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Sunday, October 26, 2014
Melaka & KL (Day 2 &3) at 17:03

Melaka Day 2, we started the day by visiting Qing Yun Temple. It is a must visit kinda place whenever i go back to Melaka.

After that, we decided to walk to Baboon Cafe (according to our plan, we are going to have our breakfast there). However, Baboon is closed! So, plan switched to Jonker88!

Brother and sis ordered the original cendol from Melaka!

I ordered my favourite Assam Laksa, as usual! RM7 per bowl if i'm not mistaken!

After our breakfast, we walk along the Jonker Street to hunt for pastry! Stopped by this Durian Puff shop as they do sell some local pastries there.

I bought some to try because i din get to try it when i saw it at Penang's Chew Jetty.

Not bad, all the durian melts in my mouth! Must have it with just 1 bite!

Bought our pastries and sisters said we are going to hunt for 3D Durian Ice! Dad is a durian lover so we must let him try this special dessert, which only available in Melaka.

It was somewhere around Jonker street. I believe, it can be reached by walk but we drove. The weather is killing us! Too hot!

We bought 2 bowls of 3D Durian Ice. Priced at RM6 per bowl.

After all those food hunt session in Jonker Street, we go to Aeon Jusco to continue shopping!

Super cheap sushi can be found in Aeon Jusco!!

I miss those days i went for grocerry shopping in Melaka!!

This box of cherry tomato only cost RM4.40!! It is super expensive in Kuching!

We spend the whole noon for shopping, then around evening we send our brother back to Nilai University.

The next day, we went to Mid Valley!

Mum found the shop which sells lots of nuts/ dried fruits in Mid Valley.

First time trying on wheatgrass shot. Priced at RM3.70!

Abrupt end.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014
Melaka Trip Day 1 at 16:44

Before talking bout my Melaka Trip, i want to blog a bit on the story where i bought my first time in my lift concert ticket! I'm going to attend Jay chou's ticket!!!

Story goes like this, jaychou's concert in november was postponed to december! 

It falls on the last night when i'm going to SG for holiday! So yeah, great timing for me to attend! And i'm so thankful that for those people who can't attend it, they can get refund. This mean that i can buy ticket now!

So many seats available! I bought the cheapest one at SGD112 (about RM295++)

Guess what is this?


Random trip to melaka!

Ever since we come back from Langkawi, mum was keep on thinking going out to travel! She is addicted to travel i think! So we found there is cheap fare in end of October! Without much consideration, we booked the ticket straight away!

We reached the airport around 12noon. Went to Nilai Uni to pick up my brother and then we heading off to Melaka! It was a Public Holiday for west malaysian! Jam everywhere! We only get to reach the hotel around 3pm! We booked Place2stay which is located near Kota Laksamana.

The first place we are going to is Klebang Coconut Milkshake! It was just 15-20 minutes drive away from our hotel.

Coconut milkshake at RM2.20 only!! 

After the late lunch, i asked the parents to drop me off at Dataran Pahlawan so that hui hui can pick me up and then we go out for tea while my family stay there to shop!

Lousy me forget about the route to Dataran Pahlawan. We turned 3 rounds at the same area and couldn't find the way! Worst coming to the worst, our rental car broke down!!!!

I thought that, we are going to cancel the date! Sorry my #happy38gang! I Start to text them saying i might not make it! But, they said they are coming to the place and pick us up! Though we had a car broke down in the middle of the road at around 4.30pm, i have to express my gratitude that we were so lucky to have a car service centre right in front of us! God blessed us ya?

And best of all is the shop isn't closing yet at that hour? It was quite late in a Saturday! They said they can fix for us in two hours time! We called the car owner and told him about it! Another thing, we have not make payment for our car rental fee, so now this servicing fee going to be contra with our car rental fee! wheeee we don't have to worry that the car owner won't pay us back our money! How fortunate we are??

So my gang brought me to Ole Barista! We initially planned to visit Daily Fix Cafe but that was located at Jonker Street so no no! It would be hard for us to find a parking!

I ordered the normal fruit tea series instead of coffee.

Jimmy brought her gf out to meet me and hui hui.

We meet up for about two hours then Jimmy dropped me back to the car servicing shop to pick up the car! I'm seriously thankful that my friends is around to help me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After i go back to Hatten Square to look for my parents, we walked to Daorae to have our korean dinner fixed! My mum loves to eat out when we are travelling! 

We ordered kimchi chigae.

Korean BBQ

The meal cost less than RM150 i think?

After Korean dinner, we went to look for lala shop but it was sold out!

Dropped by a herbal tea stall to have some fresh herbal tea.

We had our clams craving fixed at Jonker Street.

My dad ordered this Thai style Oyster! Very yummy!

冰糖葫芦 :)

Stay tune for my melaka trip day 2!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014
Meet up with bby! at 16:22

There is when Albert dropped by our office to give us the invitation cards! 
Feeling honoured to receive this limited edition copy (out of 200 copies he made). Each cost RM4! >,<

Tried out Kolo style Heng Hua Mee which i like it too!

Baby Clio came out earlier than expected!

And... finally my bby is back on 19th October! We made a quick meet up that sunday afternoon.

She bought a friendship gift for me! Super love it!!

We went to Mani Pedi nail studio to do have our nails done!

Thank you for the 2 hours spending in the store! Had Fun!

And also thank you for taking so many shots just to snap a slimmer me! :D

Damn! I miss you more while typing this post!

Selfie moment! 

Our nails! We did the express nail art and it will only last for a week!

I'm typing this post and halfway went to post out this photo! One of my favourite photo for the day!

See you soon bby!


My shopping experience with SHOPBOP at 00:32

I found out this online shop thru here. After considering for so long, i decided to get a kate spade wallet for myself as a reward! You will laugh at me if you meet my torn purse. I hope this is worth investing small leather goods!

Ps: slowly upgrading myself.

So i filtered out kate spade only to minimize my search. I aimed to buy katespade already so i should just filter it out to ease my search.

After that, i add it to the cart and click on the checkout tab. Fill your details in it and above 100 USD then you will get free shipping! Great deal!

I make the payment on Sunday, 19 October but the shop just shipped it out on Monday, 20th Oct. It spend a few day at USA processed centre.

Then i saw it custom cleared at Hong Kong before deliver to Kuching. I was hoping to get it before i go Melaka. But, i know that it is impossible.

Well, it arrived in time with my increment letter! Yay!

Just to show you my wallet in real picture!

The interior look.

If you are interested, pls login to www.shopbop.com



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