Lost days, pictures fade.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Reality at 22:28

Met you by surprise
I didn't realize that my life would change forever
Saw you standing there
I didn't know I cared
There was something special in the air

Dreams are my reality
The only kind of real fantasy
Illusions are a common thing
I try to live in dreams
It seems as if it's meant to be

Dreams are my reality
A different kind of reality
I dream of loving in the night
And loving seems alright
Although it's only fantasy

If you do exist
Honey don't resist
Show me a new way of loving
Tell me that it's true
Show me what to do
I feel something special about you

Dreams are my reality
A wondrous world where I like to be
Illusions are a common thing
I try to live in dreams
Although it's only fantasy

Dreams are my reality
I like to dream of you close to me
I dream of loving in the night
And loving you seems right
Perhaps that's my reality


Friday, July 24, 2009
Lurve at 18:31

Today 2 midterm papers were over. I'm happy for it.
I don't have a nice sleep last night. Actually i planned to have a nap after exams. However, i ended up login to facebook and played this LURVE thingy.
It just look so lovely and pretty nice, isnt it?

I played this short quiz and found out i'm Seaweed Nori. =)
This is the picture i heart the most. nana, missing you again.
After that i try out another picture. Playing as if i'm making photo stickers. I miss those days larr. I wanna take some more photo stickers! This one colours already faded. >.<"

Last but not least, i shared some lurve and sent some lurve to my friends. ^^
I like this facebook Lurve application. It's so lovely~ <3


Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Ganbatte at 14:04

Midterm exam will starts on this Friday. 2 Paper on the same day.
Following by 3 papers on next Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
After all those stupid midterm i'll be home. *yippie*

I'm a lazybum.
I've not been studying this semester.
I'm addicted to Facebook's Game all the time.
I think i should wake up now and go study.
Time is so limited. Dont ever try to waste time again.
Gotta always bear in mind i need to achieve better grade to pull up my CGPA!

Gayao arh, kelyn!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009
It's Jia Yie's 20th birthday! at 03:00

Yay, finally i have an outing yesterday nite cause it was Jia Yie's birthday eve. In our tradition, we usually celebrate everyone's birthday on the eve.
As planned earlier, they will go for dinner session first. I didnt join the first session cause pity me got night class from 8pm till 10pm. [i'm hardworking ok?]
Though i going for class but i was way too excited to meet up with Jia Yie. I have been prepared since 6pm. I make up fulled and weared heels to uni. Feel little bit uneasy.
930pm. I got home earlier and received msg from Jia Yie that they seems going to put on fake lashes. Therefore me and my sis faster stick up ours too. At first i think of wanna use just i scared too over but since they were going to wear it then we wear it togather lar.. wheeeecamwhoring in Friend's cafe.We do look alike, rite?
same hairstyle.
same face shaped.
same SMILE. ^^
Me with the drink named Friend's Tower but it tastes bitter?i love camwhoring with JiaYie. <3 style="text-align: left;">When almost 12 midnite, her friend from terengganu send someone represend to give her a secret recipe cake and flowers.
Girl loves flowers. ^^Jia Yie with the cake from us.close shot.make a wish. make a wish...she is just so sweet.
Again, camwhoring with the cake in. ^^ I'm always the first one.She is my coursemate, ming ming who are their ex-housemate too.
Opps. i dun have bonnie's pic for the cake.
She is my housemate who from kuching. Intro N times already.
Lastly, snap pics with the flower.
I set this as my phone's wallpaper. *heart*

After the session in Friend's Cafe ended, me, my sis, bonnie, ming ming and Jia Yie went to Bonnie's house to pay a visit and sampat there. We are having nice time togather as if we all were ex-housemates. hehe. We chit chatted until almost 2pm only go home. I have forget about my 9am tutorial class and i think i gonna skip it. =P

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Monday, July 13, 2009
Short update at 16:24

I have not been updating my blog since after my Cameron Highland trip.
I found i had a really busy life this semester.
I could hardly spend time on movies, dramas, outing and so forth.
Someone told me yesterday our subject for this semester mainly all theories.
This is making me more tired of this semester.

I dunno what to update. ='(
I feel my life is so boring which just full of books and assignments.
I want something special to happen. Please..

Oh ya, i changed myself a little bit for appearance.
I try to be hardworking putting on make ups since June.
Some bad comments isnt going to stop me from doing so.
I need changes! I'm 21 years old already, man!
[A young kid who pops up in my MSN saying i'm old when i tell him i'm 21th this year. Swt]

I'm hoping to get better grades for this semester.
Pray for me.

Ps. My exercise load for this semester is triple more than last semester.
Is this going to help out my diet plan? ^^


Friday, July 10, 2009
心里的秘密 at 20:04

I'm sorry. This is a protected articles. Please input the password:


Monday, July 06, 2009
Cameron Highland 2D1N Trip at 15:21

Date: 04 July till 05 July

I know that i'm just back from hometown not more than 3 weeks yet i'm planning going to cameron with friends already. I still remember on 15th April i didnt join them for Genting trip. I'm so sorryy for that and i missed funs.

This time i definately wanna make it! At first i asked sister whether want to join us or not. She rejected at first but she want to go at last! Luckily there is a seat for her! ^^ She is my photographer so do i am hers.

On Friday, i have classes until 430pm. I couldn't pay attention in class as my mind fly to Cameron already. So sorry. The friend- Amy says she will pick us up around 530pm. Wow, kind of rushing. But, we are ok with it since we doesn't need to bring lots of thing. She went to pick up my another friend-Lynn then we headed to Pasar malam.

Oh god, i couldn't restrict those foods in pasar malam. As i still in keep fit mood, i tried lots of foods but all shared with my sister. Owh, the curry fish ball very yummy larr.

