Lost days, pictures fade.

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Graduation Trip. KL-PG-LG-KL at 20:34

Okay, it's the time that i feel like blogging again. 
I'm blogging in the hotel room now at Kemena Hotel, Bintulu :P

I'm going to blog about the May 2012 Grad Trip. omgosh why i update so slow, stil talking about last year's trip :( gotta speed up as i can foresee more updates chasing me up for 2013 *wink*

So, after the kukup trip and accounting night. Here comes our KL-PG-LG-KL trip
This is a very random trip with kawan and irene. WE booked the ticket on March 2012. At first we all hoping our own gang will have an oversea trip to Taiwan in May. But having a large group of friends is very hard to make decision. And you know, zero fares dont wait. If you cant make up your mind to book far ahead. You aint gonna grab the cheap fare. 

Back to the trip.
Three of us taking bus from Melaka to LCCT then we take the flight to PG.
Initially, it was just three of us. But then, Irene's boyfie is from Ipoh and he offered to tour us around at PG coz he can drive. I'm so glad to have him around. Bcoz if there is no transport, the places we can go will be limited and higher cost if we have to spend on transportation.

Penang, is all about food.

The first one we had is Penang Assam Laksa with prawn sauce!
random red sports car spotted on tikus road lol
This is the banana pancake that irene's bf bought for us to try! nice one

then irene's boyfriend brought us to the place with famous fried Kueh tiao and PG cendol.

not a big fans of cendol. I dislike stuff that is too sweet except choc >,<

PG loh mee :D

later we passed by a temple while on the way down to try out nasi kandar. 
The third stop for food for that afternoon. Bravo!

After all those meal, irene's bf drove us to Hard Rock Cafe! Been there twice before, I've been visiting Penang twice during year 2010 :D

THis is us, standing in front of the fake slim mirror ;)

us, camwhoring at the beach!

View of hard rock hotel at PG.
Batu Feringgi Beach 

there ends a day


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Saturday, January 26, 2013
17.05.2012 . Accounting Night 2012 at 10:42

Currently waiting my flight back to Kch at KLIA. 
Meanwhile, i should update my dead blog :)
Everything seems on track and i'm really looking forward to go home now.

ok, fine now i wanna blog about the Accounting Night 2012.

In our university, there are faculty night for Law students, engineering student, or accounting students. which means there are Law night, Engineering Night and Accounting Night. Basically, it is an event organised by own faculty student (final year student) to gather and have a meal with all the lecturers in the faculty to show a token of appreciation. Prom Night is different than Faculty night as all the students from different faculty can buy tickets and join the events.

Since we are in the final year and during april we still didn't heard of any news about Accounting Night, i'm kinda dissappointed about that. Because, at that moment i was in dilemma to choose either to go Prom Night or Accounting Night. But of course, my priority goes to Accounting Night. I've been to Prom Night in year 2010. I don't think it worth going there again.

I'm not sure that who is organizing the accounting night. Hence, me and my gang keep asking around and we approached the ex-president of Accounting club aka our coursemate. So, he again be the leader aka organiser for this event. Thankiu so much Jen Jiu for making this come true.

Date : 17th May 2012 (voted by all of us thru FB event)
Venue: Hatten Square Hotel
Time: 7pm

They invited some part time singer who also students of mmu to live up the night.
In our Uni, alot of students went to those "ming ge cafe" to work as part time singer. This is very common in West Msia. :)
The guy in this piucture is actually my coursemate's boyfie.

Random picture of the stage

Jumping high shot with the gang. I actually landed because im wearing super high heels >,<

Group picture with the photographer of the day and also photographer of our Pre-grad shoot.

Rocker style lol

our table. My uni buddy- Yuen Yan is sitting with me and the gang :)
I miss them! owhhhh
It is buffet dinner 

Joy Ching from JB and Jen Jiu from Melaka.

Me and Kawan!

Vivian, who is a very kind and helpful girl :)

with more princess.

with my uni exercise mate of the final sem :D

more pictures in FB.


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Sunday, January 20, 2013
you will be remembered. at 12:34

Dear diary,

Friday night, i was struggling on my work. Have been doing overtime non-stop for the whole week. I felt that i'm such a useless one to have so much backlogs. I feel like i wan to give up but something is stopping me to do so. That's why, me and my heart we got issue. To leave or to complete it.

I'm at the giving up state to solve the issue. I was browsing on my Facebook and i got a shocking news. Someone who used to be a special one, just left. All of the sudden, i felt super down and sad for his left. 

I still remember, two years ago we have a promise to meet up for tea if i come back to Kuching. But, we never had that due to some incident. And now, you are left forever! I don't know how to express my feeling. But, deeply i feel sad.

Back to me, this reminds me that i shouldn't have complain so much about my work. I'm lucky because i'm still alive. I should think that i'm capable at work that's why they were giving me so much work to complete in a short time frame. Maybe this is the intensive training that they want to give me. They are preparing me to be a better one.

