Lost days, pictures fade.

Monday, June 28, 2010
A Whitey Monday at 22:22

On Sunday night, i tried to make one handmade laced big bow. I spended more than 2 hours making it though the folding part is quite easy. I just dun understand why both side keep seems like unbalanced after i tied it up. To secure it, i even sewed the middle part. So imagine i do the fold part, sew part and final shaping part for more than 20 times to get a perfect bow. I almost gave up trying at the end when the time tells me it is 1.00am already :(
This is where i wanna place my laced hair bow.
The simple black chain headband is from June's shopping.
nearer view.  bow and lace so muchhh nao

Realised girls me wont stop chasing with trends. 
Previously is leopard fever--bow bow fever--floral fever--denim fever--laced fever-- what's next?

Spended so many time on making my bowbow headband. I die die must wear it on Monday! But what comes up to my mind is what outfit should i match with it?? So i digged out the white lace top which i bought hmm last December but i never wear it before :( The white lacey top is kinda fairy look to me. I like the long long and a little bit transparency feel. 
heart this white lacey top so much now.
This is cheapest ever zap-fan i had before. RM1.80 only!!
Malay style Mixed Vegies and some Stewed Beef with Black Pepper with rice.
Today is a good hair day :)
I guess the hair conditioner really do helps to make my hair smoother. 
Should hardworking apply it everyday!
camwhore break
Not much cosmetic used nowadays. I just applied eyeliner, mascara and a little bit loose powder. After all, i'm just going for classes. I'm a little bit worry about overdress. but i want to wear those nice clothes. How?Can everyone start dressup to school? So that i wont feel like i'm the weird one :(

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Sunday, June 27, 2010
Its all about curls and nails at 18:28

Yesterday evening, i got nothing to do but curled my hair after read those magazine scans. I simply believe practise makes perfect. The other day i curled my hair and went for classes. The curl look nice but it got straighten right after an hour later. Then, i gotta bear with a head of messy hair around the campus for like 5 hours after that. :(

Oh ya, i went to nearby shop eyeing for some pre-heat stuff for hair curling last night. *Gotta list that in my shopping list very soon*
Is this something called as natural curls? It do stays like an hour or more before i go to take my bath. Ignore me wearing my pyjamas and not showing my naked face.
Ps: The light in my bathroom spoiled, i took my bath in the dark. >.<
Late night, I changed my nail painting again. Just got bored with the previous one and wanna put on a new one. Obviously i draw an ugly yellow duckling and weird looking rabbit yea? I'm too lazy to wipe off and re-paint it. So, let it be. 

Gotta read up Advance Management Accounting's lecture before tomorrow's tutorial. 4 credits hours for this subject. Can die if i dont score well. bai.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010
Mina Feb issue at 20:31

Due to boredness, i flip back some magazine scans that i downloaded in earlier months back. :)
Lazy to read lectures or try out the tutorials, so i just go to catch up the fashions larh! 
Viewed a lot online blogshop/ facebook accounts that selling clothes,but i only can window shopping and cant own it. :(

Okay la stop craps, here are some random scans to share. I'm in love with curls recently. Thats why i'm going to share some mag scan related to it. Enjoy! 

*click to enlarge the image*

Ps: I want a black blazer but why couldn't found it in blogshop anymore? :(


Friday, June 25, 2010
no title at 16:42

random picture for the post

I'm not in the blogging mood these days. no streamyx makes my life so dull. Everyday just seems so lifeless to me. If only i have streamyx, then it wont takes me few hours of waiting the pictures to load. If only i have streamyx, every single episode of hong kong drame series will only take half an hour to finish download. :(

All of the sudden, i realized it is the end of week 3 nao. Monday blue comes, and happy weekend goes. repeated 3 times. Time really flies. sigh. and the cloudy/ rainy days makes me sleep all the time these days. Seems like i'm "tui fei-ing" yea? :( 

This semester everything just seems changed. A lot new faces around the school, friends were all gone for training and i can foresee the time they having their graduation will be reaching soon. Friends comes and go. :(
But one thing I'm glad that i have a close partner, Wan Xin for schooling these days. We waited for each other at the lift there everyday before classes, we go for lunch togather, we go for meetings togather and we talk about fashions togather. The previous two years, i'm used to go class/ take away food and go home alone. Now, i feel so nice to have her around. ^^

July is approaching. It is time to wake up from sleepy mode and focus on studies!


