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Thursday, July 31, 2014
July 2014 | Farewell at Cafe cafe at 19:13

That day, we received a thank you gift from a trainee who came from KL.
This is the first time we receive a thank you gift from trainee! Who bother to give you a thankiu gift with the hard earn money right. FYI, trainee earns mayb only a small part of the permanent's pay. 

This very thoughtful girl baked some butter cookies and put it inside the boxes for all of us. There is a note inside the box too!

Thank you Elly!

28 July 2014

Hari Raya comes earlier this year. It falls on monday and tuesday, so we have a long weekend!!

We always go to a datuk's house for visiting on every year's Raya celebration.

I love the cakes there but caloriesssss 

This year, one of the malay colleague invited us to her house too!

Me, sister, Niah and Sze Ee

She asked her niece to join us too!

31 July 2014

We decided to make a farewell for Elly at Cafe Cafe, Original Car wash!

That place is best for group gathering. We like this place because the food are nice and big portion!

Group photo for #zteam. 

Another group photo at client place.

This probably is the only group of people that she knows in EY. 
I'm grateful to have this bunch of colleague to be in the same engagement for 4 months. We spend most of the time togather, working, ranting and laughing! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014
Kuching Food | Mint and Basil at 19:12

There is a new restaurant coming up in The Spring! 

Mint & Basil is the store which mainly selling vietnamese food! In Kuching, i think this is the second places that has vietname food besides nam nam cafe? I haven been to nam nam cafe too! This will be the first time i try vietnamese food!

I love all the green and clean decorations.


These are the numbers which you get after you place your order at the counter. All the seats are at the open area outside the shop, they will send over your food shortly.

It was a Thursday, where we had our pay day! So this meal is on us.

We order the fried spring roll | RM 6.90

Pho Beef | RM 15.90

We being so sua ku dunno how to eat this. Laugh. So, we stopped the waitress and she tell us to mix everything togather! 

Banh Mi Chicken | RM10.90

I personally prefer this! Heard that only this shop got sell Banh Mi from my colleague. I love this cause it's more or less like sandwich to me. But the bread kinda hard to chew. One thing that i dislike will be the vege on top of it.

They are selling coffee beans and the coffee drip set too.

Coffee dripper at RM15.00

After the dinner, we had a walk around the mall and later i found out this special area which used to be Secret Recipe store!

There is a study area or resting area, u name it!

All the books behind are fake one. Just for decoration purpose.

#Pray for MH370 & MH17

This area is free seating and less crowded la. I think you can rest there while waiting for car to pick you up. 

Abrupt end.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014
Kuching Cafe | Tom's Cafe at 18:47

The next day after i come back from my family trip to Langkawi, i had a date with bff syndy! We are going to Tom's cafe. Somehow i'm lacking of idea where to go as she don't take coffee! 

We decided to go Tom's cafe which is famous with their cakes ie. Red velvet cake.

Heard so many review on the dessert so we decided to have our tea session there! It is located at Jalan Padungan!

No red velvet available on that day. But it's ok because they have Green Tea Red Bean Cheesecake!! (Love)

This is BFF's Apple Crumble. 

Overall, i think the dessert is good but quite pricey too!! 

I should stop cafe hunting already! 

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014
July 2014 | Langkawi Trip - Day 3 at 00:39

Oh ya, did i tell you that we chosen Best star hotel because it has beach by walking distance?

In the morning, we went down to take our breakfast and have a walk at the Pantai Cenang Beach.

My parents. 

Yours truly. The langkawi sign behind was too small to be seen.

Me and mummy

With little sis.

Another beach when we are on the way to cable car!

Stopped by to enjoy this scene. 

And when we reach there! We were disappointed! How can they close for maintenance!! :(

You see those angmo kids so brave lah!!

They play with snake as if that's their pet!

On the way back to Pantai Cenang.. We stopped by Telaga Harbour! How nice if i own the yacht? Spotted a yacht named Freedom! loveeee

After that, we go back to Casa Fina Fine Home to check in. It was around 2pm and the hotel all only available by 3pm.

So, we go to Red Tomato Restaurant & Lounge for Lunch! It was just located downstairs of our hotel room!

Spotted a lot blog introduce about this restaurant.

We plan to order those bread and breakfast thing because we don't want to eat rice and pasta again.

Gardens Special | RM12.90

Farmer's choice | RM 12.50

Egg Benedict | RM18.90

Overall, i don't like the food. I found the taste so so only and i think those i had in Penang tasted better!! Opps start to miss the egg benedict at Ferringhi Coffee Garden again.

We booked at family room at Casa Fina Hotel. This is the best among all the hotels that i booked. It has 2 King bed and a single bed. The room was so big and clean! Parents and sisters are satisfied. The location is good because it is near to a lot tourist shops and zone duty free was just at opposite! However, it wasn't near to beach.

Me and sis tried this vodka with fruit infused drink, we all love it including mum who always ban us from drinking.

At night, we went back to the place that we had dinner on the first night because we are going to grab things from the duty free shop at Langkawi Perade. Ya, i know we visited Langkawi Perade 3 days in a row. But after much comparisons made, the stuff there are cheaper.

We ordered Oyster Omelette.

Sweet Sour pork which is not nice. Too sweet for me.

Ginger Lala. Our favourite.

This is the best! Fried ladies finger with sambal!!

One of the thing i got for this trip is a casio watch. Thanks mama and thanks for duty free price.

After all the shopping and packing, we happily check out the next day.

We reached KLIA2 around 2 something and we went to Nando's for lunch! I love nando but kuching doesn't have it yet!

To show you my buys... I love that Brookside chocolate!! Kuching here don't sell that brand.

Miniatures alcohol collection.

Later we only found out, we should check in 1 litre alcohol and bring 1 litre on hand. Then each of us can take 2 litre home! Next time next time! Langkawi, we will be back!

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