Lost days, pictures fade.

Friday, January 31, 2014
CNY 2014 at 22:57

26th Jan 2014

Like past year, we will gather earlier for the reunion dinner. Steamboat, is the easiest one. However, mumsy did cook braised sea cucumner, steamed fish and have some cold dishes too.
Everything looks so colourful and "FULL"

31th Jan 2014

The first day of CNY.
This year, we din do any open house as cousin wasn't in a condition to meet big crowd of people yet. So, the family planned to go for a road trip up to Damai Beach and have a picnic session? Laugh.

We thought that it will be boring to spend a whole day at Damai. So, the oldies want to visit Green Hill first. For the first year, we went for prayer on the first day of CNY!

Some artistic shot. Lol I love to walk around and find nice thing to snap.

Then, this is at Damai Beach. The wind are strong so i cant really sit by the beach for long. Too cold and i'm in short pants and basic top. Forget to bring my cardigan along. 

It wasn't that hot like i thought it would be.

SS. too bored. 

Went to the lobby and spend 5 bucks at the massage area lol funny right? We drove until so far and sit at the massage car there? 

Finally got home and another SS moment.

Such an unproductive day. I can feel that mushroom grown out d ~

Thankful that me, sister and buddie is going out for a movie! We are going to watch "hello Babies"
#ootn. Top and bag from BKK plus an old black pant.


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Monday, January 27, 2014
Recap of Jan 2014 ♡ at 22:26

Wow, it's almost half of the February month gone!
So, it's time for me to do a quick recap on what happened in January 2014. LOL
At least i make an effort to blog right? I do wish i can blog more but my life was pretty boring and repetitive :(

So what happened in January 2014?

It is the final month of the chinese lunar calendar! I've been helping out mumsy in preparing acar quite often! She made the best acar in the world! I self proclaim it! :D

1st Jan 2014

The gang talked about theme shoot for this year to be set by using denim top! They seems like very excited about it! I'm grateful that for the themed they set before and this, both are very easy to get the costume done. Please don't ask me to do a retro theme next year! I think it will be pretty hard for me to think how should i dress up.

So i digged out my denim top and paired this with my stripes top and skirt from BKK.
KIV coz i might not wearing this to the theme shoot.

Went for a short shopping session with parents and i make them take a picture with the decoration at Hills Shopping mall!

2 Jan 2014

Started the first day at work for the year of 2014! 
Trying to make myself forget the past and try to enjoy my work as much as i can. One thing i always want to do is to make sure my work, life is balanced!

So me and buddie went for a starbucks date to get some fresh air apart from work.

I googled about the 35 secret drink you dint know you can get from starbucks.

So i showed this (as per below) to the barista~
Recipes are there and i got what i want! Yummy!!

Finally got a proper hardcover notebook for work! 

11 Jan 2014

Went to Trendzcut to get my hair done. Ain't going to do any perm or straightening. Just want to have a new hair colour and look fresh this new year! The boss suggested me to get copper ash in high defination colour. Since it is for CNY and i did not dye my hair for more than 6 months, so i should go and get a new colour~ 

This is how it looks like under the sun light. But some angle it looks copper and some angle looks ashy. Sounds like im talking bullshits :D
Vain selfies time :P

But i cant deny he did helped me trimmed my hair into a nicer shape.

I bought this planner from popular and cant wait to make sure i can fill up with more exciting events for my 2014!!!

12 Jan 2014

I went to terminate the facial package and brought two products home! At least i settled it ady! :)
I read a news reporting about how to save money. This girl ah working in kl. She limits herself not to spend over RM10(how that possible?!) she said her breakfast was provided by company, lunch will be the leftover from previous night's dinner. She uses public transport like LrT/MRT. If she didn't bring lunch box then she limit herself to spend RM5 for lunch per day. She cuts down all her night life but still got gathering lah.
Do not simply go window shopping to avoid unnecessary spending. Buy all the cosmetics from oversea when she is traveling.
She managed to save up RM1-1.5k a month!!! (Wah! Very geng lo) but her motivation is to travel to oversea twice a year and local traveling once every two mths!
Really determined!

14 Jan 2014

I finally manage to schedule a meetup with Bff at Georg Peck. 

We didn't meet up for freaking four months! omg!!! I think it was because i started to prepare my ACCA exam during Oct-Nov, and start peak during December up to the day i manage to meet her then it is ady four mths later! Time just flies without your notice!!  
I wore my cheap outfit from BKK. Blouse from wholesale Pratunam 130 baht and paired with a black dress at 200 baht. Whole outfit less than RM40!!! Cheap right?

