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Saturday, June 18, 2011
It's my birthday! at 15:47

4th June. Celebrated my Lunar Birthday with family. That day was Agong's birthday Lolz.

On the actual date- 16 June 2011.
The first msg received was from Mr. Tree Bear from KK. Surprised that he still remembered it. Then, was waiting for besties messages but non of them send me any. Mood was quite down till morning i reached office. Mr Song is the first one who saw facebook notification and he told all my colleagues at Level 5 that it is my birthday! They keep sang birthday song and make me kinda paiseh that whole day. The news even travels up to Level 6's office! 

Then, Buddie finally messaged me around 11 in the morning. We plan for a tea session at Tray Cafe. At last someone dated me out which wont makes me seems too pity to celebrate my birthday at home. Thank god! She dated Darren too which i'm still unsure whether he did remembers that is my birthday? 

We went for tea session at 9.30pm. Chit chatted, ate some snacks and till 10 something i got a message from dear Syndy which start to freak me out. Then all of a sudden, the waiter just came and tell me that, "hi, there is a guy who asked me pass this present to you. And, he left already!" I was in shocked mode and i doesnt dare to take over the present. It will be totally embarased if that is a prank.

Buddie keep asking me to unwrap the pressie..
So there is a card on it!

then the card wrotes this ><
i seriously dunno should laugh or cry when i saw this..

then another surprise comes...
the waiter bring this birthday cake out! ^^

and just done with taking picture with the cake, blow off the candles.. everything a bit rushed.
then another surprises comes!

Darling, Lynda and Kailiang turns out at Tray Cafe!
They brought this lovely cupcakes!
omg was super touched coz i seriously thought they all forgot except Kailiang who did wished me on FB.

Then, picture session..
Darren and Me.
Buddie and Me :)
Lovely Darling :)
David and Me :)
Dearie Lynda, who's sick but still show up! Much thanks *hugs*
 Group picture take 1  
Group Picture take 2 :)
Love this group picture max!
the pressie from the so called- secret admire 
thanks so much for making all this happen.

It was the greatest birthday celebration i ever had! 
Glad to have you guys around :)


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Wednesday, June 01, 2011
Kuching Cafe | Yado Cafe at 13:09

A super belated post, hmm like 2 months ago?
Me, buddie and wewe was there for tea session. I've been passing by this cafe a few times when fetching my brother off from tuition nearby.

yado cafe. another coffee shop.
the prices is in moderate level, just normal but below the prices compared with Bing and Jase Tea Room.

What i love most about this place is the cosy environment it gaves me.
It makes me feel like home, warm.

Buddie Oreo drink and my blueberry smoothies.

another picture of the shop. 
I enjoy sitting on the sofa, watching the television there, have a sip on the blueberry smoothies that i ordered. Meet up with old time buddies, being myself in front of them. Idk i'm wearing my casual clothing and with my specs on. I just wanna be relax after piles of hectic works. Not going anywhere, not doing any clubbing, not using our brain, just sit down and relax. That's how life should be, right?

okay. before i end the post, another picture from the shop.
funny cat, be careful abit! or else you got your broken tail!

To a friend far away, happy birthday to you.


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I've learned goodbyes
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pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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