Lost days, pictures fade.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
at 22:17

bear is coming in may. but he still saying mayb cant meet me.

teacher is askin bout trip to gunung gading today.. n i heard tat plan b for singapore trip is mayb melaka to kl o penang... hehe i prefer penang more le.
today d chem i din do in sch wor. tomoro nite got to work it out lo.. haiz
perhaps tomoro rain n d chamber's selection cancelled.. is d best lo.. ^^

Saturday, January 20, 2007
at 23:49


早上八点就去开会,刚上任的我没做过这职位(vice president of st john) 真的并不好当,压力会加倍. 没法了,人走了,假如我们也放弃不理也未免太不负责任了.. 下午的四个小时我真的没听进去...对不起chem teacher..我也不想的... 明早我会起来念的... 跟怡还有伟威出时,他们都说我变mong cha cha 了. 我真的不想这样,可是头脑不够位太多东西要想.. 所以一时反应不过来吧? 昨天累的连要驾车去补习都有点不想... 怕我累过头看不清... 每天考试的日子,你们试过了吗? 我还得考到十二月... 能够挨到那么久吗? 我真的很幸福吗? 很想停下来静一静. 一个人好累. 能不能没有知觉? 好怕又辜负了他们的期望. 到时我该怎么办?

我不想去新加坡了..虽然是玩,可是我真的不想.. 那两个星期竟然要去三个地方...将会用完我整个假期吧? 我怎么能够放下书本那么久?我会忘记的... =(


Wednesday, January 17, 2007
at 15:48

删除____ 之前的错觉
现实的世界,让我的心碎了好多次 真的好痛
可是还是坚持 真的有必要这样伤害我吗
被爱是幸福的 那么谁去爱他们呢?
at 15:15



Sunday, January 14, 2007
at 23:58

valentine still alone here.. =(
then how bout white valentine. i'm thr ady ba..

Saturday, January 13, 2007
at 17:59

今天早上去考试. shirley说会来... 所以我要她跟我拍照.
她星期一就去PENANG 读书了. 虽然认识不算久,可是还是不舍得她.
觉得他人很可爱啊... 就用电话联络咯..
十二点多后跟妈还有妹妹们去购物. 呵呵
所以今天我的战利品不少. 只差鞋子还没买哦.. 今晚会去看吧??

还有,前天他给我一个关于古晋的LINK.. 他说还有很多地方还没去..
好希望他快快来哦.. 假如他来了可以跟他去吃那些东西啊.. 玩玩啊.
p.s 早上去吃牛肉面. 那天他说了后我问我妈就吵她带我去咯.. 呵呵 ^^


Tuesday, January 09, 2007
at 01:04

NOw___ study bio for tomoro test. dunno can finish it ma?
SIEN! i really dun understand those terms la. i need a dic for it la. mayb stay back to lib this thursday?

nobody sms with me. nvm study lo. =(
haha. at least syndy got her new phone can sms a bit with her liao.

called him tonite. talk a while. happy
at least no like few day pass keep on thinkin on d club thing.
really so unhappy with them liao. so selfish n only think for themself.
cannot speak out n discuss ma? y need to change back like form 4 form 5?
last time also quarrel with him like now. i hate being like this.
i noe u dun k d 10 marks but pls! other people do k, okie? pls think for others.
FINALLY today yt told me everything. i think if i din ask him sure they ADULT wanna keep everythin secret.
i hate d word ADULT! i noe u people are adult division.
if bcoz of adult u people dun wan to do thing here in st thom u better dun join at d beginning.
now holdin high post but din do anything still blamin us. u REALLY make me piss off!
i dun wanna k u people now. as u people r ADULT but me, wewe n eik hua r NOT.
we still try our best.
we jus wan to held meeting simple for those kehadiran only.
we r not askin them to study first aid, go for test, go for competition.
we jus wan to make thing simple yet u people says it until so complicated.
who k is thr any ajk coming? d most important is held meeting for member to fulfill d kehadiran tats all.
they dun wan to attend is their pro.

okie. finish. wan to continue my bio.
dun wan to make me cannot concerntrate my study bcoz of this stupid matter.

Friday, January 05, 2007
at 22:40

jus now buddie come to mah house to pass me d pressie..
really a big present from her... i opened it carefully coz i dun wan to spoil d present paper..
here r some pic of it... ^^ is a pig!! it really represents her.. =P
she noes wat i mean

sch reopen for 3 days ady. teachers all bcum so strict even our bio teacher also wanna punish us if we din do our work. but then she says our class is better than S1 at least we done our work.. haha... somemore test coming up next week.. bio on tuesday, math on saturday n possible chem will hav one dunno when.. next fri got a chem assesment ..

i start to study.. REALLY!! i do my math homework d first day teacher teach d topic intergration.. SAD becoz i really spend whole nite doin it for only 10 qs but then i can only did 1 correct completely.. BUT i'll never.never GIVE UP! dreaming few days ago.. thinkin on leavin house after stpm n survive by myself.
leave this place. but is it possible for me? a gurl who dunno how to cook yet(but i wanna learn now). never go out by bus alone(have to do it also when study uni later a). thr r something which i cant n still rely on parents.. so.. hard to get out from here unless wait till i get into uni? i think so... dun simply think but work for now lo.. =(
Monday, January 01, 2007
at 23:08

yesterday nite i feel hard to delivered those msg n i couldnt find him whole day

kinda bo sim whole day.. =(
around 1 something i receive new year msg from him.. i try to call him yet failed... i hate d network these days! especially 016 numbers.. if u r lucky ur msg can b delivered but if u r not... then sorry lo...

today umm.. i got think on call him de.. but then not tat early coz i tot he got work today.. n today is my LAST DAY workin.. i'm so happie~ no need to work liao.. so tiring! he called me around 2 something... at d moment i'm still downloading songs.. d first thing sure i ask him y i cant call him la... ^^ when i noe tat he get sick so he off d phone then.. my heart melt again.. worryin bout him lo.. kolian him only eat maggie mee wor.. how i wish i can accompany him... *sigh* he told me tat his streamyx line down again... see...last time week days we still can chat usin msn.. but now... the 2 most important communication network all got pro.. sien! tats mean d chance we communicate getting less... i still need to b patient wait for weekend to call him kok.. i really will miss him terriblely le... i can only look at his pic over n over again... last time week days we still can chat will b better... hope tat his line faster recover la.. though i cant online durin week days but mayb weekend i still can meet him ma.. nvm.. 2 more months to go thr meet him!! sorry but wait for me~ owes here to miss u n love u..

sch reopen gotta gambateh study... try my best for my first exam b4 new year! ^^


I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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