Lost days, pictures fade.

Friday, October 30, 2009
快乐 at 11:58

是的 我慢慢学习回到一个人的生活




Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Purple colour coca-cola contour glass at 15:48

Back to Melaka on Monday.
Had a tiring Monday and start my first lecture yesterday morning 8am. Ching Yih called me on Monday saying that KL there purple colour coke glass still available. He is such a great fren who remember my words. *touched* He says he may help me get one if i couldnt get it in Melaka. =)

I'm not going to have class on Wednesday and Thursday. So, i asked sister to accompany me to Jusco McD. ^^ On the board just showing today's colour is sparkly clear while the available one is Ionic Grey and Fortune Green. Feeling dissappointed at first but sister said just go up and try ask. Thank god that that guy said purple still available but just left a few. Hahaz i'm not going to have more than one set kay?

Did some shopping at Jusco before back to home. I'm broke again. =(


Friday, October 23, 2009
Day 2 - xiao yann trip to kuching at 23:21

Hmm, we bring her to shopping at The Spring. But then we just shopped around for an hour then headed to Friendship Park already. KL got much bigger shopping mall than Kuching larrr, so we didnt spend much time there.

I dressed casually for the day. I seriously think my hair after my haircut got no difference than before cut. I hate my hair so much now. =(

Then me and sister, xuan cam-whored in the toilet. Xuan is super slim.

Me and xuan at Friendship Park. =)

The whole trip i keep thinking about food only. =P So, around 630pm i brought them to the hawker stall at 3rd mile. Planned to order Midin/Bidin which is a type of fern that west msian couldn't found in West Msia.


After that, we went to Boulevard. I seldom go to Boulevard cause the parking lot is a bit small and i need to drive very carefully when get down to the basement 2.

Out of expectation i saw cosmetics having discounts there. My favourite KATE eyeshadow are having 50% discount!! Original price is RM46 but now i can get it with RM23 only!! NO second thought then i got myself 2 colours which is purple and pink and the other one brown bought by rainbow. =)

The Next station is about food again. I brought them to the Dessert Paradise which located at Jalan Song.
These are the desserts that we ordered. I love dessertsssss

The trip ended here as Xiao Yann going to National Park with her friend tomorrow.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009
Xiao Yann's Trip to Cat City at 17:06

Xiao Yann is coming to Cat City for 3 Days 2 Nite Trip. She come here with her church friend but then her friends are going to Damai Beach. She felt not to follow them so my sister and mum pick her up. =)

Everything comes a bit sudden cause we thought she is going to Damai first. The weather of the day isn't well. It rains. =( We bring her to the muzeum. Walking down with Umbrellas. I hate rainy day when we wanna go for outdoor activities. After that, I bring them to the Song keng Hai there to have White lady, Rojak and KangKung Sotong. Mummy said that our rojak is different from KL there wor. Besides that she should be never try out White Lady.. =)

White Lady~ [ I wanna be fair!!! Be a white lady... LOL]

I wanna get fairer~ =(

Xiao Yann and Rainbowww

At night we went to have our dinner at Lam's Place Beef Noodle.
Gonna bring her try out Beef laksa. =) Greedy us.
After we had our dinner, i suggest we go for sightseeing tour and photo snapping... =)

Live in Kuching for so many year but then this is the first time stop by to snap pictures =P

I just spotted the nice lightning but then i din realize this is the simbol of Deepavali. Hahaz

The cat is touching my head.. =)

Spotted the BIG "M"??? I wanna get the royal purple coke glass larrr.. =(

After that we headed to Waterfront.

Saw this board there. WOW, adult fare is RM60?? and xiao yann told us the cultural village there adult fees also cost RM65. We girls rather spend the money on clothes or heels lar... =P

This place's lightning very nice...

DUN = Dewan undangan Negeri.

Around 11pm, we girls quickly headed home. We never stayed up till this late in town. Kuching isn't a safe place to hang out till too late at water front that area.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Vivien's 21th Birthday Celebration at 23:04

I was invited to Vivien's Birthday Celebration which held at Kuching Riverine Resort. I think i'm gonna meet up a lot of Swinburne guys and girls which we were long time din see each other. Kinda nervous at first cause we might feel bit weird or lack out of topics to talk?

I start to dress up myself around 5pm. Did my make up and do my hair for an hour cause Joshua gonna pick me up at 630pm as scheduled. I gonna complete everything before he reach. =)

Sms-ed him but then he gonna be late bit. So while waiting, i cam-whored again. =P

Surprised that Elly was here too.
She was there with her BF who is Vivien's Friend i think..
=) At least there is someone I know to talk to.

After the eating session, we walked around and i try to snap some photos around.

cam-whoring again.

A picture with Josh. He always got this kinda of face when cam-whoring with me.

