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Saturday, July 31, 2010
Penang Trip Day 2 ♥ PhotoShoot @ Hard Rock Cafe at 08:48

Morning 10am, we had Dim Sum at Dai Tong Restaurant.
The Jail themed restaurant
Then we went into a chocolate boutique. 
There provide free testing chocholates even though you didnt buy any after that.
First time i try out mint+bitter choc.
And there are chillie chocholate which i din dare to try out.
We went to a temple nearby. Syndy captured a video of me asked the bamboo slip!

But then it rains heavily after that, so we cant go to next stop-- War Muzium!
End up we hang out at Queensbay lorh~
@ Queensbay again!
Still full after the dimsum, so we get ourself J.Co Donut!
This is the first time Syndy try out J.Co Donut!
After that the guys feels hungry so they went down to Jusco hunt for food!
Any sausage/ chicken chop/ fish fillet-- 3 for 10 bucks! cheap!!!
I introduced my all time favourite- Chicken & Cheese Paratha from Hot&Roll to Syndy!

Next stop-- Heading to Batu Ferringhi beach!
Stopby at Hard Rock Hotel and visit this themed hotel

The weather seriously aint good. Cloudy 
The photographer seems almost feel gave up for any photo shoot.
But then we girls doesn't care about the weather,
we still try to shoot using our cammie.
Then the photographer later got the mood to shoot for us again! :)

My Prettie darling, Syndy!

Fly High to UK next month!
Bye Hard Rock Hotel!

Some camwhore pictures that you may skip. :P

Night time, we dinner at Gurney Plaza because we are going for movie @ GSC Gurney.

We tried out the Xuan Sen Ramen Kitchen.

What we have ordered:
1. Ramen with SzeChuan Spicy Shredded Pork.
2. Ramen with Pork Chop
3. Ramen With Beef meat
4. Ramen with Stewed Pork Ball
5. Ramen with Sze Chuan Soup

Price are RM11.80 / RM12.80 each bowl.
The movie that we enjoy watching that night.
heart the OST from this movie-- Secret by One Republic!

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Friday, July 30, 2010
Penang Trip Day 1 Pt.2 ♥ Photoshoot @ Esplanade at 16:11

Continue for Penang Trip Day 1..
I skipped the Toy Muzium part because that will be on another post! :)

After we ate the Ice kacang at New World Park,
we drove to Kota Lama aka Esplanade to see the sea view and the building there.

nah, this is the old building.

I actually hate to stand beside seaside becoz the wind will makes me feels sticky.
Besides, I will have a bad hair day later on. :(
Fringe gets flatten. >.<
Shots taken by Yii Soon's NIKON D90.
Love the pictures so muchhhh!

We initially didnt plan to have a photoshoot. But darling randomly asked Yii Soon to lend her play his DSLR with the settings ready. So, we randomly shoot pictures for profile picture on facebook. Then i suggest lets shoot from this place, this place and that place. So end up did a lot photoshoot. We had so much fun that evening! I still can remember how hard we keep asking David not to be so camera sensitive. There is too much memories captured there!

These are those pictures that i combined
Lovely darling and me looks so happy in the picture huh?
Love max!
Then we back to our hotel room for shower before continue our journey
We went to New Lane to have our dinner.
We wanna try out local famous hawker stall's food marh
It is a must, ok? I googled about what we must eat in Penang! :D
This drink called as "sali"
Cause of my curiousity about the drink, so i ordered one and try it out.
It is a type of fruit which we called it "Ba Ko Long" mixed with sour plum.
thumbs up!

Prawn Mee aka. Hokkian Mee

Fried Rice
Seafood Fried Kueh Tiao
Tang Yuan with Peanut based soup
Then, nite we go shop at Queensbay
Didnt buy anything there except dear bought some facial product.
Thats the end of our Day One. ^^

To be continue..

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Thursday, July 29, 2010
Penang Trip 2010 Day One Pt.1 ♥ Way to the North! at 14:21

Last Friday, i took bus from Melaka to Seremban Terminal 2 then switched KTM heading to UKM. Yii Soon gonna pick us up that day evening, so i spended half day at Syndy's hostel. FYi, i think i actually got cheated by the taxi driver for the taxi fare. He initially said "tiga" then when i gave him 5 bucks he said "seven"! >.< Got so expensive de meh from Seremban bus terminal to seremban ktm. Syndy told me only like 3-5 bucks nia leh!! But i'm alone that time i dont dare to argue with him larh!
on the way to UKM ktm! I just realized there got something call ladies' coach!

So, Yii Soon picked us up at 530pm then we halfway stopby having KFC pocketful as dinner/supper at 10pm. Reached USM around 12am to pick David up!

Woohoo, finally reach Penang
David and Syndy heading to check in our hotel room
Tune hotel got lots mirror. Our first camwhore picture using our own camera!

The next morning wake up kinda early to get prepared. 
We had a morning walk around new work park!
nais building!
My darling so got tourist feel that dae!

Us outside a nice decorated cafe.

Then we moved to take our breakfast! Yay! Gonna try out penang food!
Breakfast. Penang chee cheong fan with prawn sauce. 3 bucks
This is murtabak! Cost 4 bucks.
Inside got ham, some vegies and the homemade mayo. Nais!
Jeeho's cheesy sausage fried with bread crunch

Next stop-- Kek Lok Si

I love this candid shot i did for Syndy!
then we move up to the other side of the kek lok si where the guan yin statue still under construction.
Found my favourite minnie mouse!
HE just looks like them! XD
camwhore break. Love the sunshine!

Feels like studio picture? ^^

Before leaving kek lok si!
We went to foot hill of kek lok si for lunch-- Assam Laksa which they call Laksa
Ice kacang with Mixed Fruit next as tea break.

Ice Kacang Normal @ New World Park.

Day One Pt.2 coming up!
To be continue...

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