Lost days, pictures fade.

Sunday, March 30, 2008
♥ love quiz ♥ at 12:09

01] Do you ever wonder what your last
ex is up to?
♥ Yeah, he's doing fine i think.

{02} have u ever been given roses?
♥ yeah, from my lovely cindie laopo. ^^,

[03] What is your all-time favorite
romance movie?
♥ secret

[04] How many times have you HONESTLY
fallen deeply in love?
♥ Twice.

[05] Do you believe that everyone has
♥ Yes, i do.

[06] What's your current problem?
♥ I need a rest

[07] Have you ever had your heart
♥ Yes.

[08] Had a Long Distance Relationship?
♥ Yes, but it's a past.

[09] Do you believe in this saying-
♥ Yes

[10] Do you want to get married?
♥ Hmm.. of coz! but i wan to marry a rich man.. wahaha``


Friday, March 28, 2008
[别再放纵自己了] at 01:30


实在是太放纵自己了。。 完全忘了减肥这回事 =(
别再忘记 别再放纵自己了
呵呵 我真的知道哪些都不是健康的食物

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Sunday, March 23, 2008
[绑牙] at 13:26

最近不懂干嘛,有种想法- 很想绑牙。
可是绑牙很痛也。。 还有要绑很久哦。。
可能。。 等多几年再绑吧
Saturday, March 08, 2008
kl trip [080308-140308] at 23:46

on the way to airport.. ^^

these choc's flower is nice wor..

.me n rainbow sis in d airport.

.me n xuan in d airport.

xuan n rainbow in d zoo melaka entrance

[hahaz] must show we've been thr mar...

daddie n mummie with black horses

posing chimpanzi

a big ship for visitin

sista cam-whorling

specialty of melaka - chicken rice ball wor..

a closer shot

i saw d word D.O.M so i remembered of dom n took this pic

[decorated beca]

a pic of me while wait for food

the kfc is on the jejantas so its called as restoran jejantas

a pic b4 continue our journey

king's well

kelyn n ching yih [my net fren]

lots of sushi @ jusco. i love it

4 of us @ titiwangsa

daddie n mummie again

fresh flowers bought from kl market

me n xuan sing k

me n rainbow sing k

me n mei ling[cousiess]

me n iori [cousiess too]

i'm so lazy to jot down everything here.
hmm. d first day we planned to overnite in tune hotel
but ended up overnite in cousin's house
coz relative says tat tat hotel previously is a specialised hospital wor
so.. ended up we din go thr.

d next day we go to melaka lor.
hmm went to zoo melaka then go check in hotel
then nite go shoppin in dataran pahlawan

d 3rd day, we went to mmu.. ^^
wanna hav a look at the uni lor
then lunch we go to try out the chicken rice ball
not bad la. then go buy souvenir lor
aft tat go back check out n wanna drive back to kl.
halfway back to kl we went to the restoran jejantas to hav a rest n high tea?
n then tat nite we went to sg wang shopping

d 4th day, early morning we went to batu caves
then proceed to genting highland
spended time thr hav fun till evening.
nite time we went to shop at selayang mall n overnite in selayang hotel.

d 5th day, we go to wan u
met ching yih thr. ^^
shop shop shop thr lor
then nite time still shop oso.

d 6th day, we went to jusco shop lor.
shop till afternoon back to cousin's house to rest
coz we r having a family gathering at nite time mar.
we sing k thr till 11pm
haha sang for 2 hours continuously
so fun man!! then go back to cousin house plan to talk overnite
coz 3am in d morning we hav to go to airport dy..

how nice if we can have more time to chat togather..
still hav a lot pics with cousin's
wanna get from them when got chance..

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Friday, March 07, 2008
result release at 15:39

*sigh* was tolded by frenz tat result release on 11th march
i'm still in kl by tat time. i wish i'm in kch.
coz i wanna share laugh n tears w frens.
coz i wanna meet my schoolmates.
but actually d most i wish is to meet u. eventhough is from far
i hope u do well in everything
i hope u live happily
i hope u get what u wish to get.
just now v touched saw tat erna wrote she loves me in her blog wor.
hehe wanna shout tat i love erna too.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008
XuAn`s bUrFdAy_ at 22:05

[little sis's bday]

early in d morning, jia come n fetch me to the local uni edu fair.
hmm spended around 2 hours thr.
met creax, tze boon, esther and philip thr.
wanna say sorry to creax that din stop down to say HI to u
coz paiseh to interrupt you n your parents leh.. XP
was about to leave at 11 something actually
but then we stopped by a woman who we thought is a teacher?
who noes she mention that she is from the RTM
and she jus wanna ask us for a interview
she even teach us how to speak wor.
but ended up i dun dare to speak out lar coz i cun really remember her script
hehe so i just stand besides jia n ask her replace me to speak out. =P
haha jia says she is not goin to ask her wat time d show out.
then we proceed to tun jugah to have our lunch lor..
i hope i can spend more time talk to her
haiz. too bad that time is just too rush coz i got another plan in d afternoon
reached home 620pm, then rush to have dinner outside again.
here are some pics..

*happie burfday to sista*

*family photo*

*cute angie_love you very much!! muaxx*

Ps: forget to capture picture of me n jia.
nvm i look forward for our next gathering. ^^

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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
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my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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