And then i asked Elly to help us snap a picture with this nice background.
I love the lighting behind us.

I wanna take some "got feel" picture. But i think i cant act emo with my dress.
I think it will look weird? So, i ask Josh to do so. =)

Close shot of Josh who act emo. =D

Got emo feel??

After that, the princess of the night went down too.
I asked her to let me take a picture of her.
She always look cute and "gui fu"
No wonder her friends all called her "Gui Fu"
I like her Nichii dress and heels..
She looks glamour with this dress and heels.

After that is the cake cutting ceremony.
This is the tiramisu cake that gonna be use in this ceremony.

This is the other cake that her friend who is the Son of one of the Taka Cake House specially done for her.
Spot the little LV bag? Cute~
Happy 21th Birthday Miss Gui FU Momok Vien"

All of ther pressie that she got for the night.

Here comes photo taking with friends.
Me with Hui Tze.
I personally think that she become so much prettier and got "nv ren wei" wor.. =)
This is Steff who used to be my working collegue before.
What a coincidence she also knew vivien. Kuching is so small...

Me and Ee Feng. She is so skinny larrr

Group shot with the girls. The guy with DSLR camera is vivien's Bf named Ian.

Me with Vivien.

Actually i oso dunno this girl. She is Vivien's Friend and Elly spotted her at first.
I also think she is pretty. She is very tall, slim and got nice figure lar... Envy~~

Ps. I wanna be slim. I wanna get a lot nice dress and heels lar..
The most importantly i want a lot cashhh!!! =(

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Sunday, October 18, 2009
Weekend at 17:11

Pretty nice weekend.
I spended my time with my little sister at The Spring again.
Since June, we have been waiting for the opening of MBO.
Finally it opens on 090909. This time i wanna go there no matter how.
Checked the showtime last night at home.

*click for enlarge*
MBO Kuching's ticket is much more expensive than Melaka/ other MBO @ West Msia.
Each ticket were charged extra RM2 eventhough u bought it with MBO card.

This is the movie i wanted to watch yet no one can find a time to watch with me.
End up my pretty nice little sis accompany watch it again eventhough she watched already.
The 2nd story is the scariest one i think..

Sorry Josh, ended up i didn't accompany u watch this movie. =P

After that we continue to watch another movie
"Cloudy with a chance of meatballs"
The hall for this is slightly bigger than the one we watch for "where got ghost"

Taken inside the cinema. I wanna watch this movie too.
A lot movie i'm interested in like "New Moon","Alice in the Wonderland","2012" will be coming soon.. =)

Ps. watch 2 movies continuosly is quite tiring.


Saturday, October 17, 2009
6th day of my holiday. at 23:19

Wake up like normal. Waiting the time to pass.
I didn't realize that my result will be release soon too..
I start to feel that my holiday is jus eat, sleep, pps.
I feel so lazy to hang out.
I ate a lot titbits at home.
I'm turning out to be a fattie soon..
I dun wanna fats to come back..
Wake up please, Kelyn.

Ps. I had my haircut today but i didn't take any nice shot.
Not in cam whore mood. =(
Thursday, October 15, 2009
Jase Tea Room. Simple Celebration for Josh at 23:49

I've been staying at home for few days.
No outing except I learned to cook pasta the other day
And I did some window shopping with mum and sistas.
I haven step into MBO to watch a single movie yet. Craving for movies now.
But then whenever i log into the MBO website i found out there are very few movie that i'm interested. Sigh.

Josh, when we go watch "where got ghost???"

On Tuesday nite i chat with Josh, I was planning his Bday Celebration.
He told me that he might going to friend's Birthday party on his Bday that nite.
It is kinda weird that a Birthday Boy go for other guy's Birthday celebration.
Therefore i asked Buddie if we could pass his Birthday present to him earlier and do some little tiny special thingy during our tea session.

Finally i come up the idea use sushi to make the word "21th" by using 21 sushis.
Here is how it looks like..

Hehe at first i wanna do it myself.
But then my skill getting poorer so end up it is homemade done by my mum. LOL

At Night, we meet Josh up at Jase Tea Room.
We have not been meeting up for quite a long time already.
This is the hot chocolate mint that he ordered.
The cold chocolate mint that i ordered. Buddie ordered the same drink as well.

We chit chatted for a while. Buddie stayed for about 45 mins?
She gotta rush home so this is just a very short gathering.
But before she leave, photo session is a must.

Hehe, here a picture that we cam-whored. Look a little weird right?
The post ended with Josh's pic with the homemade Sushi. =)
Glad that He likes the simple celebration that we made for him.

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I amkelyn
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I've learned goodbyes
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pictures never replace
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Memories good or bad
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and words can never
replace those feelings!

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