Lost days, pictures fade.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
at 23:09

yesterday i learn to use rice cooker cook tom yam soup
coz the place i stay cun use gas to cook arh
mum teach me ways to fried simple dish and other thg using the rice cooker.
hehe suddenly feel like the rice cooker so wan neng arhh...
yay. only need to work 3 more days

Sunday, May 25, 2008
我爱家人❤£ōvε❤ at 22:43

yay! its mah off day again. my last off day wor..
staying at home whole morning till noon watching movie 和味浓情
then noon go reformat my laptop again..
today plan is goin to the manhattan fish market eat lor
and oso get myself a pair of shoe~

prepare to out lu~

[a few picture taken while waiting the food]

the menu

what we had ordered is manhattan fish and chips

kelyn and rainbow

kelyn and xiao xuan

mah beloved prettie sistas

今天就只买了nose的鞋和the face shop 的nail polish

在springgie 遇到jasper 一家哦 ^^

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Monday, May 19, 2008
at 00:50

off day had past. held a suprise party for maing jus now.
kinda tired dy. pics all with ing's sis lor...
bought a pair of shoe today morning when go out with mum.
we went to rock road to have our lunch. hihi
even off day oso wanna go back thr once. =P
noon stay at home watch movie.
watch till 7 something only go out date with buddie
bought a nicole jacket and go to sushi king
haha we go to eat those "maki" de liao wor.. ^^
bud remember oh. next time i come back we go eat other thing oh!!

3 more weeks to go melaka i think.
wow. so fast~


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Saturday, May 17, 2008
date with primary best bud`` at 23:01

take a pic before go out. hahaz i noe i'm bit vain.
wanna go out for a high tea with my primary buddie

a picture of them. they look bit uneasy.

a picture of me n vivian. she is pretty

a picture of me n sieng. we are old buddy wor.

closer shot of us. all taken by me.. ^^

i still remembered tat i have been sayin wanna go out for a drink jus 3 of us for many times.
everytime i heard tat ai sieng is back to kch.
i will tell her tat lets find one day we go out for drink
but then everytime we couldnt make it.
monday she is goin back to kl dy.
so i suggested we go to restoran food and tea (hongkong de) at spring
we jus sat down n drink n talk for 2 hours.
haha. i think compare to them. i'm d one who keep talkin.
sometimes silence did appear.
we were primary bud. i still treat them as my best buddie.
once mah buddie, forever mah buddie
though we all separate in diff class durin secondary school,
though we all found another buddie
though we study at seperate place now
i will still treat them as mah best buddie.
coz i really like our innocent life during old days~

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Friday, May 16, 2008
at 23:14

a picture of mine with my new haircut and workin uniform on.
hehe long time din post any pic with my uniform.
i like the hair cut today
thanks to him.mah hairstyler =)
aihz.face still look chubby.

gonna meet up primary best bud 2mr.
tats vivian and aisieng.
wondering how will it b. our 1st time high tea togahter. ^^

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
at 23:54

那天他的不告而别 让我和虹都以为他忘了对我们的承诺
他的厨艺还真不错的阿 二厨也!
可是因为他发生了些事 很匆忙的辞去工作
说了短短几分钟的话 就告别了
明天他将会飞往别的地方 开始新的生活
而我们 也很快要开始我们的新生活
阿豪 那个每天都爱叫我别戴眼镜的男生 ^^
'心型圈' 是一首会让我想起你的歌

宝贝angie。 我的小表妹
muahh ^3^

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
at 16:05

today early in the morning i went to Dr kon there to get my blood test report.
hehe everything is pretty normal and fine.
jus except the cholesterol part. =P
he said, he was surprise to c my cholesterol level is high
my HDL cholesterol is low than normal which is 0.91 ( normal is >1.03)
whr my LDl cholesterol is high than normal which is 3.63 ( normal is <2.58)
he said he gonna give me a chance.
want me to take 4 months time to do more exercise and eat more vege
aware of cholesterol!!
then 4 months later i gotta had another blood test again.
he wish this time is jus somethg goes wrong to the report.
haha if not i'm gonna b the 1st youngest patient of his who ate control cholesterol pil

自拍照一张。 很久没有自拍啦


Sunday, May 11, 2008
┢┦aΡpy ⓜⓞⓣⓗⓔⓡ´ⓢ day at 15:14

this is the pressie for my mummie. prepare it since months ago.. ^^

coz i need to stitch the picture marhhh..

[picture of other kind of cross titch tat i done dy]

today is sunday again. sunday = off day.
but then, this week i only can have half day off coz of mother's day celebration. =(
tonite restaurant was really busy so gotta overtime.
how i wish i can say NO when i was asked to over time.
last nite watch 原来我不帅 till morning 4am.
hehe coz morning i dun hav to wake up so early mar so can watch till this late.
but i dunno why i owes cun sleep till too late during sunday.
early in the morning i ady wake up. as i counted, i only slept for 4 hours.
omg, i really dunno i can stand the sleepness 2nite while working not.
hehe. i always yawn during workin time.
francis owes saw it. XD

sis says that mum was happie this whole morning.
i help mum make up some more when she wanna go out with grandparents.
hehe she so excited to use the new kate eyeshadow.

