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Sunday, May 30, 2010
Permai Trip at 21:16

Hello! I'm back from 2D1N trip to Permai for the weekend. 
Show Luo came to Kuching yesterday and it is scheduled timed 10.30am at The Spring. We dint wake up earlier to meet him but auntie did and she snaped his picture with her dsLr. Just now i was home and checked on facebook the video about show luo at The Spring. what i can say is, Spring management please try to improve the sound system! 

We are going to Permai trip that is the reason why we din go for Show Luo. =(
 this is the last picture of me with my shade before it spoiled after that.
 we brought the 2kg Secret Recipe's cake. too bad the maid spoiled it!
spoiled shade. lousy and far inside jungle cabin. spoiled cake
it was a bad day!
still can see the words?
happy 5th birthday to Janice!
two cuties waiting for candle blowing again
 we sisters sneaked into Damai Puri.
Damai Puri and Permai shared the same beach.
how i wish we checked in Damai Puri but not Permai Rainforest Resort.
my only one pic for the trip. no mood and no feel for pictures.
it was a bad hair day after checked in all our stuff into the far into jungle cabin.
 At night, we had steamboat. 
Nothing else to do in the jungle but chit chat, food, korean drama-ing and mahjong.
This little cutie knows how to play iphone's game! 

The next day, we wake up at 6.30am and headed to Rainforest Cafe for our breakfast.
we had fried beehoon, sausage, bread, orange juice and coffee for breakfast.
kite session in the morning. 

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Thursday, May 27, 2010
Floral fever ♥ at 13:04

Another tea session with form 6 buddies. Dated Syndy, David, Lynda and Ivana. Ivana is going to Aus for vacation on thursday (which is today), so we make a meetup before that. =) 
I love teasession because i can gather with friends, catch up with each other's life, gossip around, and what i like the most is i can dolled up for the night. *smile*
i love this lacey floral dress
I suggested Old town cafe @ Hills shopping centre. 
the environtment still ok, nice lightning and it is a nice place for gathering.
 I ordered the Oldtown White Coffee and Chicken Ham and Cheese Polo Bun.
Ivana ordered this Ice Cream Toast (Single)
David and Ivana.

We girls. Lynda were absent for some reason. =( 
Yours truly and David.
Toilet Break.
We two having floral fever now.
I wanna go shopping at Cotton On!!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Nail Art session with dArLinG at 10:40

My dear, Syndy and I did planned some activities for my 3 weeks semester break. One of them is, she will be finding some days to come over my house for nail art session/ make up/ ban leng leng. So here is it! When i tell my mum and sisters that Syndy is coming over for that noon, they were laughed at us! They said why I'm still like secondary times ask my friend visit to our house and PLAY. lol

Date: 20th May 2010 [ 520, a day i spend with my darling besties]

She came over around 1230pm. Yours truly was bit lazy to wake up so early during hols. =P I showed her all my "ga chang" and she showed me all her nail polishes. We discussed bout the pattern she wants and then we start our nail painting. =) 

Tools that i used:
Her Purple Skin Food nail polish
My Etude House sweet pink nail polish
Red, Black and also White nail art pen.
Result like this. =)
I like the tree of loves so much!

Ps: I'm waiting for more and more activities coming up! *wink*


Tuesday, May 25, 2010
summer look ♥ at 23:18

Activity of the day-- Sing Kwith darling
Last week, she were having sore throat so we postponed our plan till this week. I treasure her alot because she just so understand me, always there to support me and she always can chit chat bout ban leng leng (be beautiful) stuff with me. I'm glad that i found her who will "ban leng" togather with me. I enjoy every moment we spend for ban leng leng. =) 

We agreed to wear floral dress for today's outing.
and we have curls too! ;)
reached The Spring at 2pm
chit chat with our form six gurl friend for a while b4 headed to Kbox
Sing K and maxi dress both my 
i dunno how to avoid the white flash on my head. >.<"
this is my signature smile. =)
she looks like a barbie today because she wore pink barbie lens
i want barbie lens too! 

Paid RM11 per person for K time 2 and 1/2 hours. 
Fyi, this is student price for noon time during weekdays.
We showed our student id upon entrance.
Try to camwhore the full look of our floral dress at Padini shop
Later we switch to SUB's fitting room
I knew the lightning inside there is perfect for camwhore
♥ maxi dress!
before leaving The Spring

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Monday, May 24, 2010
Yumcha session at 23:50

8pm, catch up with sarah, fan fan, lynn and buddie at Life Cafe. We were 5s3 mates.
As Lynn still need to back for work so we dismissed around 8.30pm. This will be a short gathering but still happy to meet them all. 
 Too bad that Lynn is not in coz she is holding the cammie

After buddie fetch me and we were on the way to Life Cafe, Darren texted me for tea session. Since, the girls going to leave earlier so we made 2nd round tea session with Darren and Joshua.
I suggested The Fusion Cafe because i couldn't think of other place for tea session. 

Read More ♥

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Daddy 51th Big day ♥ at 19:36

Dad's D.O.B is on 7th May. That time, me and sister were still in Melaka struggling hard for our final exam. Mummy said 51th is a very important big year for a man. So, mummy gonna treat the family members to restaurant and have some good food there. =)

We chosen Rock Road Seafood Restaurant aka RRR. Fyi, your truly worked there before as a waitress during 2006 while waiting for SPM result then promoted up to captain and cashier during 2007 while waiting for STPM result. There was my previous working place. Gonna meet up some ex-working collegues.

Since it is our dad's big day, we all start ban leng leng since 4pm. Too many gurls in the house, all take turn to bath- curl hair- make up.

i'm ready on 6pm
cam-ho comes 1st.
i'm wearing freshlook's daily disposable lens
 wore da floral tube dress bought at malaka
 mum like this pic
over exposed
i just too in  with curls nao
 3 sistas in da car
we super look alike? ^^
cam-ho in car
 i think i'm going to curl my hair more often

Requested a room cause we prefer privacy. We had photo session 1st before enjoy the meal. We want a clean table for pictures. =)

 dad's favourite flavour. blueberry cheese cake
 da cousies sit next to dad waiting to blow off da candles
 2 little cutie cut da cake with dad
 family photo with the 2 cutie in. 
dad had the nicest smile for the nite
 14 of us. big happy family
rainbow and me with curls
same fringe, same hair, same smile

 da starting course. Sharkfin soup
 da famous dish of the restaurant. satay prawn
satay prawn comes with buns
best match with the satay sauce
braised sea cucumber 
fried lamb rib

other dishes are:
birthday must have noodles - K.C Mee
fried bamboo shell with curry
steam fish in cantonese style
fried midin in belacan

Dessert- blueberry cheese cak
 big strawberry
 forced brother to pose for photo purpose
but he keep laughing makes the photo failed max
another picture. this is still acceptable
buh-bye to my ex-working place

On da way back, dad's car knock by a kancil. 
His car's break aint gud so he cant slow down in time and bumped into our car
discussion done, no police report made and he agreed to compensate us.
sweat max when saw his car plate number

Ps: Happy 51th Birthday to our beloved dad!

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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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