After that, we stayed at Amy's house waiting for the bus until 11pm. Finally, the journey starts on 1115pm. So excited yet feel so tired already. The whole way up i try to sleep in the bus but so uncomfortable. Keep wake up for every station the bus stopped.

Day 1 - 04 July 2009
0615am- We reached Cameron Highland. I thought the journey takes like 9 hours? In fact it just took us 7 hours like that. Sister thought that Cameron just windy but not cold. Therefore she wore hot pants! We try to go down from the bus to the coffee shop for breakfast. But she couldn't stand the cold therefore she changed to jeans. =D

After breakfast, we start our visiting to those farms.

Shots outside our bus! Say Halo to Cameron Highland!

0840am - Sungai Palas Tea Centre
The first station we are going to visit the tea centre.

The cozy weather is so nice!
Cameron Highland here we come!
A bright smile shown on our faces =)

After that, we go to the Sungai Palas Tea Factory. Here we can see the process of manufacturing the tea product.
This is the Rolling process. [Nah skip the boring part. I want pictures!]
This is the metal furnace doors. I like the brick walls.
Trying to snap natural feel shots.
Seriously i hate my 2MP handphone camera!!Flower tea. The packaging look so nice huh?!
Mr.BOH toy.

After done the tea shopping, we going to another shopping place.

0930am - 玉峰谷
A place that sells some souvenir and i think their main product is honey lor. But i dont need it. Therefore we continue searching nice place for photo shooting.

I like this one!

1010am - Rose Valley
See, our schedule so packed. Some of them didn't go into this rose valley but we do. The ticket is RM4 for adult. Since we spend so much to this place how can we miss the chance to see beautiful roses leh! Actually my main purpose is getting more shots! Hahaz.
Dun get cheated! This is fake flowers!
Heart roses <3>Sigh, we don't have much time to spend in the rose valley. Everyone is waiting for us in the bus already! We rush back to bus when Amy sms me! So sorry ya! Shooting pics till forget to check on time.

1115am - Roadside stores.
Again, the bus dropping us to get some souvenir. I didnt plan to waste money on souvenirs. So we just go in and walk around. I tried on passionfruit icestick here. Challenging eating ice in the cold weather.

This thing looks so nice but i didnt try on it cause i know something i like is waiting for me!
Owh ice cream. Owh yogurt.

1230nn - Check in to Hill Garden Lodge
40 of us staying in 5 units. The first thing i do is searching for nice lightning and camwhoring around! =P
Oh ya, this one i buy from the roadside stores outside rose valley.
I have been searching for it while i was in kuching.

Me, my sister,my friends and her sisters, 6 of us going down to hunt for food after settled down. I know that we going for pasar malam around 4 something and night we going to have seafood steamboat as dinner. I think we should just go for some light thingy. End up we ordered big plate of mee and 2 vegies to share. ^^
After that, we walked around and went into this shop which full of strawberry products. We bought some strawberry chocs here and then someone tells us that 10 mins away got a strawberry farm. I asked my friend whether we wanna go there or not. Then, 6 girls walk around ourself like no one cares.

2pm- Big red strawberry farm

We saw this picture and we are going crazy!
We shouldnt have lunch just now!! ='(
Behind were all tomatoes!
The apple green coloured vegies so fresh arh!
Not forget to snap picture with this displayed thingy.

Lastly we still going to try out the strawberry thingy. Owh my strawberry yogurt with honey!
It is just nice that it is tea time!
This one taste really nice!! *thumb up*Here is the group photo before we leave the farm!Another place that seems with nice environment but we were full. What to do?

On the way back to hotel, we bought some fresh vegies, fresh strawberries, dried strawberry, cherry tomatoes as well as apple cameron. The apple cameron tastes like honeydew weiiiii! 430pm we back to hotel and we just put down our things then we headed to pasar malam already. Omg, it is food time again! We had fried squids, steam sweet potatoes, corns, fried mushrooms and so on. *fats.fats.fats*
Nite time we still had steamboat. I can feel my stomach gonna burst! ='(

11pm off to bed.

Day2 - 05 July 2009
7 in the morning we wake up and get prepared because we gonna check out 8 in the morning. Say bye to cameron highland but with a bright smile on like always.
Way go down the highland we still going to buy some vegies and visiting farms as the others not yet visit the strawberry farm. =) only 6 of us went the other farm by foot.

0915am - Raju Hill's Strawberry Farm
It shows 16 degree leh. But i feel so cold lar!
sister bought the strawberry ice cream and share with me.
Early in the morning eating icecream in such cold weather! crazy rite?

Last, we still missed the chance to go strawberry moment cafe! =(
Bus is on the way headed to Ipoh.

Reached at Ipoh around 1pm. Had our lunch there and going for a short tour around Ipoh. Going to ipoh of course going to visit those 'tong' lor.
Me and my sister make a wish at the wishing well here.
Friends says this post looks cool. =P
Me and Lynn.Me and Amy.Group picture. Didnt realise we were such a big group leh.

3pm the bus stop at another 'tong'. The sun shines so bright and i still miss the cozy weather at cameron highland. NOT going down to walk around. It is so hot outside. =(
Ohya, camwhore with my strawberries in the bus while waiting the others. ^^

0730pm we dined at seremban. Friends says that before 10pm we will reach melaka. We watch Mr. Bean in the bus for past time. =)
left picture is friend's mum bought one and the right hand side one is ours!
I do shop like ah sam buying vegies over there kay?

strawberries and cherry tomatoes.
Part of the chocs and teas.

Overnite at friends house for the nite. This is the first time i going for a trip with friend and also overnight at friends house wor. This is a very nice and memorable trip for me.
Enjoyed and satisfied! =)

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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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