11am, me n little sis went to iglool.
actually mum asked us to go upwell buy thgs n help sis got back her tuition deposit.
but is mah off day mar,, RELAX~
this is wat we hav ordered..
kelyn- peppermint with milk snow ice
xuan- oreo chocholate green tea snow ice

then we go to upwell to do wat mum asked us to do.^^
rainbow was goin to boulevard with her fren after sent ah kiam to airport.
so i tot of goin to the bag shop with xuan only.
who noes rainbow rang up and ask us to wait for her..
hehe.. we noes tat she wanna go buy bag with us oso la...

this is mah new bag.
1 of the MUST BUY thing in my list for entering uni next month. hahax

this is rainbow's new bag.
our bag are look alike. jus different pattern.
her bag is nice too!! like it.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008
at 00:10

我每次都会问自己 你到底哪一点好?
想了很多你的缺点 但却让我更伤心难过
我不甘心 但这也只能是个遗憾


Tuesday, May 06, 2008
at 23:20

damn happie today coz i receive my pay slip wor...
means tat our pay ady in our account!!
and then this is the month tat i finally can get full pay
finally i can c got 1k without getting deducted for a lot thg...

today i do the countdown again. haiz still gotta work for 22 more days arhh.
today i cun wake up in the morning.
then i was late for 10 mins.
hehe luckily the mr james din realise owh...
i'm really bit lazy wanna go for work dy.
but then now i work jus for the sake of MONEY!!
with tat 1 k i can got a lot thg i wan.
i can shop and buy thgs i like. n i can save it for future emergency pocket money.
thought i noe tat thr isnt much lar.
but i believe tat in 1 day i can earn a lot de~!
Saturday, May 03, 2008
tagged by sook yen again... at 23:47

1.Real name => lim kai eng
2.Nickname => ying ying, kelyn, sweetie
3.Married => still single
4.Male or Female => female
5.Highschool => Smb St Thomas
6.College => not bonded to any
7.Short or long hair => long lorrr...
8.Are you a health freak => not so
9.Height => i'm not very sure bout it... i think mayb is 164cm kua...
10.Do you have a crush on someone => yup
11.Do you like yourself => Yup
12.Piercings => Yes
13.Righty or Lefty => Rigthy
14. First surgery => Never
15. First piercing(s) => cun remember
16. First person you see in the morning => my dear babie
17. First award => forgotten
18. First sport you joined => hmm. i think none?
19. First pet => doggie
20. First vacation => forgotten
21. First concert => hmm a concert in kch by fish n some other singer
23. Eating => No
24. Drinking => No
25. I'm about to => post a blog post
26. Want kids => yeap,a boy and a gurl
27. Want to get married => yea, but who noes when wor..
28. Careers in mind => accountant
29. Lips or eyes => Eyes
30. Hugs or kisses => Hugs
31. Shorter or taller => shorter
32. Romantic or spontaneous => romantic
33. Sensitive or loud => not sure
34. Trouble maker or hesitant => no idea
35. Kissed a stranger => of coz nope
36. Drank bubbles => No
37. Lost glasses/contacts => hmm yes XD
38. Ran away from home => No
39. Liked someone younger => No
40. Liked someone older => yeap
41. Broken someone's heart => how would i know?
42. Been arrested => NO
43. Cried when someone died => yup
44. Liked a friend => yes
45. Yourself => yeah
46. Miracles => yea
47. Heaven => yea
48. Santa claus => No
49. Angels => yes!! smile angle``
50. Is there one person you want to be with right now => yea
51. Do you believe in God => yes


Thursday, May 01, 2008
labour day` at 18:04

-星期二那天去验血时被 rainbow 拍下的-

今天是labour day, 不用上班超级开心的.
1点多就跟妈妈妹妹们跑去springie 逛逛.
看来这个月又会超支了 =(

新买的 forest timber 的手提袋. 超可爱的.

dsx 的 t-shirt.. ^^

血拼 最开心的了!!
好希望快点 pre-sale, 我要去买保养品叻~


at 00:46

妈妈晚上替我把身体报告拿去给 Dr。kon 填完。
又搞定了一件事。 开心 =)
天啊!好多东西都要戒口了。 =(

刚刚上网看了打算要住得 ixora apartment。


• 健身房

• 电梯服务

• 地砖铺设

• 家私提供(床褥除外)

• 邮箱服务

• 24小时保安服务

• 免费清洁服务

• 保养及维修服务

• 食阁 /各式店面

• 免费上网

• 闭路电视

• 食阁 /各式店面

• 多层有盖停车场

• 灯光照明的有盖走廊 (连接多媒体大学)

• 出入通行证

• 宿舍管理员

感觉就很好啊!! 希望妈妈肯我住六楼以上吧~ 还没给她过目。明天吧!!


I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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