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Sunday, March 31, 2013
Janice Birthday 2012. Pullman Hotel at 20:17

This is dated 1 July 2012. It is a post for Janice's, who is my cousin's birthday celebration.
That day, before attending the dinner at Pullman. I went to redeem a groupon hair voucher with Syndy which also my birthday present. Nowadays people love to buy groupon as a gift. So, we called and make an appointment then we go and have our relaxing session.
holyshit. i look like this fat during July 2012. Now not good either. =.=

us after our hair do. She cuts my dair damn short and i got a little bit unacceptable with this length. However, what is done is done. Forget bout it la....

I still used to take food pictures everytime go for some occasion. Here is Peking duck.

This is so yummy - Butter Prawn. The prawn balls are super big leh!

Black pepper deer meat.

special kind of sauce with chicken.

this is taken when i walk around the hotel and planning to take some photo. Then this cutie pie posed and ask me for pictures.

Supermodel okay?! <3 her="" much="" p="" so="">

me with the sibling, missing rainbow who back in melaka.

this is another dish done using the remaining of duck meat from peking duck.

the grandparents with the kids and my youngest brother.

Cake blowing session is the most exciting part for both of them. They will like fight to blow the candles off. Basically, this is how my family celebrate for someone's birthday in my family. Nothing special, just a dinner to gather all of us and have some fun. :)

Till then,

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everysinglelittlebitofmylife. July at 10:42

July, it is not a peak season yet. Everyone seems to go work quite late and go home sharp by 5pm.
We aren't allocated to any seats as the seats in the office is very limited. What we do everyday is just go to office and sit on those place where those poeple is either outstation or they not coming to office. Often, i was sitting on a seat and the person comes in office next. #awkward moment. But thank god, he is always being gentleman and find another seat in the office.
Maybe thats because this is the EY culture :)

Spotted sarah has this GUCCI pencil and GUCCI Files. She told me that her friend is working in GUCCI store in oversea. So her friend can get all this for free. Sarah is also keep on telling me stories bout working or studying in oversea which makes me really wish i can be there to experience all those. But, now im already working so i can only work hard and save hard to travel there.

The other day got a belated present from KL cousie. #surprise.

Lunch in office area - either Ipoh Town/ all joys/ sushiking/ kimbay/ tunjugah/ chenxiang/ famous pork rice/ MCD. Last option is MCD because i don't like to take fast food like MCD as lunchie. 

 In EY, there is group of people forms a KEYs Committee which will organize some charity work for us to join like building a house, love in a box, charity run and so on. Besides, they do book badminton court on every Thursday for us to relax after work. We paid about 4 bucks by mth to contribute in this committee. So, why not we also go and sweat it out, right?
This is mainly life of an off peak season.
Enjoy while you can. :)


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Saturday, March 30, 2013
First day at work! at 21:57

Basically this is what i wore during the first day at work! Just like any other ordinary working lady. :) That day, we promise to meet up for lunch at Kim Bay before we report ourselves to EY. Due to the welcome to EY program, we can take a 1.5 days off for the week. So we only need to reports after lunch hour. It is kinda weird to start off the first day after lunch hour. Hee

Lynda and Sarah.

Sarah and Me. Sigh, i should have wore contact lens :(

The Trios.



welcome to EY. im a working lady at 20:35

Before i start to work on 2th July 2012, me and Lynda went for a 2 days orientation program at 360 Hotel. Before i'm going for orientation program, i was like "Wow, got orientation program at Hotel leh. I thought Orientation is just walk around the office and introduce to each other and thats it?". THIS IS REALLY COOL.
For the first day, we are required to dress in formal. Above is the tea break provided from the hotel.

We two were so excited that we are colleagues again. In the same group some more! :D

Basically the whole day is talking about History and introduce what the firms did plus how we should dress up ourselves professionally.

