Lost days, pictures fade.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
February log at 16:59

Date: 6th Feb 2012

back to melaka for final exam.
ugh nerdy life. everyday wake up study, eat and sleep. nothing special

sometimes when i'm bored. i 'll try out those photography apps.
simply love taking picture with my babe white

Date: 7th Feb 2012

Sister randomly suggested to bring me along for dinner.
We went to Nando to have our dinner. It was just my second visit to Nandos.
it has four type of sauce for you to pick :)
ordered this quarter plater. seriously very full!
fall in love with that garlic peri sauce *yums*

Date: 8th Feb 2012

started my exam on this day. Freaking nervous.
like previous semester, i dont really eating very heavy if i'm going for a paper after that.
you know, you have to prevent the circumstances having a stomache during exam :(

cooking porridge before the exam

super nervous for the first paper -Adv AIS
i hate AIS so much, why do we need to learn about those computer thing? :(
i never score well when it comes to Information System stuff 

my pretty ex-housemate whatsapped me :)
had a very nice talk with her that day.
really miss those days when she is still staying with me at ixora

Date: 9th Feb 2012
During exam period, thinking on what to eat really gives u a big headache.
And dunno why, i craved for hot cup after saw my sister bought some.
okay, you know it isnt good for health but still cant resist it.
i did brought mummy's cookies back to melaka :)

Date: 10 Feb 2012
self cooking day again.
eating lots of vegies especially my favourite tomatoes

i went to library for revision with J1.
spotted lots of split ends while waiting for her. 
owh time for hair cut! :(

we are done with revision. 
her fren picked us up to McDonald for supper.

Date: 12th Feb 2012

This is my favourite brand of canned food.
I always eat this with porridge. super yummy

viewing Instagram is one of my favourite activity during the study break
Audrey gave me this. souvenir from Korea!
touching and in <3 with her packing

Date : 14th Feb 2012

having a morning paper on 15th Feb 2012.
I'm so scared of overslept. so call me crazy for setting so many alarm with 15 mins interval.

Date: 16th Feb 2012

the last shot for the last paper! :)
spot me with vegetables noodle soup again

saw my eyebags? 
took this picture to mark down how i looks like after so many sleepless night.

till then, 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Dine at Old place at 15:44

That day sista's bf, mr hunz bring us for breakfast at the DimSum cafe nearby our uni.
Tried all on the above!
It is normal but very full!

THanks to him for sending us off to airport. waiting patiently
playing with sim simi. sing me a thousand years song <3
beautiful scene on plane.

till then,

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Monday, February 27, 2012
1st Feb 2012 at 11:51

The day i take my flight back to Melaka.
what a coincidence the guy who sat next to us is also an Apple user.
me and sister already have our flight mode on 
but that guy i still see him on whatsapp mode when everybody is already inside the plane.
so i keep an eyes on him. i think he did on his flight mode but he didnt switch his phone off.
so when the plane get off i on my phone too.
hehe i wanna snap pictures of the sky marh :P

kinda love the picture <3

We have MAS meal too. we originally taking firefly flight but then firefly no longer flying KCH- KL route
so, they replaced us with MAS ticket! wahahaha *earn dao*

reach melaka around 3pm. sister's boyf picked us up from KLIA.
seriously Melaka's weather is too hot! :(

i'm still having flu that day. 
Mum bought me the flu medicine which wont make me fall asleep aft consuming it

hello mmu

just started to consume back Memo Plus cause i seriously need strong memory power :/

Date: 3 February 2012
A day with E-Auditing revision

appetiteless cause of the sickness
self cooking save a lot of monies :)

finally it is going to rain that day ^^

our of boredom, i edited one of the picture i take with buddie during CNY
addicted to lozenges
i bought 3 packet one go. erm, u know...
studying always craving so i only can stuff myself with lozenges

this is the super exp hot cup but worth the price.

pretty night view that i always see from my apartment.
i'm gonna miss this place.
#this is the balcony i used to spend hours talking to you

Date:  5 February 2012

a day outing with sister and her boyf

we went to Jonker88 for assam laksa :)

then also had my favourite chatime before home.
okay, that's just a little sweet escape before continue study

till then,

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Saturday, February 25, 2012
Chinese New Year 2012 at 11:07

This is gonna about our Chinese New Year from Day 1 till Day 8 :)
Ever since i got the phone, i never touch the camera already. I found it very troublesome as after i snap those picture using the camera, i'll still have to transfer it to computer and refine those brightnest and everything. With a smartphone, i can just snap it and a tap on those filter that i like. Simple and easy. i'm lovin it.

