Lost days, pictures fade.

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Bux.to at 10:54

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This is a very easy way to earn money by just clicking websites and earn money. For more informations, u can refer to the website here .
ps. i just join it refer to joshua. wonder it is true o not.
but compare to nuffnang, mayb it is easier kua.. =P
kindly put me as ur referral ya? thx thx
Saturday, June 28, 2008
at 13:59

just now doing financial accountin's homework.
haiz. i'm still a newbie in this.

i noe tat i gotta spend a lot time in order to get gud results.
but somehow feel tired of seeing so many words in my textbook.
wish to apply for scholarship
but the pointer requirement quiet high arh..
at least 3.33 or 3.5 i think
i really dunno whr i stand yet.
mid term test is on coming august.
final is on october.
time seems very limited. >.<" who got foundation in account or bout economy stuff can please teach me how to study it lar... ps. wish my frenz gud luck wor.. those goin local uni de


Friday, June 27, 2008
miss. miss. at 13:38

today finally can get our access card.
finally no need to go through the security there liao..
haiz. everytime pass through in and out oso need to show our unit key
it is really so troublesome lar..
noe tat frenz all coming over kl these few days really happy leh.
my darl. i hope can match my hol with u
then during my mid term i can go over to meet u oh..
and oso jia i hope can go summer concert with her oh..

yesterday i didnt touch my book.
the story is like this. the nite before i did read up the financial accounting book
preparing to attend my lecture yesterday with my fully heart
really so interested in wat lecturer gonna teach
who noes tat ady reach thr and everyone is thr waiting for d lecturer dy.
and suddenly someone jus announce tat the lecture class is gonna cancel.
then everyone jus headed home like tat.
spoil my mood lar.
end up i go home watch 放羊的星星
hmm tat movie really nice lor.
hope can finish it asap.
some scene quiet touch de lerh.

.miss kch now.


Monday, June 23, 2008
biasiswa JPA at 16:57


those who interested in it can visit here to c throught thr requirement.. ^^
Saturday, June 21, 2008
belated burfday surprise at 21:09

last nite as planned by our housemate goin to mori cafe to have a drink.
there atmosphere kinda nice.
didnt expect thr was full. and most of them are MMU student.
there got service for dedicate songs..
hmm the session is only start from 9pm till 1130pm
around 11pm like tat.. suddenly i heard those ppl saying tat which table no got ppl burfday
then they wan to sing burfday song..
then i was like seeking which table got ppl burfday.
i didnt realise tat my sis and 2 of my housemate went to prepare the cake..
then my sis bring the cake to my table.
i'm kinda blur. i still ask her tat "it's whose burfday cake a?"
my sis said that is mine burfday cake.
seriously i'm surprised and feel touch.
everyone in the mori cafe sing the song..
thanks a lot to my housemate they gave me such a big surprise tat i never had before.
hmm then aft tat we went back home chit chat till 3am wor..
fun and nice chat with them... ^^
this is wat we had for our dinner tonite.
we start prepare since 3pm lerh..
finish everythg and cleaning ady 8pm.
kinda tired man... =(
haiz. 2day din touch any books. feeling guilty. =S

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Friday, June 20, 2008
textbook. enjoy life ^^ at 17:10

these are text books that i bought yesterday..
=/ it cost me RM 200.
and it really so so thick lar..
i started to read last nite. hehe wan to catch up ma.
but i cun finish a single chapter which consist 45 pages.. =(
so i continued today lor.
today my beloved housemate aka family member start to cook for us.
hehe i hope we all enjoy and it will last at least years but not jus a semester.
everyone wanna save money ma
2nite goin for drink with them at mori cafe. enjoy~
tomoro goin jusco with 'family member' again. happie~


Thursday, June 19, 2008
at 11:32

just arrive home after an hour lecture for Malaysian Studies just now..
aih. kinda bored la tat subject coz it is history wat..
just the subject name different only marh...

last nite noe tat phek chia was accepted by uTem and she is coming melaka wor..
happy to hear bout it.. coz i can meet with her more often marhh... ^^
last nite our new refrigerator was sent to our house.
funny housemate everyone so excited last nite.

okay liao. should continue copy my notes for later noon 2 hour class for accounting.. ^^
-happy go lucky wor-


Wednesday, June 18, 2008
semakan keputusan IPTA at 00:32

TAHNIAH ! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program seperti di bawah :




this is wat i checked just now...
eee... i like math oso leh... =(
Monday, June 16, 2008
[mah 20th burfday] at 17:06

okay. its mah 20th burfday today whr i gotta celebrate it in melaka..
hmm. still remembered 15/06 tat day midnite wewe gave me a call.
though he called on the wrong date which is one day earlier..
but i really feel surprise and happie bout it lar..
thanks this dude for being my buddie for 8 years (including this year)..

hmm.early in the morning i received msg from
buddie laopo, my darl, aaron, meiling, daddy and oso mummy.
daddy asked me to have a good meal with rainbow then claimed from him wor..
kinda feel sweet and warm lar..

my bday nothing special lar.. no any special celebration today.
mayb later go out have dinner with housemate lorhh..
oh yea, i dun have class till this coming thursday... kinda happy bout it.
coz i still got a lot notes have to print out arhhh...

ps: one of my housemate named cindy chow is elly's fren eh... just now while we talk only i noe bout it


Sunday, June 15, 2008
at 01:29

its late now.. i'm still doin my notes..
preparing for my lecture starts on tuesday..
remembered tat buddie ask pic bout my rooms..
hmm actually doesnt decor much la..