Saturday, June 19, 2010
Dolly Wink Inspired Nails at 17:31

Another Post for todayyyy! A boring saturday. :( 

No outing, no yumcha, no study = BORING. The only thing that i can do is pack up my laptop and go to uni download the latest episodes of The Mysteries of Love and Ghost Writers. I'm so glad that the uni wifi is super fast! I can finish downloaded total 5 episodes in one and half hour!!
Love Episode 10 the most! This is where lamfong proposed to Tavia.

当浓度不断增加, 两人同时受到这激素的影响

omg super love his defination of love in chemistry's perspective

This one very nice too because i love Steven Ma and Linda Chung! XD

After finish those episodes that are up to date. I got nothing to do again. :( Randomly check out some bloggers's blog and i found this!

Dolly Wink nails!!
I leaved my nails without paintings for 2 weeks already. So it is time to play on it again. I don't have those blink blink stuff but i can draw using this pattern! I personally doesn't like to stick so many stuff on my nails too! So give it a try! :)
Result like this.
I don't own black nail polish so i replaced it with my metalic purple nail polish! :)

Ok done. What to do next?

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June's Shopping at 14:27

I went shopping with rainbow at Mahkota Perade and also Dataran Pahlawan last Sunday. I think we just cant stop shopping for a single month. Girls do shop every month yea? There are a few items in my mind which we are looking for.

Things that i bought:
- flat roma sandals from Aeon Jusco cost 20 bucks!! :) 
- dint get to grab any tee from padini group fair so i got this random tee for 15 bucks
- still remember my broken heels? got this pair of heels to standby for any coming up presentations
- new bag! previous month i ordered a bag but the seller disappoints me after a month where i though i will be getting the bag that time! I'm not going to replace the order so i going to get a new bag at DP. DP's bag comes in cheap price range starts from RM15. For girls, who dont like to shop for nice items with low prices??? TELL ME!
- new pairs of earrings. 3 for RM10. 2 pairs of ribbons earring were belongs to my little sister. I posted to her using Pos Express on Monday.
- online shopping accessories.

- new bangles with chain from DP. 15 bucks 
chain chain headbands!  
- a basket from daiso to keep all my accessories. :)
- online shopping chanel inspired bracelet

Ps: Gonna be berry kiam this coming weeks as i'm planning for trips next month onwards. @.@


Dreambox + Sakura House ♥ at 01:06

Date: 17th June.

The girlfriend dated me to go sing K with her gang of friends from her uni. Actually i feel a little bit reluctant to join because i dunno most of her friends. But somehow why not giving myself a chance to have some fun right? I'm craving for K session as i missed the session last Thursday with another gang of girls. Besides, this is the first time we go for K session togather!
Nah the outfit we are wearing!
 I am wearing my new roma flats and the bangles she gave me as present! <3
It feels so nice to have a close friend from hometown when you further your studies over-the-sea. 
 the purpose they had sing K session tat night.
Susu is the birthday boy! =)
he celebrated my birthday on previous day and i'm here to celebrate his 22th birthday!
Big gang ho? So nice to meet them all. Some of them have really great voice! Envyyy 
 Out of expectation i met one of my Facebook's friend among them too!

Date: 18 June. 

Bun Bun family member dated me to Sakura House after our Professional Ethic's class. What i heard about this place is that it is a home made japanese food restaurant. It located at a housing area which used a house to renovate as a restaurant. I guess thats why it called as Sakura HOUSE. The prices are all at affordable level! :)
Iidako [4 pieces baby octopus] - RM3 
California Temaki Handroll - RM3 
Sweet beancurd sushi - RM3 
Iidako Sushi - RM4 (i guess) 
Fried Udon - RM6 
Okonomi Yaki [Jap style pancake] - RM5 
Green tea - free of charge
Unagi set - RM9 
Tempura set - not sure bout the price

*rating only for those i tried.* 

i love okonomi yaki the most!
 If i'm going there for the second time, 
i will definately not going to order those set meal but order alot side meals!
Sesame Ice cream [only one scoop] - RM1.50 

Yours Truly with Eunice.
Karryn and Lee Yen.