And i did something different than usual. I drew my eyebrows! It make such a big difference!! I swear that i'm gonna draw more often!! :D

It's been a while we din camwhore. Even I myself hardly take selfies. Trying to improve now. 
There is funny moment like after a shot we will ask each other, "然后叻? 然后叻?” 
Out of idea of poses! 
  17 Jan 2014

I wore a casual dress to work since it is Friday and i'm heading Sunway school at 6pm!

And the ACCA P3 course starts now!!!!

24 Jan 2014

I went for meet up with Erna's mum and bro to get the LongChamp bags.
Finally it is here! So excited to get it!!!

It comes with a card and a toblerone! Thankiu babe!!!

Cant stop taking pictures but the picture quality direct uploaded from my iphone seems bad?

I went for another cafe hopping with buddie at night!

We ordered the vanilla latte and chocolate lava. The chocolate lava was good but the latte disappoints me coz i expected it to have some handcraft pattern on it!!! :(

Nvm.. Keep hunting!!!

xoxo, kelyn
Sunday, January 19, 2014
Quick recap of December 2013 at 22:56

Come in and do a quick blogging about my December 2013 :P

Sorry blog, i've been putting you aside since december. Actually my life was quite busy and boring and tight. It is just filled up by my work and study and eat and sleep and OT. Nothing special happen :(

2 December 2013

It is Patricia's wedding!
Us, being the bridesmaids for that night.

10th December 2013

I was having my ACCA second paper, the toughest paper so far that i cant predict what i will get for this paper. If i pass it, really thank god kao kao! :P

Was super damn stress coz this paper is killing me. Make me cracking my head trying to remember all those entries and formats and standards. Kill me! I was super down and thinking on why the hell im doing accounting. This is insane la! Aih you know you are so down then everything you also blaming and make yourself even more down. Mood was so bad that time.

Then, my colleague aka studymate keep sending me whatsapp messages to cheer me up.
Babe and kawan did the same too! I'm so thankful whenever i'm feeling sad or down, there is always someone ready over there to listen to me and cheer me up. They will just appear in time. :)

11 December 2013

Exam is over and i finally get back to work after the 2 weeks study break. Spotted some snack on my table. Must be someone went for travelling again! Super duper hard to get back my working mood and im just being moody there.
14 December 2013

I send my baby white to redeem the 6 mths service. Super fast la i already have it for more than 6 month. But sad that they finally found out my car starter has a problem. They will have to change the sparepart after they ordered it from Thailand. It will take another 2 months of waiting time. Hope it will treat me well during this waiting time. I'm grateful that the car warranty is up to 3 years so i wouldnt have to pay for the spare part cost! I'm happy that i don't have to pay! 

16 December 2013

Started a new job and my client's office premises was super near to buddie's office.
So i make an effort to date her out for lunch since i wasn't meeting her up for about a month?
She is the one who always date me out randomly and i rejected a few times during my study break.
Since, she is quite moody during those days so i dated her out and listen to her rants haha.
Sorry i looking damn pale there.

Brought her to my favourite lunch place- Life's Cafe!

And this is yours truly. I request the colour to be like this coz im looking so pale :/

Randomly read on this while reading the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

Introducing you my super messing working station at my client's meeting room.

18 December 2013

The firm organized a EY Movie Night at GSC. Watching the Hobbit. We paid for the whole cinema hall and got a special screening time. But the movie leave us speechless cause no ending! They makes us hanging there and like saying please wait for part 3. Ugh ;/
Le Brother working at T4 Bubble Tea shop. It is his interest cause he likes bubble tea so much. I can see he got so much passion in making all the drinks and learn on how to cook the pearls and so on. He coming home and share about all his experience. Next, he said he would like to try apply a part time job in Starbucks. If only he got time to switch job la since he might start his course in May 2014.

Oh ya, the other day received a parcel from kawan! 
Super thoughtful of her getting me this magnet and sending me a xmas greeting card.
I wish i can go travel soon and start sending them postcards! But actually it was costly coz my gang are big lol 10 of you guys and i'm a bit paise if i send out one but missed out another and at last they found out. Argh so hard, better don't send so often :/

24 December 2013

Still working on the xmas eve. Brought the junior to Backerei cause i had a bad facial and i cant take a lot of thing that will make my face condition worst :(  This is also the day i lodged a complaint to groupon MY and got my coupon voucher refund back. I will not go to Lai Lee Slimming and Beauty Center anymore! They are super not professional.
Enough said.
My ham and cheese sandwich. Argh craving now!