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Thursday, June 12, 2008
at 00:30

a picture of those annoying ppl watching football downstair
they keep shouting lar..
hey! it is late dy eh.. still shout kok
yawn. should go sleep.
2moro gotta go for orientation early 645am. =/


Wednesday, June 11, 2008
at 01:00

hmm... i come to melaka already 4 days.
sch registration day is on the 080608.
tat day was pretty busy everyone.
i went to sch to register with sister and parents.
then we proceed to ixora apartment to settle our accomodation matter.
hmm we moved in aft we get our key. ^^
actually we get to start our orientation on monday.
but then i think tats too boring. too many stupid activity.
and some more they wan us to wake up reach sch b4 645am.
attire is - formal!!
my staying place still got a lot thg haven settle
and then mummy and daddy gonna back to kl today.
so we wish to accompany them.
and so coincident one of our housemate back from kch last nite
oh ya. my housemate got 4 is from kch and another 2 from terengganu.
she said the orientation is useless
so me and sista just decided to escape.
haha. we went out for breakfast with mum till evening lor.
then jus not 8pm go back to sch to hear a talk until 10pm.
from my staying place walk to uni just take 1 mins time.
jus like crossing a road to opposite place.
though our staying place security very gud,
mum and dad still worry bout us
when they noes tat we gonna go for talk at 8pm untill dunno wat time back to home.
jus nice tat around 10pm i reached home and receive mum's call tat they reach kl.
b4 we go to sch and b4 they wanna go to kl..
we did take pics.. ^^

i like our uni song so much now..
somehow i will feel touch when i hear tat song.
mum and dad really sacrifice a lot.
i understand and i really hope can do well in my academic.
hope wun waste their money lor.
hope can make them feel proud of us.. ^^

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late post. burfday + farewell party at 00:09

[mah farewell aka bday party]

i'm leaving to melaka on 060608.
so i make my farewell and bday party togather.
a lot fren come and some cun make it.
thanks for those who coming.
actually since this is a late post.
so i forget wat i wanna write ki.. =(
so just skip everything to the pic section lor.. ^^
.me and ron zai.
.with brother sista and oso grandparents.

.seriously i love this pic.


.mah frenz.

.me and jacky.

.zi ning and jee wei.

.me and zi ning.

.me and jee wei.

.me and cute frederick.

.me and jasper.

.me and buddie laopo.

.rainbow and kelvin.
.me and kelvin.

.pressie from vivian and poipoi.

.pressie from wewe and jas.

.kate eyeshadow from my sweet darl.

.from jacky ,ah ni and ah ning.

.pressie from kelvin.
.this one from jee wei. wanna use to decor my study table. ^^

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
last nite.popwave at 12:32

030608 @ popwave

yahoo. finally our plan to sing k at popwave did make it out.
we plan it since end of april.
at first we wanna go during labour day.
but then end up coz of a lot ppl cun make it so cancelled.
luckily this time really can make it.
people who going - syndy my darl and her honey, kailiang, zi ning and me.
we start singing around 830pm till 1am.
hehe sis, mum, dad all did call up once every hour start from 11pm.
everytime i tell them i omos done.
hehez but at last drag till 1am.
i noe they just worried bout the car i drive there.
of coz there is a little coz of they worry bout me lar. =P
here are some picz.. ^^

me and my sweet darl

me and kai liang

they sing very hard. 很投入哦. 用力的大声唱!!



okie at first got ask my buddie laopo go out for drink with me and wewe
but she cun make it last min.
since i really feel so bored staying at home.
so i just go and picked up wewe and go to had my dinner togather.
while on the way goin to pick him, i saw a long queue at the petrol station.
then i think there must be a big increase of petrol price
at first i was thinkin will it be rumours?
so i didnt call home ask whether do i need to go pump petrol not.
while having dinner, i receive dad's call asked me to queue up pump full tank.
he said the petrol price increase till rm2.70 per litre wor..
then ok.. around 9.30 i go to picked up my sis at spring then we go to shell station.
who noes there no more petrol and it is closing.
then i called up mum again ask whether can i go to pump at petronas?
so end up i go to queue up at tabuan jaya's petronas.
we start waiting from 10pm.
when is till our turn. it is already 11.40pm
so u noe how long we wait there?
and d most geram is those motorbiker all didnt queue up then drag our time.
how much they can save wor.
they pump till full tank oso only RM6 nia marhh...
only can save tat RM2 nia.. sienzzzz
so while nothing to do..
we chat the whole nite and we take photo snapping inside the car.

i am the one who started to take pic..

he is so fair.

me and rainbow

rainbow and darren

kelyn and darren. best buddies forever!!

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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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