Lost days, pictures fade.

Friday, February 28, 2014
Kuching Cafe | Oinks Cafe at 19:37

Random afternoon date with little sister at the jelly bean curd, located at Jln Song.

Bought a new waist cut out dress from Twenty3 just because they offered free shipping for the whole month.
This dress is priced at RM79, kinda expensive huh? Gotta stop buying clothes for a while. #justlistenfirstlah

This is a random lunch at Sia Foodcourt, located in City One. We craved for korean food so we go for the korean food stall in the city one food court. Ordered Korean Bibimbap set, priced at RM9.80. 

Footnote: I wish i can make bibimbap at home. The main ingredient is the korean chilli paste, i guess so? But, too busy to try now :(

That weekend, we are having ACCA classes again. Whenever we are having classes, our meal will be either dine in Chicking/ Shan City/ Life Cafe/ Bento Ramen. It is because those shop are the nearest to our Sunway College which located in Brighton Square. I'm not sick of those food yet.

This is the Salmon Terriyaki Bento set that i ordered for myself as a reward for the 24 hours continuous classes. To stay focus for such a long hours ain't easy.

It is big sales season again! Going to KL for a weekend is so cheap! I managed to grab a ticket for a weekend get away next year at price RM55 two way! yay 

On the last day of the month, our office had a farewell party at Oinks.
Just like the shop name, their main selling point is dishes with pork. Everything to do with pork!

Ms. K came and picked me up around 7pm. Pretty early tho. We were the first three people who reach there. The farewell dinner starts at 7.30pm. Actually our office people has a bad habit, we love to be late comer. My office hour is 8am, i used to reach office at 8.15am (earliest) or around 8.30am. I'm thankful that it's an official thing that we can have flexible working hours as long as you get your things done. Sometimes, we did a little bit overtime to balance it off too. 

Smoked Duck Salad - RM28

It looks like we ordered the main course-smoked duck then the one in my imagination which is full of greens LOL. The smoked duck taste very tender-ish. Very yummy and quite filling la. Maybe because i already had some food at home before i come to the dinner.

Grilled Salmon Fish - RM28

This portion is big! Me and my bff at work, Lynda shared half each. After we finish the thing is super super filling already. This one is super worth the price! I remember last time i ordered the salmon at Alfresco only come in small pieces, 2/3 of this size and more expensive than here.

Surprisingly, Darren who is well-known the photographer of our group din bring his camera out. So, Alex (the second guy on the left, who leaves our department to tax department) uses his camera to snap this group picture. This pictures din show how big our group is. Our group has 40 staffs in total and add on another 4 managers. We are one big family! *peace*


True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but not in heart.

Being random, i'm thankful for those friends who shows endless support to me all these while.
I'm really glad there there are friends who always hear my rants, 
support me, give me advice and suggestions.

Thank you for listening to me, spending hours with me and never get bored. 

Thank you so much.

YOU know who you are!
Love you.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014
Kuching Cafe | Meng Kui- Shalom Cafe- Drunken Monkey Street Bar at 18:10

15th Feb 2014

Wake up early in the morning and went to airport with sister to pick Mr.Hunz up. He is coming to Kuching again for a short weekend. It was for a post vday celebration + his birthday for them.

Sister brought us to Meng Kui Cafe for Heng Hua noodle.
Cost RM6.80. Not cheap also huh?

Mr. Hunz bring this over! It was a big hit in the market and i don't think we can get it in kuching. I heard it was priced at 4 in one packet for RM7?

Shalom Cafe

Me and buddie had a date at Shalom Cafe. It was a groupon deal that we bought months ago.

I love to discover new cafe or new food in Kuching. My life was already too boring so i got nothing else to do besides hang out with buddie, searching good food and also drama.

We make an appointment on the saturday noon, 4pm. Buddie was having class so i gotta wait until her classes end. Then she came over and picked me up.

Shalom cafe was located at the Green road.

I was attracted by the wraps. I love wraps which i would love to make some if i got time.

I ordered the grilled honey chicken while buddie ordered the mustard fish fillet wrap, paired with our lemon tea.

The deal comes with desserts - chocolate ice cream, coffee jelly and caremel sago mango pudding.

There were no other customer except another mum who brought her kid, a very hyperactive kid.
The kid annoyed us a lot coz he keep on screaming over there :(

At night, i dated the bff and lynda out for a girls night hang out at Drunken Monkey, a decent bar in Kuching which is quite hit recently.

Dolled up and wait for 9.30pm to be here.

BFF picked me up and we went to Drunken Monkey which was located at Carpenter Street.
The bar is still new and there isn't any signboard up yet. But, it isn't hard to find the shop but we found it hard to find a seat coz it is full of people!

We two found a corner and standing there to have our drink.

*Picture credits to BFF's iphone 5s.

This is me and i really like the lightning over there! :3

More vain pictures. haha

And then, lynda arrives around 10 something! This is the only camwhore picture we had.

BFF with the hot mummy. 

And finally a picture of us.

We met a lot of old schoolmates over there and i heard about the story of the owners of this bar. Interesting! i really wish i can own a shop not far from now. Ya i wish. When you have a dream, you gotta plan for it. I hope i can make my dream come true, someday, at somewhere.

oh ya, i posted a lot of the photo into my album of '2014" and you see my buddie keep on hitting likes.

Then later babe nana did the same Lol. 

Thankyou girls for your likes. Laugh.

xoxo, kelyn

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Friday, February 14, 2014
Kuching Food | Portico Restaurant & Lounge Bar at 13:21

This is a post for the valentines day 2014.

