Lost days, pictures fade.

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Second half of April 2015 at 22:36

Second half of the month, Resume work again.

Using my newly bought belt.

Crazy lots of files for this client. 

Am a bit crazy over lip stuff. So i bought this lip tink pack from Korea!

The whole month of April until June will have free lunch everyday!

We went for pizza hut.

Go fang Kee Bak kut teh.

And many more!!! Failed failed diet!!

Went to get shu uemura tester at Spring.

Favourite breakfast combination.

Thank you Lynn for a piece of cake from Secret Recipe. She is just being so sweet to me!

Some random days after class. Beautiful sky with alot cotton candy like clouds.

Bought colourful strings to wrap my cable.

the end product!

April, another colleague from my batch has resigned too!

we bought flowers for her!

Happy Graduation, Jenny!

We had a grand farewell at Sarawak Club!

Lynn resigned too ! :(

The end of the month, we were going for an appreciation dinner of one engagement.

Very thoughtful trainee made us mini cupcakes!

Appreciation dinner!
Thank you all for the hardwork!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015
BFF trip | 3D2N to KL at 00:37

Another highlight of the month - my BFF trip with me to KL.

We booked the zero fare last year because we thought it would be good to go for a short gateway.

We booked the first flight in the morning which is 6am and reach KL around 8.30am. Then we took free shuttle bus to KL central. From KL central, we turn right side and walk down the road, then cross the road to the opposite lane and turn left to reach the monorail station.

At the station, we bought the ticket to bukit bintang station which cost RM2.30 per way.

At the monorail station of Bkt bintang station, We walk straight down the road and turn left into a place a bit looks like tunnel kind of thing which lead the ways towards Jln Alor direction. After that, we crossed the road then we will see Hotel Soleil.

We dropped our bag at the lobby as the check in time was 2pm.

We booked Hotel Soleil because of the strategic location.
Turn left is to Pavillion, Fahrenheit and Lot 10.
Turn Right is to Times square, Sg Wang and Lot 10 too.

Been craving for sushi zanmai, therefore our first meal in KL must settle in sushi zanmai!

Mentaiko Spider Roll 


Tamago Mentai | Salmon Mentai

We bought same casing for our iphone <3 p="">

We went to Lot 10 for dinner! I like this plate of goodness but it cost RM17.90!!! Super expensive!

Highly recommended this stall! Would go back again next time!

Bff's roast duck and roasted 3 layer meat with rice set.

Next morning, we wake up a bit later and get ready to go out around 10 ish.

Trying out my new lipstick palette.

I went to google how to make your lipstick last.
Read if you wan to know :D

Testing a new dress in Nicchi.

My buys ^^,

We bought this lip colour for 20 bucks only!

We went to Tour les jours, WOLO for breakfast!

My TLJ Egg Benedict |

Those pastries really look so nice to eat. But quite pricey for this kind of breakfast.
I personally think that so so only. We spend about RM25-30 for a breakfast. Seriously too much.

After breakfast, we hang out around pavillion area, farenheit. Wasn't in shopping mood so i didn't buy a lot of stuff.

Dated my uni friends to meet up at Dome, Pavillion for tea time.

My caramel latte :)

Testing out my NFC! Had fun time taking pictures with them.

Selfie selfie.

Night time, we dated David for dinner, around KLCC area. We went to dine at Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill, Ascott Hotel KL.

I ordered this Tomyam Fettucini.

Mei teng ordered Risotto.

David ordered Nachos.

BFF ordered Seafood Aglio Oglio.

And David's Burger.

The meal was ok, but i think i had not enough sleep and started to feel not well then i vomited right after i reach hotel T.T

The last day in KL, we wake up earlier and check out from the hotel.

From hotel, we took the monorail to KL Sentral (Cost RM2.10 per way) then we reached Nu sentral mall. Go up to level CC floor to reach the sentral KTM station to buy KTM Ticket to Mid valley station at plateform 6. It was just RM1!

After we reached Mid valley, We dropped our bag at the luggage station. Each storage space cost RM10, It can fit up to 2-3 luggages.

 We went to Kim Gary for the cheese bake chicken rice *yummy***

From Mid Valley KTM Plateform 1, we take the train to rawang direction (every 30mins one train).

Then we took KLIA express from KL sentral to airport which cost us RM35 per pax. The journey was also 30 mins.

Happily having my subway in airport for dinner :)

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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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