Lost days, pictures fade.

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Meeples European Boardgames at 22:22

The last night in KL..

We had a dinner with the cousins and relative. Meeting up baby crystal who is 1 year old now. She isnt familiar with us so she always run away from us and dont let us touch her. So sad.

The cousins bring us to a new concept cafe calles Meeples European Boardgames Cafe.
It is a cafe where people can go there and play boardgames. This is quite special and i found it interesting cause it brings everyone togather through board games. They charge us by hour and by person. I think they charge like RM3/5 per hour per pax. They have a team of crew to assist us. They will refer to how many person of us and give us the game that we want to play like strategy game or brainless games Lol 
we chosen strategy game!

The monster grave. I could not remember what is the game name that we played.

After that me and another cousin switched to play spot it game. This is "brainless game" but just have to be very sharp eyes and spot it!

Next we switched to another two more games which is one is called the cloud nine and another one i'm not sure coz i wasnt involved.

There are so many games on the rack. Some are for sale too!

The cafe is pretty small only can occupy 8 tables.

So the next day....
We finally manage to bring mum and dad to Sushi Zanmai!

Salmon Mentai is a must.

and more!

We ordered this avocado roll called as catapillar roll. RM13.80

Sakura Ebi Okonomiyaki. RM12.80

Chicken Karaage Don. RM8.80

We are happy that we manage to do all the thing that we planned and we actually have so much free time there but nothing much we can do to fill in. Mum said that we should not keep visiting KL anymore. We should travel out of Malaysia! I really look forward for that day to arrive!

Work Hard, Play Hard!

xoxo, kelyn

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Friday, August 30, 2013
30082013. Bukit Tinggi at 21:48

Another day spend in KL..

Mum wasn't getting any better. She is still dizzy and keep on vomit when she is going out.
She only manage to join us for breakfast and the rest of the time she sleeps in the car.
We had the typical kl style chee cheong fun! it was damn good. i like the sauce which is the main ingredient that makes it perfect.

spotted SARAWAK Kolo mee. I really wonder why they only know sabah and sarawak this two big words instead of Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and so on.. We are that tiny to them? But why we know more about Penang, Ipoh, Melaka instead of calling them Peninsula? Maybe they just dont make an effort to know east malaysia more. sigh

spend about 1.5hour on the road to Bukit Tinggi. Bought the entrance ticket for RM12 each. Mum's was burn coz she only sleep inside the car. sigh

The French Village.

The Castle-like hotel. We cant get into there to have a look. Strictly guarded.

The bridge that leads you into the french village.

Yours Truly.

This was taken by my personal photographer, bow.

A picture with daddy.

Actually the french village is so small. All the shop inside there are cafe and souvenir shop and also the game centre. Nothing else to do there except taking pictures with the building.

This view looks like those disney fairy tales picture :D
Brother was too bored so he went in to play game.

We dropped by the souvenir shop. Spotted all this cute boxes but all are overpriced!

Ok. I make him pose for picture. :D

Next stop, we move to the japanese village.
Inside the japanese village, there are buildings with japanese style and they do offer kimono for people to rent for picture taking purpose. Each set cost RM20. I think it is quite expensive and we did not pay for it since we ever wore once during our uni time for the photo shoot. :D

All are the building's photo that i taken inside the japanese village.

Another picture of me.

Found this lily. I like this little flower and i wish i can plant it all over the garden in my house. But sorry la i dont do gardening. #sayonly

There is a japanese restaurant inside the japanese village.

so this is the lunch we had after we back from bukit tinggi. Mum went to see doctor right after we reach selayang. 

Ok Bye! #sorry for the effortless post 

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Thursday, August 29, 2013
29082013. Sushi Zanmai at 19:42

Okay... i shall continue.. So after all those road trip and food hunting trip. Here comes the shopping session!

We went to Times square and hoping to get some nice dress or what. But somehow i feel that nothing caught my attention as compared to clothes sold in Bangkok!

Bought a casing that i was hunted for some time at the price of 15 bucks.

*broken dated end of september T.T

I already forget the way to walk from Times square to Lot 10 and Sungai Wang. Thank god i still able to ask bff for the direction and i also googled on how to walk from times square to lot 10.

Why Lot 10? I'm not going there for those electronical devices. We are just going there for Sushi Zanmai! I always wanted to try it after hearing a lot of good reviews like sushi zanmai taste better than sushi king a lot lah.. sushi zanmai is not expensive like other retail but yummy.. and so on and so on..

We ordered two sushi salmon mentaiko and corn assorted sushi.

closed up. RM6.80 for two pieces

Spicy salmon maki. RM4.80
Dai Dai Roll. Rm 12.80
Soft shell crab maki. RM8.80
Summer Roll. RM13.80
So in the end, cravings fixed and every sushi we had are worth all the penny we spend!

At night, the 38 gang called me out for a meet up at selayang area. They were just off from work and due to the serious jam in KL, they only manage to reach selayang by 9am without dinner taken. I wasn't sure where should we go and we ended up stuck in the old selayang mall. Poor guys hav to ended up having their dinner in KFC which has all the chickens sold off >____< I'm feeling so paisehhhh
My girls. Min Chiew and Audreyyy

Individual portrait due to jimmy can't take picture with girl/ girls lol

Hope I can have a short trip with them again. A simple one like our kukup trip will do :)

Xoxo, kelyn

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