I had a few single valentines day for quite a few years already. I'm sort of getting use to it.

It was a normal working day where i have a lot of files to rush, account to draft and review points to clear. It is pretty normal. I'm thankful that it falls on the same day with Chinese Valentine (Chap Goh Mei) where people normally gather with their family with dinner. So, it doesn't feel awkward when you don't have a date on this day.

Thankiu so much and i do feel appreciated for the hard work i did.

At night, my super thoughtful dad booked a table at Portico to have a dinner with us. Mummy said, i hope this is the last year you will be having a valentine dinner with us. Argh, i wish to. Let's see who fate brings me to.

The setting at Portico are all table for two.

This corner is so beautiful.

There is a table that full of flowers, just in case there are guys who want to get some for their girlfriend. It is available there. But, most of the couple who came in, i can see they have already got flowers for their girlfriend. So basically, i din see anyone buying from Portico Lol.

This Creamy Cabornara is really damn nice!

A picture of my parents.

We ordered four main dish and a side order for sharing!

Grilled mussels with cheese. My Favourite!

Lamb Shank!

Chicken Chop with two types of sauce. I don't know the name of the dish LOL

After the dinner, we headed to Cafe Chat to satisfy our sweet tooth.

That's how i spend my valentine's day with my family.

with love,

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Monday, February 10, 2014
CNY 2014- Chor sei till chor sap at 19:09

3rd Feb 2014

It is the lunar chinese fourth day of the Chinese New Year. Our office doesn't allow us to take any leave on this day as it is peak season. But there were exception for those outstation colleagues. They may have extra one day as the travelling allowance from their hometown, Sibu. #lifeasanauditor.

Cindy, whose hometown also based in Sibu will be coming back on this day. 

So that night, Buddie came over to my house and pick me up to her house.

Me and Cindy's picture, taken at her house.

The three of us, bff since 13 years old.

Oh ya, buddie was told that she is bad in taking selfies. So, i'm the one who snap our group's selfie.

The next day, while texting with buddie...

She send over this one and i laughed at her LOL. #badme

Randomly, i tried to play the guesstheemoji. I'm not a game person so i din really play this game for long time. Only try once then i deleted the apps. I'm not easily got addicted cause my schedule are too pack for me to waste time on games :(

5th Feb 2014

We planned to have reunion dinner with the gang as we never go out for a dinner in a group. I always got the chance to go out dinner with colleague and other friends but not them. So, i thought it will be good if we can have a chance to dine together. Perhaps get some yee shang too?

But, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we changed the reunion dinner to a tea session. So, i suggested them to go Wucha18 at Jalan Song. They are so picky loh! They want somewhere which has air-cond, not too few people (so that we can laugh loudly without feeling guilty) and also must have nice drinks la.

Hence, we settled down at wucha18.

The group's selfie taken at that night.

We talked nonstop since 830pm until midnight 12am. I was quite tired already as i keep on working OT for the past few days. I thought we will end earlier that night and i might able to go home earlier to continue my work but  who knows that we gathered until midnight so no more working after home.

Then, our group chat in LINE was created that night.

The gang keep on spamming the stickers.

See, 165 unread line messages. I was too busy for that whole noon.

7th Feb 2014

Mum have a date with a friend at Basaga. We were tagged along. Actually i really feel reluctant to join them as i think her friend has an intention to do direct sales to us. Firewall was build up already. But i still joined at last as i want to have dinner at Basaga.

Anyway, I really had some drama with that auntie la.
Never gonna meet her again!
Ordered this Spicy Beef salad. Had this twice already and i think i won't order this anymore next time.
Too spicy!

8th Feb 2014

It is the result release date for all of the ACCA takers.
I had insomnia for two days and wake up every single hour from 12am-8am. It was so bad. I don't have enough sleeps and really worry that what will happen if i failed the exam. I keep on telling myself that i'm going to pass it and continue sitting my ACCA P3 on this coming June exam.

So, i wake up at 7.40am. My colleague texted me already. LOL She was as nervous as me. Then, i checked my email at 8.05am. I got the ACCA online result email at 8.06am! I was so nervous and i don't dare to open the mail! I went to pray in front of the ancestors and then i opened the mail. OKAY, call me superstitious. 

I opened the mail and i can't believe what i saw is exactly the same as what i saw in my DREAM!!!

I got the happiest mark which is 50, a PASS! *yay*

My colleagues dated for a high tea session at Cuppa-Kap Coffee, located at Jalan Song.

New cafe discovered. They served craft coffee and also crepe cakes!!! Those crepe cake were nice!! Thumbs up!!

9th Feb 2014

A colleague of mine, Ms. Kaywee invited me and Lynda to go her house for visiting. But too bad that this mummy Lynda cant make it. Hence, we make a move to Lynda's house after i done the visiting at Kaywee's house.

Baby Greg.

Mummy Lynda was so happy right?

Lynda said that he knows how to look at camera if you are taking selfie with him. 
So i tried! Here is the selfie of us :D

Die die want to buy something to reward myself after i pass the exam. #justanexcusetospendmoney

Some random photo taken for the coming up weeks.
I bought the very first eyebrows pencil.

Those line stickers are so cute! Don't you think so?

Posted on pre-vday.

My reward has arrived. I had some hard time fixing this tool. I dunno how to operate it! @@

My recent addiction.

xoxo, kelyn

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my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
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pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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