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Monday, August 05, 2013
✈ Bangkok 2013. 0107-02072013 at 22:46

Bangkok day 6!

After the one day tour, the rest of the days are to be spend on shopping! Super broke already! I left about 1500-2000 baht for each day shopping! Gotta budget well again.
OOTD! Simple top cost 150 baht and the high waist denim pant bought at Asiatique that cost 99 baht!!!!

We are going to conquer platinum mall!!! Lol we asked the receptionist how much it gonna cost for the taxi from hotel to platinum. Actually platinum is very near our hotel, we can reach by walking 10-15mins! So if the cab offer more than 80 baht, so no thank you.

We had MCD for lunch again! I'm not sick of samurai burger yet. Only cost 139baht for this set. 

Done with lunch then start to hunt for cheap and nice clothes!

I bought a skirt here for 200 baht.

This set is designed from a local designer. I bought the whole set for 550 baht. Exactly same style except I changed the top pattern to a similar top with pilot badges on.

So many car hat available but ain't getting any.

All the bags here cost 170 baht only!!!! If in kuching, I have to pay double to get bags like this!

We leave platinum around 7! We bought alot actually, I don't post all out on top! Lol 
We decide to walk back home because we were so broke after mega shopping. 80 baht also have to save lol.

Back to hotel, we dunno what to eat so go order food from the cafe inside our hotel. 

That's how we end a day in Bangkok. 


Bangkok day 7!

We planned to go wax musuem in Bangkok on this day. David is not joining us because he planned to go somewhere else.
OOTD of the day. Top is RM15 one bought at Melaka Sentral.

Two pf us walk to the rathadewi station and going to take the skytrain to Siam Station.


The wax Musuem is inside here, at sixth floor.
We want to get the half price ticket, we must get into the musuem before 12 noon. 
The ticket is booked through online and it cost about RM45 after half price discount.

The map.

The first place that we stopny for picture!

At the piano there! They even prepared props for us to take picture!

Some exercise time lol

Rock and roll zone!

Korean singer zone 


Random pose. But i likey this picture lol

Back to young time again.

Have a cup of tea?
See me kung fu fighting! Lol

Okay being action again! Hahaha

This is snapped outside the magnum store.

We were so hungry already! So we decided to go to Siam Paragon's after you. We gonna huunt for the Shibuya Honey Toast! Has been seeing a lot blogger posted insta bout it. How also must try it out during this trip!
Camwhore with this super big toast!

Shibuya Honey Toast! Located at the food court level of Siam Paragon.

Bdw, after the lunch we went back to hotel for a while and i met my colleagues coming back from Pattaya.

I loe Bangkok! Everything looks so beautiful! Especially the sky are so blue ! It makes me happy!

Spotted a real Lamborghini inside the mall. It is their car dealer shop with real car displayed. There are a lot more expensive super car's dealer there.

Found out the pink day in Bangkok falls on Tuesday while in Malaysia is on Wednesday!

Spotted super big takoyaki! Too bad we din bring this home as dinner.

David bought this cinnamon rolls for 69 bahts (5/6 pieces)

Night view

We bought our iphone casing for 100 baht each at the pasar malam across the road, opposite Siam Paragon.

After that, we back to Ratchadewi Station and have our dinner at the stall near the sky train station.

Ordered this Pad Thai for 45 baht.

This is oyster omelette for 50 baht? 

Street food can be very cheap and yummy!
After had our dinner, it is time to go back and oack our luggages!

Ps: all pictures taken using iphone 4s

Xoxo, kelyn

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