 2 weeks ahead.
5 Major subjects. Preparation days less than 14 days. =(
But one thing that i'm looking forward is the day i will be going home--> 16 May. ^^

So at this moment, except spending a little time for Alpha, i doesn't have any mood to play on nails, check out fashion info, no often outings with frens and more.

Haiz, study life so dull! =.=

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Monday, April 19, 2010
My Version of Grooming Tips at 16:05

Wheee, gonna share my version of Grooming Tips this time!

I'm always looking for ways to look great. But how, right? For girls, we always heard a statement "There is no ugly women but lazy women right?" I don't wan to be a ugly womean so i must be a hardworking women.

To look great, we need to care from hair to leg. >.<" So many parts!

First, your hair must always look great and in style.

I don't know how to style my hair actually. I always wish to switch hairstyle. One of my close buddie ask me just bring a photo that i wish to have the hairstyle then bring to the hairstylist.

For hairstyling, you can always buy hair accessories to make some changes on your hair too right? Like i recently did try on using hair bun and little leopard hat or fluffy scrunchies too!

How to do all this? you can always refer to online youtube videos or look at magazines for tutorial or may be check out Ringo's blog! =)

Second, will be facial/ make up!

I always believe that make up makes one looks good and confidence. At least, i feel so. I have been learning make up through magazines and online videos for few years. Now the skills i think a little bit more stable already. =) But, girls must remember to remove the make up completely to avoid the skin condition getting worst ya!

Third, Clothes is another big part!

My friends always said i'm always chasing with the fashion trend. Actually i didn't purposely go to follow up the trend. But somehow every time when i saw a lot new fashion trend featuring clothes/ style, it is like a black magic that will makes me go hunt for it! You can always go for online shopping to chase up the korean/ taiwan style of clothes which is a big hitz now! =)

Fourth, nail art!

I think girls with cute nail art looks cute! Haha, i'm a kiam girl i dont like to go out for nail art session which costs a lot. So, i try to do my own nail art recently and i am in love with my own manicure.

Fifth, Perfume makes you smells good!

Who doesn't love good smelling people right? So for girls, must try to get a bottle of perfume or at least use deodarant to avoid bad odour lorh! If not, people all gonna chase away! =)

Thats all for my version of Grooming Tips. Hope you like it! =)

# Episode 1 of Project Alpha Season 2.

# Episode 2 of Project Alpha Season 2.

# Episode 3 of Project Alpha Season 3.

You may give Adidas Action 3 Pro Clear Deodarant Spray a try. =)

Ps: Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010
Red with Pokka dots = love at 01:00

Was pissed off by the Apartment's Management people today! Lazy to write out the whole story again. If you wanna know more, read my sister's post!

We take the bus to Jusco after deal with stupid ixora management people. Conclusion is no more change unit! Stupid max! i need to stay in the same unit for the following years!

Doesnt want to care so much as we cant do anything anymore. Just went to Jusco to have our meal and do a little bit shopping to cheer up myself. Had Johnny's Restaurant's Tom Yam Bee Hoon as lunch.

We bought same pattern water bottle again!
# Happiness depends upon on ourselves.
# Happiness The way is not in the sky, The way is in the heart.

And i got myself this purse. Nice pattern ho?
Parkson having sales so i got it in very cheap price! =D

Nah, i change my nails again with pokka dots.

Sister's the face shop's red colour very nais!

Ps: Start countdown for Finals. 2 weeks time! Please do your revision and score well.

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Friday, April 16, 2010
Eunice's 22th Birthday Celebration @ Simply Fish at 21:00

Today is Eunice's 22th Birthday! We celebrated for her at Simply Fish@ Melaka Raya. Thanks to our Malaccan friends for bringing us there! This is the first time i've been there. Heard people said that the fish chop those thing were famous. So we gonna try out!

I get myself dolled up one hour before and wait for them to pick me up. We all reached there around 9pm. >.<" 9pm only have our DINNER = Fattening larh!!! But i cant help with that cause Eunice was just back from her hometown Batu Pahat. We need to wait for the Birthday Girl de marh...

#1. Reached there and start to "kachak" around... LOL

#2. Tropica Island that cost RM7.50.

#3. Naked Fish! No Idea why it named as Naked Fish.

#4. Aloha Chicken ordered by Jolyn.

#5. Camwhore with my meal. Must take pictures marh when got chance ban leng leng..

#6. Eunice and Lee yen promoting for the Naked Fish. ^^

#7. Yor the blue light of the shop makes me looks like Avatar here! >.<"
Oh ya, mine is Tomato baked fish with cheese. But the fish taste like steamed one. Not nice lehhh

#8. I dunno what this called.

Know what? We girls keep take pictures until the meals were cold. So, it doesnt tasted nice. >.<" Wasted our moneyyyyy! Nevermind la, girls main focus is on the pictures not the food! XD

More pictures to come!

#9. Posing at the shop. Dun k there got other customers looking at us larh! Pei Ee not in this pic cause she just arrived. =(

#10. I heart this picture. They said we are MMU version de SNSD? LOL

#11. With heartsssss

#12. With Leeyen and hwee kee

#13. Girls group picture. No ones wan to sit down in front leh all hide behind one!

#14. Post end with birthday girl wishing photo. =)

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