Lost days, pictures fade.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
20032012. Vincent's Birthday at 12:49

It was a very sudden decision made to join a birthday celebration for our coursemate.
They set the time- 10pm
me and kawan sat downstair and this is the first time we view our hostel from the bench downstair
with such a nice night view.
we were picked up around 11pm.
then rush to Station One Cafe.

cake of the night. fattening :(

I tried on the honey milk.

Group picture of the night.
Birthday celebration for Vincent, the one who sat besides me.

spotted this one Jenga!
The tallest jenga made by me, peizhen, J1 and Aud ^^


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Cari Makan Trip . March at 14:05

This is the final semester that i spend in Melaka. Countdowns around two months.
Special thanks to my friend who dated me for this makan trip.
I went eventhough im sick that time.
because i know have to appreciate every chances we have.
First stop, Klebang Ice blended Coconut Ice cream drink :)
Best chilling drink on the hot weather.
it priced RM2 each cup.
If my guess wasnt wrong, they blended the vanilla ice cream with ice with the cocunut juice
then topping with another scoup of vanilla ice cream.

Maybe can try to home made it one day? :)
kinda fattening i think

Then second stop is Nadeje Cake house.
We originally want to visit Sam Patissier but then the shop was closed on that day.
So we went to Nadeje which is just located nearby.

I ordered this strawberry choc mille crepe.
Priced RM9.80 >,<
expensive dessert huh?

Another friend ordered this green tea mille crepe.
slightly cheaper but i think it is either RM7.90/ RM8.90 >,<

3rd stop,

went to take away putu piring ^^

have you tried this before. It is a shop from my coursemate's family.

hmm i think flour, gula melaka and shredded of cocunut meat?
too sweet for me, one piece will be more than enough.

4th stop - Pak Putra Indian cuisine

We ordered the famous double cheese naan and chicken tandoori.

Chicken tandoori - RM7

Double Cheese Naan- priced RM4/5 i cant remember

can u see the cheese??? :)

ok enough. bai.

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Limau Limau Cafe at 13:40

Dated: 16032012.

It is a bright Friday on the first week of our final semester. Most of the classes were cancelled on the first week. Thus, me and kawan decided to hang out that day.
kawan always wanna visit this shop since long time ago.
we had passed by this shop for a few times so today we gonna dropby here!

we choose to sit on upstair.
I didnt expected there is another floor upstair coz the store looks like pretty small and pack.

so vintage :)

basically there meals are sandwiches. so it seems like a high tea session ^^

kawan's portion. sandwich with egg, ham and cheese
Priced at RM9.90

Mine. Sandwich with ham and cheese (all time favourite)
Priced at Rm7.90

closed shot. They gave so thick of egg layer!

Mine. ^^ i'm craving it nao!

im not sure if u can view all the prices stated there. This is part of the menu~

some shots taken before we leave

we then went for a movie. 3x trouble
lol seriously unsure bout the synopsis and we got frighten cause of some scenes. lol

then we moved to MP for our dinner.
Korean food again!

she had ramen 

Spicy Chicken Bibimbap as my dinner! So satisfied! 


Till then,

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March Updates . Final Sem break at 13:28

back to kuching is always the best thing on earth.
There is one noon grandparents dated all of us their grandchild for tea session.
we had famous kong pia, kangkung sotong, rojak and of course chilling abc ice :)

the sky is very beautiful that night.
all we used to do during our sem break is munching on tidbits and catching up all sorts of series

am so happy that im home to see my dear bff :)

finally used this cute pluggy from my dear buddie!
some gateaway. 
this is what besties will do. hahahaha

till then,

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Friday, April 13, 2012
Melaka at 00:46

Good night. I'm lovin this place!

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Friday, April 06, 2012
10032012. Toast Bar gathering at 15:00

It was semester break. I gotta spend most of the time at home cause my buddie didnt date me
bff went to KL for her training course.
so i enjoyed myself at home. huhu

The next day bff back from kl, we went to our old place - Toast Bar for a short gathering.
Toast Bar became our favourite spot for gathering mainly because their stuff is CHEAP!
both of us thoughts is that we just need a place that is nice for chatting,
so the environment really doesnt matter!

minimal make up. no eyeshadows.

ordered our favourites- ham and cheese sandwich
omgawd im really wanna have this now!!!

i bring along the albums that i had tidy in few days time to show her.

7 years before and after :)

cant wait to hang out with u again!


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Monday, April 02, 2012
04032012. Grandpa's Birthday Dinner at 08:43

It is Grandpa Birthday on the month of March.
Grandpa is going for ten days Cruise Trip alone starting on 10th March 2012.
We made the celebration earlier at 3 Point Restaurant.
Outfit of the night. 
I'm so in blazer mood for the whole three weeks at Kuching.

Start with Long life noodles.
It was like a tradition must have this dish for every birthday occasion.

Here comes our favourite and also Grandparent's favourite dish!
Roasted pork. Owhhhhhh crispy porky skin!

We brought our self bought fish for them to steam.
This happens all the time cause mum and dad they love picking own fish!

Butter prawn without skins!
Thats sweet!

Fried Midin Belacan. This is nice but a bit salty to me!
Must have it with rice!

Then comes Mango Thai Chicken.
Im already super full up till this point >.<

Then next will be Yam Busket!
I love those greens!

Testing iphone camera again :P
Sister was playing on her camera and then we were sort of testing out our iPhone camera too!
The macro effect still okay!
8MP, what do you expect?

Two cutie pie wanna blow off the candles again!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Sunday, April 01, 2012
Kuching Cafe | Full House Kuching at 08:20

Date: 03032012
This is the first time i visit to Fullhouse store! Fullhouse is a livestyle store and cafe!

Business hours you can see from the picture ya? ;)

I ordered this sweet drink - Ice Blended Peach thingy

Our very busy CEO here!
She is busying replying to our buddie, BTS comments on my picture XD

Hello, thanks to be there for me all this 12 years!
I'm so glad to have a bestie who grown up togather with me!

We both feeling hungry after chit chat for hours.
Then we ordered a set of toast to be shared. :P
Supper time, woohoo!

Looking forward to the time i permanently back to hometown for new chapter of my life.

Till then,

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