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Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Kuching Cafe | Rusty Bean and Batter at 15:24

There is so many new cafes opening in Kuching. Rusty Bean & Batter was located at ST3 shopping mall, which is super near my house :D

Dear GF is going back to Melaka with her family as she is done with her confinement and it is time to start her working life again. So, we decided to meet up in Rusty Bean and Batter since none of us give it a try before.

The cafe do sell a lot cakes and coffee and also healthy juices too.

I like the decoration because it is very cozy and feels like home.

I love the simple and clean concept.

This is the bar section facing the road.

I ordered the signature coffee comes with cotton candy | RM15.90

Ah fan ordered a piece of cake.. It is too strawberry, i dont like it :D

A pair of love birds. I feel happy that you found a good hubby and your life is now so completed with a new born baby girl! 

Another set of pancake which cost over RM30++

Review was food is overpriced. 

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Saturday, December 27, 2014
Xmas 27122014 | Orchard Rd -- Jay Chou Opus2 World Tour at 18:37

The last day in SG, we went to Long John Silvers for breakfast!

It is located somewhere not far from Kawan's house.

I found this set of breakfast very yummy but feel fat too :D

Can see the cheese and the fried chicken slices?? yummyyyy i feel wan to eat cheese now >,<

We went to Orchard Road that day.

Walk around...

Photo photo

And more photo with xmas decorations...

When we feel bored and got nothing to do then we decided to go TWG for a high tea session!

I think this is the jam? i cant recall d omggggg

Creme brulee which is a bit overcook. Can feel the sugar taste a bit bitter.


And macaroons! I love macaroon!!

And it rains in the evening! Luckily that we manage to walk inside the building to the LRT station. Otherwise i think my birkenstock will be spoilt. *it cant soak into water :/

We are going for Jay Chou's concert! 

Honestly speaking, this is the first concert i attended as in.. i pay for the ticket! So excited ok! i think i only attended 3 concerts all in. First one was at the age of primary 6, second one is summer concert in Melaka and this is the third one!

We saw a lot of people queue-ing in the mall waiting to take a picture with Jay Chou wax figure. So we queued too since we reach there a bit early like 4pm?

I met my Kch friend at the stadium! This is fate? lol otherwise wont be meeting up la since there is so many person going for the concert.

Some artistic photo :D

Seriously, i feel the 3 hours is not enough! I love all his songs since secondary school! 

Though i got the cheapest ticket priced at SGD 112. I feel that i enjoyed myself a lot! It doesn't matter that i can't sit with my friend and i don't get a ticket which is at front place. I still enjoyed myself that night. 


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Friday, December 26, 2014
Xmas 26122014 | Level 33 at 18:01

We dated our 38 gang member, Mhing ming for a meet up at Level 33.
She is my coursemate which i dont get to meet her for 2 years plus because she was absent during our 38 gang trip.

I get to know this place throught my insta-mates.

Then i googled more about it. I came here is mainly for the  view :D

I ordered their homebrew crafted beer because of the thought "since i'm already here, might as well...."

We were giving this starter for free!

The jam and olive oil those stuffs.

Ps: This is the first time we come for fine dining, everyone look so atas there so we tried so hard to behave like one.

I helped kawan and mhing ming took a picture before our tables turns into a mess.

Selfieeee, kinda like the lighting but sorry i'm still trying to learn how to use my cammie.

Selfie but somehow people at the back still blurred.  #practiseshot

Mhing ming's turn to hold the camera!

Story at level 33: 
We arrived level 33 with another group of people (a guy and 3 girls), we were there so the first time so the guy spoke to the receptionist first and they got the last table which is available. We got to be seated at the bar kinda table as u see in the picture. 

Halfway, the waitress come and tell us that that guy felt guilty and wish to buy us one round of drinks. But we rejected cause it is not his fault. Haha but still happy anyway! They are too generous!

Kawan's and Mhing ming's drink

OK, this portion is too small ok!! I cant remember how much it cost. I think is $29?!

This is mine and mhing ming ordered the same thing as mine. 

I think it is some creamy thingy like pasta yet it is not and with some minced beef and goat cheese on top.  I think it cost $35? I cant remember already!

Argh, the food.. i regret to order it. Actually i was seeking up and down wished to order the dessert instead but couldn't find the menu. You know what? It was in another menu which will only be present after you had the main course and starters. Sigh, sorry this is the first time i visit ok...

The view makes everything pay back!

Must selfie kao kao lo, we paid $132++ ok. That is about RM346++ omgggg the most expensive meal that i've pay for myself.


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Xmas 26122014 | Universal Studio Singapore at 12:55

Ohai USS! It was in my list of places to visit for so long!

Thanks to Maybank SEA, i got the ticket at $63 (NRP: $74) Saved some money makes me happy! :D

The second day at SG, we slept until 9am? Was quite tired because we travel from her house somewhere near jurong point to MBS. The route takes more than an hour and i was on morning flight, so ya we need more time to rest. 

We woke up, spend our lovely time on make up and hair do.. also research on how to go to USS.

Selfie with kawan while waiting for her friend who came from JB to join our USS trip.

Hai Hiukkei!

Elmo says hi!

Start to take lots of picture inside.

The second picture that i took before we move to transformers.

Finally! But the queue was so long! Estimated queue-ing time is 2-3 hours? OMG but that is the MUST PLAY STUFF in USS. Anyway, move on first and go back later.


We went to queue for Miami Ride. OK, i didnt expected it is roller coaster so i did screams and i guess i din open my eyes for the whole journey! But, i had fun!

U know what? It rains after we come our from the Miami ride! Sigh. It was just 2pm! And the rain lasted a few hours. We got no place to go so we returned to queue for Transformers.

Tips: We queue for single rider which moves faster than group ride. 

Anyway, i think we still queue for 1.5-2 hours.

So, Transformer was equally good too!! :)

The rain still haven stop tho it was almost hitting 5pm!

Some more picture taken before we decided to leave this place.

I think i'll come back again next round, or perhaps i'll visit USS tokyo next time! :)

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