Lost days, pictures fade.

Friday, December 31, 2010
2010 will end in 2 hours time at 21:52

Kiss Good Bye 2010


Happy New Year 2011!



Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Paris at 01:54

I'll be there one day!

Seeing beautiful pictures makes me happy! :)


Sunday, December 26, 2010
It is Boxing day! So? at 17:42

My post isn't related with the title on the above.

Gone through a silent christmas again this year! But thank god i received a call from my bestie, Wewe. He is the one who gone through the countdown with me. Argh, at least i got someone to talk to...

yes, this is what comes in to my mind yesterday.

2011, a year that i'm going to experience new thing as in go through a half year internship. what will that situation be? Excited yet couldn't let go 2010 yet.

那最痛的距离 是你不在我身边



Friday, December 24, 2010
Secret Garden - Ra im's Sms Tone at 15:21

I'm super in love with this Korean Drama series recently.. 

Secret Garden 시크릿 가든 
【剧情简介】:《秘密花园》讲述的是一段往返于游戏和现实之间的爱情,由合作过《巴黎恋人》、《On Air》等热播剧的申宇哲(音)导演和金恩淑(音)作家共同制作,引发了人们的关注。《秘密花园》将接档《人生很美丽》,从11月起播出。《秘密花园》堪称秋季电视剧强档的大作,故事在游戏世界和现实世界互相穿越,而玄彬、河智苑饰演的一对情侣由于意外互换灵魂而引发了一个浪漫蚀骨的爱情故事。该剧讲述逢见面必吵架的冤家周源(玄彬饰)和罗任(河智苑饰),周源是挑剔的老板,而罗任则一直梦想成为动作导演,二人在一次意外中交换了灵魂,用对方身体面对完全不一样的人生,在无法摆脱对方的同时渐渐萌生爱情。

In the drama, Ra im's sms is damn cute! She likes to imitate the tone when there is sms coming in.
I tried to google it and i finally found it! Happie wei!
If you want it, you can get it here :) 
The translation for the message is "SMS has arrived"! 

The sms tone damn cute! I've my sms alert changed now! wheeeee


The OST that i'm so in love too! :)

有个女人爱着你    那个女人努力的爱着你
每天像影子一样跟着你    那个女人微笑着流泪
还需要多久 多久    一直这样只是凝望着你 独自
这如风般的爱 这糟糕的爱   继续下去 你会爱上我吗
稍微靠近我一点 就一点     靠近一步 却又逃开两步
爱着你的我 现在依然就在身边
那个女人在哭    那个女人的性格很谨慎
所以说要学习微笑的方法    有很多对好朋友也不能说的话
那个女人的心充满泪水    所以那个女人说
爱上了你 因为一样     又是一样的傻瓜 又是一样的傻瓜
就一次 抱抱我再走可以吗     我想得到爱 你啊
每天只在心里 只在内心   大声呼喊 那个女人今天也在你的身边

不会是明明知道却还这样吧   你不会知道的 因为你是傻瓜
还需要多久 多久    一直这样只是凝望着你 独自
这如风般的爱 这糟糕的爱    继续下去 你会爱上我吗
稍微靠近我一点 就一点    靠近一步 却又逃开两步
爱着你的我 现在依然就在身边


Sunday, December 19, 2010
爱无限 ♥ 我们都怕痛 at 14:43


看著她低頭 勇敢牽著她就走
別怕 只要在一起 就能穿越黑晝
她的眼睛說 好在沒人倔著不走

我們都怕痛 但又好想試著牽手
兩顆心 隱藏在背後不敢承諾
不想再難過 丟棄回憶重新來過
讓我永遠牽著妳 把手給我


看著我低頭 她說她願跟我走
好怕 讓她心碎的痛又反覆折磨
我的眼睛說 笑或淚我都會守候

我們都怕痛 但又好想試著牽手
兩顆心 隱藏在背後不敢承諾
不想再難過 丟棄回憶重新來過
讓我永遠牽著妳 把手給我

我們都怕痛 但又好想試著牽手
兩顆心 隱藏在背後 不敢為愛承諾
不想再難過 丟棄回憶重新來過
讓我永遠牽著妳 把手給我

讓我永遠牽著妳 把手給我

这是一部台湾剧 <爱 无限> 的主题曲. 我目前的大爱! 超爱潘帅!!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Wed-nesday at 14:43

Last Sunday i went Dataran Pahlawan with rainbow before our semester break ends. Nothing in shopping list. We are just going for some window shopping. Perhaps just have an eye on anything on sales that we might feel wan to get it home.

Two lazybugs sleep until 1 o'clock! Hehe we get prepare in half an hour then we go to DP by bus. Rainbow told me that DP has Marine Theme for Christmas! 


They hired a hyperactive Santa Clause! He keep running here and there >.<"


So, classes started this Monday. But i still hoping not to start my assignment, not going to attend the lectures and tutorials. Sigh. I just wish the days passes a bit faster so that i can go home prepare for New Year and New change!

Super random! I heart self homecook vegetable soup! So sweet!!! Crunchy crunchy~
It has tomatoes, seaweed, white cabbage, sweet corn, some chicken meat and carrot! :)
 This is what Amy help me get from the famous shop selling Tam Bun Biscuit. 
One month ago during Qiqi celebration i said i love Tam Bun Biscuit.
Amy said she know somewhere selling freshly made biscuits!
She will help me buy if she got go to that place!
She still remembers it, omgggg!
 I don't know why, I just LOVE it!
Our Tax tutorial lecturer divided us into groups, and i'm one of the group leader! She gave each leader a card stand to be shown on table for every tutorial session. She missed out mine for pass few weeks. I don't want to remind her because i hate bringing this card stand every week and what if i feels like skipping the tutorial class? Argh! with this stand on hand, i cant skip the tutorial class already! I still planned to skip it next week!!! :(

Shall Blog again, xoxo

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Saturday, December 11, 2010
Chistmas Feel at 23:08

I love christmas tree's decorations!