After lunch session we went to MBO to watch Karate Kid. Overall the movie is ok just that i hate the malay guy who sits besides me keep make the seats shaking like that. Dunno why he cant sit diam diam de! How i wish i can scold him!! So annoying larh! 

Ps: I wanna watch Toy Story 3 in 3D!! 

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
My 2+2 day! ♥ at 23:29

Hello everyone! Today is my 2+2 day! =D Sorry for not updating my blog as i'm kinda busy these days. The subjects that i took for this semester is kinda tough! This week is just week 2 but we starts to have presentation already! >.<" I'm one of those who presents today! =)
the handwritten transparency prepared by me.
The lecturer praised my handwriting in the tutorial.
he wonders if it is computerized or done by any mechanism? =P
today is my big day for sure i'm going to ban leng leng 
i love this VOIR tee so much
 just simple smart casual look? ^^ 

The presentation session starts from 1pm until 2.15pm. Followed by 2 hours of organisation management's lecture. Eunice organized a simple celebration for me. They bought the cake and brought it to the class. We couldnt find any empty classes after our lecture. Since i'm heading to Exam Hall there to get my photocopied textbook, so we had the celebration there! =) First time ever i had birthday celebration beside exam hall. 

 this is the place we had the celebration
sweet memory for my special day! =)
hmm, they called me "seducing bun" *shyyy*

 they bought a fruit cake. thumbs up!
 The girls who celebrated for me! ^^
We all love photo shooting.
 some random cam-whore pictures

Night time, Patricia dated me for dinner. She said she will bring her friends along. Okay, just get some chance to know more people yea? ^^ She didnt mention bout my birthday and i assumed she forget about it. =(
She brings me to wok and pan eastern and western house for dinner. She paid the bill and said that is for my birthday. Oh ok i thought thats all and we are going for tea session next.

Her friends susu and sam are funny and friendly guy. We had yumcha session at Station One after the dinner. There is one moment Sam went toilet, Patricia was like went to help Sam order his drink and i was discussing with Susu that i seems saw Sam ordered already before he went toilet and why she go order again those stuff. I wasn't know that Susu is actually playing the part to distract my attention. Ok, then i got the surprised birthday cake! =)
cake prepared by them
i'm really surprised by her! 
group picture of us
This is the present she bought for me.

The week before i back to kuching we went to Jonker and i saw similar accessories but dint get to buy any home. Didnt expect she still remember and get one for me! ^^

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Thursday, June 10, 2010
Garden Recipe ♥ your health at 23:04

As i mentioned in my last blog post, yesterday was Lee Yen's birthday. The girls organized an outing to Aeon Jusco for post celebration. Just a simple shopping + treating her good food session. :)
We decide to go for some healthy food where the shop uses organic food materials for all the foods. We reached Aeon Jusco around 1 something. We did some make ups in the toilet. Lol really had fun with the girls. 
Here i present you--> Garden Recipe 
i'm wearing my maxi again! loves much much
Garden Recipe's landscape. ♥ white house design
it brings out the garden and cosy feeling 
perfect place for photo shooting.
whee :) gonna fully utilise the place for photoshooting 
we switched to this place near the windows once the place is available.
 foods came already but photoshoot comes first. :)

Food shots with prettie models  
 Yours truly and cheezy bun
 Yours truly and creamy bun.
Yours truly's self portrait. 

 Spotted a bicycle with grasses and flowers!
Karryn takes great pictures too! :)
 floral maxi so match with this place! 
 this picture the most!
credit to yours truly as the photographer lorh! :P
but sad sad i'm not in this photo larh! T.T 
Yours truly with Pei Ee. :)
Yours truly with Joleena. 
Spotted purple roses at the back!
Fyi, we settled the bill at 3.30pm but we spended around an hour for taking photos at the shop. Around 4.30pm, we quickly leave the shop when Joleena spotted the workers seems like showing black faces. :S We will help to promote the shop de ma, right? Anyway, we had fun time taking photos around the shop. I ♥ seeing pretty pictures! ♥ all my girls too!

Ps: the line too slow for me to suft. just bear with me for another 2-3 weeks to apply the streamyx :(

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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
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Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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