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Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Kuching Cafe | James Brooke Bistro & Cafe ♥ at 14:26

- Day 2 -

Life Cafe 

Bow's friend, xiao yan and her bf also coming to Kuching this time. So, bow gotta go to airport to them up and they'll join us for trip today! I bring them for brunch at Life Cafe, Jalan Song.

As usual, order my favourite set meal.

Bow's friend booked Tune Hotel at town, so i asked her to drop us at Carpenter Street then she can bring her friends to check in the hotel. 
It will not be a big problem for two of us walking around cause we used to walk a lot in Melaka! :)
walk walk walk, keep walking!
Just realised that all this tee just priced below RM10!!! 

Souvenirs! The keychains are very alike with those i saw in KK!

Then we walk to this Chinese Cultural Muzeum!

They renovated it and inside got air-cond so we stay there a bit longer. 
Watched a short film too!

♥ James Brooke Bistro & Cafe ♥

Always passing by this cafe which is located opposite Hilton but never got the chance to go in.
James Brooke, yeap the man that appears in our history book!
You can see those time from Sydney, Spain and other places on the wall!
Found a lot ang-moh like to sit there reading books or chit chatting. 
Bad thing about this cafe, it has no aircond!!! Hot max!
not much choices in the menu, kawan choose the orange juice
and Pink Guava juice is mine :)
These are the rings that she bought and mine is inside too! :)

There is a boat outside there for tourist to take pictures. 
We took some pictures but i think we looked to tired in the picture, 
not gonna show it to scare u people off >.<

time to off for midterm exam study!


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Monday, November 28, 2011
Kuching Cafe | Magna Carta ♥ at 00:05

Day 1 - night time

So, after went for lunch with kawan we went back to home for a rest then around 6 something we were out to spring to get a movie ticket for night show then heading to town for dinner and sight-seeing! :)

Kawan said she must take a picture with cat statue,
so i bring her to our Padungan biggest cat statue for a shot.

 ♥ Magna Carta ♥

We had some western food for dinner that day! This place was introduced by little sister, xuan. She said their carbonara was good and their pizza is very big portion! So, this two thing is in my mind! I hardly go out to have dinner or something like this with friend! So i'm very excited to try out this place and the food!
Magna Carta was previously an old court house which is located opposite Kuching waterfront!
Didnt know where i should park my car so we park somewhere behind carpenter street!

The weather that night wasn't good, we didn't choose to sit outside cause we scared that it might rain soon!

This is where we sit! Hmm, kinda hot there cause it is near to the kitchen. >.<
The ambience there quite good! 
with some old furnitures decorated.
menu on board are slightly cheaper. The waiter brought magenta's menu to us and the food priced there is higher! Fyi, Magenta and Magna Carta is under same boss! :)
Those on the board priced from RM12 to RM30! 
while if u look at Magenta's menu all are above RM30!
I ordered a pot of camomile tea! My favourite as usual!

yours truly presenting my carbonara!
thumbsup! very cheezy and creamy!!
Kawan ordered carrot juice.

closer shot of my carbonara! 
This is kawan's hawaiian pizza, priced RM14 only! 
too big portion and she cant finished it!

A picture before we left!

We have a short walk around waterfront after that!

Astana view!

Dewan Undangan Negeri

there's not much people along waterfront.
Just two of us walking there seems a bit dangerous, so we left after taking a few shots.

this is another side view of the old court house :)

till then,

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Sunday, November 27, 2011
Kuching Food | Song Kheng Hai Hawker Stalls at 11:18

Date: 2nd October 2011

Day 1

Kawan was asking for a visit to my hometown aka Kuching somewhere early in the year. I said of course you may come and i helped here to check out cheap fare and she got a two way ticket for just 100 bucks. Cheap isn't it?
That day sister was coming from Melaka too! 
Picked kawan home, gotta wait for sister back from airport then only we heading out for some food!

Song Kheng Hai Hawker Stall

I brought her there because she just going to stay in Kuching for 4 days 3 nights. There is so much local food in list to try out! We went for lunch around 3pm that day. Song Kheng Hai will be a good choice!

Matterhorn :)

My favourite, Ice Kacang.

Tomato Kuey Teow

Kueh chap

to be continue...

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Kuching Food | A dine at Permata Top Spot Seafood at 02:19

A quick post before i start my another midterm paper revision :/

So, day 2 night time we had seafood as dinner! Permata Top Spot Seafood was quite famous for tourist and their price are quite reasonable too! Fyi, this is my first time bringing friends out for seafood dinner! I got no idea how to order, is it we need to pick the seafood ourselves? OMG i'm a noobie in picking ok? ><

So 5 of us, we ordered 5 dishes and all for portion of 3 peoples. We wanna try more different dishes! :)

Bamboo Shell Clams fried with curry #alltimefavourite

Midin Belacan #must try for every westmsian

another normal fried squid *this doesnt attracts me

Butter Prawn *this doesnt looks nice
Kawan told me the shrimp's shell can be eaten and i tried to eat one!

Lastly, Blackpepper crab!!! 
Super yummy i'm gonna make mummy cook this dish for CNY reunion dinner! :D

This is the stall we picked! :)

Total bill is RM98 only! Cheap or not? 

Till then,

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Saturday, November 26, 2011
拜金女王 ♥ Material Queen at 22:49

Last week, i spended 3 days to chase on this drama - 拜金女王 Material Queen 

This was introduced by my friend from west, Queenie while she visited Kuching 2 months ago. Whole set of drama 22 episodes. So attracted to the actor cause it acted by Vanness Wu! Remember the other Taiwan Drama Next Stop? I was expecting something like that. Another main actress, Lynn Hung, i'm so envy on her super nice body figures!

Their meeting part start in Paris!
Nice scenery with violin, everything just so perfect!

you must watch it too, kay?

This is my favourite OST from this drama.

说爱我的那一天 你疼我像个孩子
离开我的那一天 却让我更成熟点
我学着不掉眼泪 我可以独自表演
也无所谓 我的天真 你看来多愚昧

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