The other day went to Aeon Jusco with sister and her boyfie to buy some grocceries. Stopby the lobby and have a look at the huge snowman made by 15,000 plastic bottles. It's recorded in Malaysia Records.

 As high as 2 levels.
 Kinda like the white xmas tree. Pure white.

My one week midterm break has coming to an end. T.T Every single day of my holiday were spend on drama-ing, online-ing, facebook-ing. Yeah boring life but what to do in Melaka when i already done enough of shopping? Everyday sleep till 1pm then bring lappie go campus online. sigh boring~ However, uni still have lots people around, i guess those people are busy preparing their midterm exams. Sometimes i was late and i got no plug for my lappie :(
On Tuesday, i manage to online in front of FSER while i'm on the way to library. 
looks weird online-ing there. 
But who cares? As long as there is a table, a chair and a PLUG!! 

I H A T E P L U G S E A R C H I N G M O M E N T!


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Thursday, December 09, 2010
Derice Cafe at 14:41

Second part of celebration for Audrey Neko-Chan.

We are heading to Derice Cafe, where offers something that can fullfil our hunger :P But not to forget choosing somewhere that has nice environment for chit chatting and photo taking session. :)

It located at Melaka Raya, same area with Pure Bar.

Your truly with PeiZhen! :)

This huge card were hand-made by JyeWann. *thumbs up!*

White Christmas tree spotted!

Christmas is near!! :)
The girls not to forget taking pictures with the christmas tree! whee

Just showing you what time you should visit the shop ya! ;)

My Work Burger, 5 bucks! tasted not bad

My Plum with Peach tea
They said it looks like beer. lol

It is so happy to have them around. 
Hope we can gather more often before we starts our interns which takes half year!



Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Coconut House at 14:56

Date: 29th November 2010

Finished our Investment Midterm paper in the morning. We planned to make a surprise celebration for Audrey where her birthday falls on 1st of December. Cant celebrate for her on her birthday eve as we all having another super tough paper, corporate accounting on wednesday night.

Coconut House is the place they chosen. We've been told that they make delicious pizzas.

Our class ended on 5pm, rushed back home get prepared and go out at 6.30pm! :)

they has open-kitchen!

Yours truly with the birthday girl, Audrey.

I guess this shop must be kinda famous ya? I saw a lot of newpaper cutting hanging on the wall

Sorry for not displaying any food picture as there has bad lightings! >.< 
Comments: I prefer normal pizza base but not crust pizza. Cant fulfill our hunger~
Priced: Expensive

The birthday cake. Actually that shop owner ruined our surprise celebration. Why?
Once we step in and we asked where is the big  table for ten, and she answered, " oh the one who got ordered a cake one yea??" =.=" FAILED MAX

Happy Birthday, Audrey Neko-chan.

Shall blog again, xoxo ❤

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Monday, December 06, 2010
JOGOYA Restaurant at 13:28

Here goes another post for my sweet escape to KL for 4 days 3 nites :)
Opps, the whole trip is about food!!!! FAT  D I E  me!!!

Early morning we sneak into UCSI to take the shuttle bus to the LRT station. whee nobody noes it coz we got the college student's look also wat. hehehe. We went to TimesSquare and JeeWei shop for the whole morning. She got class at 230pm, so we move on our own after 1pm.

We got a big plan for our dinner so have a little tiny stuff as lunch. 
Heading to Pavillion!
We are going to take away Harajuku Japanese crepe!!! :)

So many types of choices! You may add on a piece of cake/ ice cream with RM1!

We are typical GREEN TEA LOVER!
We ordered this RED BEAN with GREEN TEA CREPE.
We added on one piece of chocolate cake too! RM9.90 in total, no tax charged! :)

Then we go to another floor for SNOWFLAKE!

I'm showing you the packaging of the Japanese crepe :P
GreenTea is the best!!!!! I will have it again during the next visit to KL!
Here comes our SNOW FLAKES! i love it QQ

Around 7pm, we meet up with JeeWei and heading to JOGOYA RESTAURANT! Have you heard that they are giving out 50% discount to all the ladies who dining during Monday to Thursday?? You may refer to this post :)
We booked the seats online earlier. We are kinda surprise to see alot of people waiting outside the restaurant. Nowadays people all so rich ya? Or they come because of the promotion too? ^^

Gonna show you food pictures that i snapped using Syndy's Baby Blue, Sony TX1.

Dimsum Section. Din try it cause i'm leaving some space for other food!

Chocholate Fountain. Din try it oso :( Guess it taste the same like normal chocolate + marshmarllow ya?

Seafood Section
Sushi Section


Pudding Section 

A table that fulls of food!! crazy or not? 

Thailand Coconut! kawaii-desu
NO.159 our table number!
Beancurd Mousse Cake. Red Bean Mousse cake. Green Tea Mousse Cake.
We can has RED WINE too!
Cheers for our FRIENDSHIP! <3

Then we left Jogoya Around 10 something. 
More Picture of us before we leave this busy city.
watashi no kawaii garufurendo!
Went back to Pavilion for some christmas shots! :)

Ohhh so dreamyyyy! <3 it
Another favourite picture!



Shall blog again, xoxo

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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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