Day 1 : 23th Jan 2012
i wore this yellow scallop top matches with a red pant that day. Mum insist want us to wear bright colours because traditions banned black or dull colours. They said it brings bad luck for one whole year. But anyway, i changed my taste. I can accept bright colours nao :)

* scallop top is pressie by bff syndy from her BKK trip *

scaring you off with the big circle lens.
But i'm really in love with that violet lens :)
Hello, this is my little cousie. she grew up bigger and getting funnier day by day.

family portrait. noticed how tall is my brother? >.<|||
changed my current profile picture into this 
The curls very messy already now  :')

picture with my siblings
we are all grown up kids, even my youngest brother is 17th already this year!
time flies :')

invited my gang of buddies to my open house like a must for every year!
absence of YuanTat and Tze Song.
It is kinda sad that YT couldnt come back to Kuching for CNY :')

took this picture that day. everybody with 2012 sign :)
i hope this will continue for every year coming up.
friendship forever no matter what happens

Date : 24 January 2012

Day two is visiting day for our family culture. We will visit all the relative on this day :)
Show you my relative's collection! Alot right???

Outfit of the day. hehe alot pattern

self shot with brother!

night time I went for movie with the gang. 
guess whose phone with this cutie earcap? hehe

Date: 25 January 2012

Day three, i wore this very simple bow tee with a little sexy design.

Visited another relative house, they serve green tea with heineken cup. haha #cheatone

snap a picture with this cutie again.
before i wanna snap the picture, she said wait wait then she swipe her hair to aside
>.<|| how come she so lady and matured like?

outfit for wednesday night. lace black top with the big shining love necklace

visited shii teck's house with buddie :)

nice tea session with them at Station One.

Date: 26 January 2012
Playing game for the whole noon with granny and sisters. :D
firework picture while waiting Darren to pick me up.
We guys planned a sing k session on Day fourth night with the gang.
however, TS was late that night so end up alot of pictures taken just four of us without him.

Mr. Cool - Joshua
Me with buddie
Mr. Cheerful- Darren
Group picture after TS and his friends are there but buddie left already :S
so hungry after singging. so we off for bak moi :)

Date: 27th Jan 2012

A day outing with BFF, lynda and David 

Bff said she never paid a visit to my house during CNY cause she normally celebrate CNY at WM.
So she dropby my house earlier :)
This is me camwhoring around while waiting for her 

of course we experimenting our apps there :)
meet up lynda and david at Life Cafe :)

Ordering my favourite ma lak Q-fen
night time follow mum to her primary schoolmate gathering :D

then heading to a movie with buddie and Shii Teck ^^

Thanks for the treat that night :)

Date: 28 January 2012

Brother joined his class chinese new year visiting. Mum told us they rent a bus to tour around.
i was like WOW, kids nowadays so clever in solving transport problem!
so the epic moment!
i asked them to snap a picture in front of the bus. haha nice memory for them!

Date :29 January 2012
so, promised mum and grandparents to go 青山岩 with them.
i wake up at 6am in the morning and i'll be one of the driver that day
random picture

super nice scene at 7am.
snap down this very sweet moment :)

then we going back to Kuching for breakfast.
my favourite again. Beef Noodle

This is what i got from there. Pretty good guidelines huh? :)

Date: 30 January 2012
showing you how pack it is my boring FEBRUARY.
Full of books and exam. fuh

Date : 30 January 2012

Went for breakfast with granny, grand aunt and mum
Kolo mee is the choice of the day at Kenyalang.

Boarding pass printed and get ready to fly back to Melaka.

till then,

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