I follow the updates from his left. Just knew that it was due to the cruel limba cancer that he just knew two years ago. Which means during his 24th :'( He is a cutie angel now. Now i understand why he haven't been in publicity for this 2 years. Read back his old posts. I can feel his never give up soul. He is still that kind of positive people and be happy while fighting with this cruel disease.

From now on, i will appreciate for all the thing i have. Less complains and be more happy. I'll keep put in more positive thinking on myself. Be true to myself and let those i loved knows that i love them.

Lastly, i wish you know that, you will always be remembered.

Sunday, January 13, 2013
TVB tunes. 13012013 at 11:06

I'm that kind of person who fall in love with drama OST when i'm chasing that drama series. I'm a big fans of HK drama so here are some latest drama tunes that i'm super in love. Just for sharing :)

胡鴻鈞 - 一生一心(TVB電視劇天梯主題曲)(完整發行版)

此時此刻 薛凱琪 (名媛望族主題曲)

有時 - 吳卓羲 [ 名媛望族 片尾曲 ]

幸福歌-鍾嘉欣 (Linda Chung) [ 幸福摩天輪 主題曲 ]

 幼稚完-林峯 [ 雷霆掃毒 片尾曲 ]



Saturday, January 12, 2013
19.05.2012 at 00:52

The next day, we all dated for lunch again! 
We are meeting each other again.
camwhored with Kyo.
SPOT his puffy eyes. He cried so badly T.T

All of our eyes are puffy that day.
Anna even wore a sunglass to cover it up >,<
Group shot before leaving..
This is the final meet up...
and again...
we CRIED again :(


That night,
i have another farewell gathering with another gang of friends.
They rented a unit at amy's auntie's apartment for BBQ gathering.

Yummy i love the mee siam!

They were busy BBQ, i'm busy talking and eating only!

Nothing much special bout that night. It's just a night for the girls to talk and catch up.



Behind the scene. Photoshooting day at 00:24

That morning, we all gathered around 8am at Ipoh Town, BB Bazaar.
We planned to have a group breakfast together before the shoot.

Jimmy took all the single picture of us for the day.
Fat face here but nvm la.

Candid shot at the coffee shop. Audrey was so happy i cant recall is why.


Saw this group shot taken by Kawan for us with Kiwi, the photographer.
Here is the behind the scene picture. Too many pictures, im too lazy to upload.
Bad quality photo uploaded :(

After the photoshoot, it's lunch time already! So we all had our lunch at MCD!
That's sorta like a farewell lunch with the gang.
Took a lot of selfshot with them. <3 p="p">

Suddenly, something just happenned.
WE found kyo squatting alone at outside after we said good bye to another gang (his brothers)
Suddenly, he just cried like that.
Everybody was shocked and... i cried too >,<
So, someone quickly ran to call his brother back and end up everyone is crying at MCD!
This is the first time i cried at PUBLIC! ZOMG
To make him feel better, we all went to his house again after that.

We kinda worry bout him feeling sad alone emo at the house.
So, we dated each other for another outing at night. LOL it's not the last meetup yet! ;)

all of you decided to go Jonker walk for that night.

taken at Jonker.

 all of you actually looking tiring already. but we all still wish to spend more time with each other.
again, this might be the last chance to meet in a group :(
the girls.

making Kyo pose like the Mr. muscular. lol

am missing you guys again.


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Tuesday, January 08, 2013
18052012. Pre-graduation Photoshoot at 00:23

Somewhere over the Rainbow 

is the name that i suggested for this series of photos.

Date for the shoot : 18.05.2012
Venue: Around MMU Campus.
Theme: Colourful (Rainbow colours)
Photographer: Jens Kv

Since one year ago before i graduate, i've randomly viewed one set of the pre-graduation photoshoot done by a senior. From that time, i've been keep on and on telling kawan that we must have pre-graduation shoot no matter what. I always believe pictures take down all the memories and faces. All those moments captured is precious and it wont shown twice again. Campus is where we all meet and we gonna seperate from here after we all graduate. This is the perfect venue for our shoot.

One of our favourite picture of the day.
The snowy effect was due to the water spraying on the field early in the morning. <3 p="p">
MMU Bus - The place driven us to our dream.
Friend - we always support you.
This is at a window frame behind the CLC concourse.
1-10 makes up a perfect 10.
Taken at Administration Hall.
Catched me instagraming our clothes of the day.
Another shot taken at the Assembly Hall opposite the field. 
The field is the place we had our Orientation Gathering spot.
Spot - the link bridge from CLC to FSER block.
Super models spotted at Rimbun Ilmu.
Spot - CLC Concourse.
Can't Smell, Can't See, Can't Hear
A picture that has all the props that we prepared for the day
this special friendship will captured in our heart, forever.


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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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