The fun part comes after the dinner. We were provided with buffet dinner by the hotel.
We were again divided in group, which is four groups now for the game session. We were given a list of task to complete and those task are quite interesting one!
One of the task, take picture with a man in tuxedo. We are quite impossible to get one man in tuxedo during that time so google helps! :D

This is the picture where we need to take grouppicture with super model pose.

Task - Group picture made up with human piramid.
Then later this is the suprise cake for the two June babies of the day. You must be wondering why he is dressed like that. There is another session which is we were provided with a lot of things for dress up including wigs. Each of the group will have a representative to dress up as a character in the fairy tales.

Actually i was chosen to dress up as SNOW WHITE! That is due to my blue jacket can be easily transform into snow white's dress. Worst part is you will have to do a short cat walk with that outfit. Oh god, night mare! 

We were all Ex-KPMG-ian :D Say bye to KP! :P

Free stuff of the day which we need to wear for second day's training.


Day 2 of the welcome to EY program.

From this program, we met a lot of newbies who is in the same batch joining with us for whole Sarawak. All of them are from SIBU, Bintulu, Miri where they all fly over to Kuching for this program. In conclusion, we make new friends :)

The girl from the right, Sarah - She is the person i met when i go for my second interview. I remembered her. She is just right next to be interview after me for that day. However, she is grouped into Group 1 which is different from us. 
Li Sia - my sister's friend from Kuching High who already completed her ACCA. I feel so old and shame on myself being so slow haven complete my studies :( 

Lunch of the day.

Before we all left, a group pictures of table 1 for the orientation program. 
From Left, Belinda, Sharon, Luna, Woan Cherng and Jason. All younger than me :(


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Friday, March 29, 2013
Sungha Jung. KIA at 20:59

Dated : 24th June 2012.

That day, sisters asked me to go for a live short music sharing session which held at Kuching International Airport. I was thinking, hmm since my life does not have anything that is happening for the month, might as well just go and have fun.

Sungha Jung is a korean guitarist who was popular through youtube video. You may google him on youtube and you will be impressed by his talent :)
This is taken when we were still waiting. Top 50 peoples who arrives earlier is already sitting down thr!
Finally he comes, a young and charm guy with his guitar! ;) 
I was standing quite far away to take any pictures from him. I can take it by zooming in but it will blur off. But thank god, the girl who stand next to me is using a DSLR for recording and picture. 
I took the advantage just snap what ever shows on her DSLR Screen. Clever leh? :P

This is where he being shy to receive a token of appreciation from the event organizer.

There were so many fans of guitar took their guitar thr for his signature. Wow!

After the music session, we all went to East moore Cafe for my favourite Beef Noodle.
Damn it, i miss this now!


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Thursday, March 28, 2013
The artistic side of me at 18:55

I was so into oil paint during May. Still remember everytime i walk pass the shop at Dp, i really hope to go in and grab one home. However, it is quite pricey. A normal one will cost about RM60 and above. But thank god, by chance we grab two for RM80 only at Penang. 

I picked the one with Paris Eiffel Tower.
After i unpack it, it comes with a paper with the numbers clearly printed on it. This is just in case you cant see whats the number printed on the "cloth" itself. Besides, it comes with three brushes and 24 colours.

super super tiny and you can go blind if you think you can do it whole day non-stop.
I started the painting somewhere end of May, after i back to Kuching. Yeah kinda boring at home while waiting for jobs. So, trying to be a little bit artistic for past time.
Started painting from the colour No.1 and continue with colour no.2 and so on.

For Kawan, she decided to paint like by parts which is like she divide the picture into four squares and finish the one area then only move to next square of picture.
It takes me so long to complete because maximum i can only do up to 4/5 hours a day. It is very tiring looking on the small numbers and keep finding on the same numbers to paint.
Close up of the painting.

Tadah. I have completed it somewhere around end of July 2012.
It really takes me quite long to complete it. But i really love this picture so much :)

If i have some more free time, i would definately get another picture with sunflowers and do it again.

By the way, i got the facebook page of the shop which sells me this picture. You may visit here.

till then,



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