I super kiasu so i go and read up this. Haha just surveying the colour that i want to do for my hair this coming CNY.

Little Angie come and give us this xmas themed biscuit. Make me feelings like baking some too!
I've been so "helpful" ahem. I helped my mum to make acar. Not i cook the ingredient la. I just help to cut those cucumbers. :) I love my mum homemade acar so i offer my help so that she can make more and i can eat more! lol

Oh ya, let me introduce this product.
Back at uni time, i used to have a lot scars also and i also keep on surveying on which product is good. So far, there isn't much product that emphasize on scar lightening, at least to my concern la. 
It's either pricey or not effective. So far, i think this product is good and price also reasonable (around RM80-100). Check it out at watson store nearby!

31 December 2013

It is the time to do stock take again.

I'm actually lifted up by a forklift and stand on top of those piles of rice packets.

The client helped me to go inside and do the counting. I just need to observe. Too scary to move around la! I'm slightly afraid of heights.
Here is a quick preview of my 2013 flashback. Too bad it only shows up 5 pictures.

Ps: I can foresee i'll only come in a do a recap for coming up months. Unless there is special happening event that i have sufficient resource to do a blogpost alone. :D 
xoxo, kelyn
Sunday, January 12, 2014
2014 New Year Resolution at 22:17

Have you started to plan your new year resolution? 
Basically i can sum up my new year resolution in the list as below.

2014 New Year Resolution

1. Achieve my fitness goal. Get a healthy and fit body.
(Always want to slim down but it's getting harder and harder)

2. Stress Management
(As the higher pose i climb, more responsibility coming in. I need to learn how to manage stress)

3. Work, life, balance
(Even though i'm busy in work, i wish i can spare some time for living.)

4.  Learn Cooking/ Baking
(Learn to cook a few signature dish from mumsy and also bake more!)

5.  Enlarge Social Cycle
(Learn not to lock up myself from social with people)

6.  Clear a few more ACCA Paper.
(Work hard and clear the paper ASAP)

7.  Focus on skin care and health care.
(26th is the beginning of aging! >,<)

8.  Get a better financial planning.
(Spend wise and save for travel plans)

May 2014 be another awesome year ahead!


Saturday, January 04, 2014
Patricia's Wedding Day. 01122013 at 13:28

Moving into my December 2013's post. Today's post is about Patricia's wedding!

Patricia is getting married (officially having the wedding ceremony and procedures in Kuching and Melaka). She actually got married last year where they both registered at Melaka.

This is the first picture i took with my new spec! I got this spectacle at Jee Kwong with price RM250. Finally i'm able to own a spectacle that is not too nerdy and i requested to use the blue ray lens which is good for computer heavy user.

That day, a few of us were invited to her house for a wedding lunch.

Me and her. She is in a set of cheong sam but not white bridal gown. Today isn't the actual day, that kind of typical got bridal car and brother sister game session kinda ceremony that type. Just having a plain tea ceremony and wedding buffet lunch session.

Only us drop by that day!

The instax pic that we took for that day!

She gave me this as souvenir! I like to collect all this! 

OOTN. Did not put on any enlarge lenses. (proud)

i got a convertible dress for this wedding dinner! Every girl should have a little black dress! So i just got mine!

We were the bridesmaid aka receptionist for that night.

Me and the pretty mom-to-be.

Lesley, our secondary mate who is now a physiotherapist at Borneo Medical Center!

Me and buddie!

Us! like this picture most!

这个女人,中学是我们全级的校花,那时候有个男孩轰动的在她的班外守候一天, 为的就是她出来见他一面。
算算,我们中四开始熟悉,中六一同拿 biology 但是我们俩隔壁班,感情还是很好。后来,我去了马六甲, 她也去了马六甲的政府大学,正的觉得好幸运有个好朋友一起在异地求学。 因为我 没有车,我们在马六甲出来的时候不多。 但是,我还记得好几次她驾车或叫她的男朋友/现任老公一起来带我去吃饭。最难忘的是有一年她特意帮我在马六甲庆生。



祝, 幸福。

Ah Fan, who is Lynn's twinnie. She is always so slim and pretty!

Our table.

Lesley, buddie, me and helen! 

The happy newly wed couple!


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