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Sunday, January 31, 2010
Blog Beautify Tutorials at 12:26

Here are some link to tutorial for blog templates :)

Credits to Krystal


Friday, January 22, 2010
Leopard Prints everywhere! at 21:59

Today is a nice day cause it is a movie + shopping day! =)

I have been staying at hostel for the past two days doing nothing but sleeping and surfing the net. Damn boring larh! Then, today i got 2 hours lecture which starts at 8am and ends at 10am. So, sister and I went for the first ever local production CNY movie "Tiger Woohoo!" at MBO melacca.


Director 導演 : Chiu Keng Guan 周青元
Cast: 林德榮 Jack Lim, 顏江瀚 Gan Jiang Han, 陳志康 Royce Tan, 邱文博Bernard Hiew, 楊佳賢 Jason Yeoh, 顏微恩 Gan Mei Yan, 曾潔鈺 Chen Keat Yoke, 卓卉勤 Vivian Tok, 黃一飛 Freddie Ng, 蕭斐弘 Siow Ho Phiew
Genre: Comedy, Family
Production: Woohoo Pictures, Astro Shaw
Rate: (U)
Run Time: 90mins

“Woohoo” (tiger dance) is a tradition practiced in a small village – Beserah, Kuantan during a praying ceremony every 60 years. As the only old-aged heir of “Woohoo” can no longer perform, his filial granddaughter put up a misleading advertisement which then attracted five youngsters from different background – Ah Beng, a bad-tempered bank security, Ah Huat, an indecisive Char Kuey Teow hawker, Rain, a sissy but soft-hearted designer, Bobby, a university student who likes to crap, and Alan, a show-off – to be trained as “Woohoo” players.

They, who have undergone rigorous training and mishaps one after another, finally form a tough “Woohoo” team. However, few days before the much-awaited ceremony day, the only “tiger head” is accidentally destroyed by the mischievous kids in the village……

Fyi, these information i got from here. There are more pictures in the link there.

The tiger so cute ho??

The movie ends with a quote, " 只要有心爱的人在身边,天天都是大日子!”

So after the movie, We take the bus to Sentral and we are going to Dataran Pahlawan. I saw LEOPARD PRINTS everywhere!! >.<" Those branded/non branded all over the mall. Omg, i tried very hard to control but at the end i still bring a leopard print bag home. Same goes to sister too. Nevermind, there will not be fun if we didnt buy anything home right?

So, i want to post up my collection of Leopard Prints now!! Leopard Prints is getting into a hot trend starting year end of 2009 and beginning of 2010! I wonder will there be everyone wearing leopard prints during CNY?

This is a little cute hat that i got somewhere around June 2009. I love hair accessories but i seldom tie up my hair. Sisters always scold that i buy a lot but didn't use them all! But, i'm going to do so cause the weather in Melacca now is super damn hot!!

Then, i got this leopard print short pant end of August 2009 when i went to UKM for 3D2N sleepover if you still remember. My FIRST EVER hot pant! It is fluffy one, i like it so muchhhhh! =)

Hmm, this one i saw it at online boutique somewhere around September 2009 but it cost RM26 per piece! So i tahan didnt buy it that time coz it is so expensive. If i just got it to gather with the postage, it gonna cost me around RM35 i think.. T.T

And then, somewhere in end of November 2009 i saw it at another online boutique and it cost a lot cheaper. RM18 per piece ONLY! Some more i'm going to buy it to gather with some other clothes, so definately the postage not going to be so expensive anymore. How can i stop myself from getting it, right??

This one i saw it at Daiso. It is an oil blotter pack. Hmm, about 120 sheets only cost Rm5. So i get one too. I'm using clean and clear now but then that cost me RM7.80 for 60 sheets only! So, nevermind la buy this lo since i'm using oil blotter too. Trying to save cost marhhh! T.T So broke now marhhh

Okay, actually this one yours truly kena cheated! Cause i tot every single oil blotter film inside going to have leopard prints on it. After home, i just discover it is just the cover of the case. T.T

A leopard print bag that tied in a big ribbon which i got it today too. I hearts ribbon as i mentioned on my last last post! I always want to look for a bag that got something looks like this which i mean can tie a big ribbon in front. Then now this one comes with leopard print and it is not super expensive too. SO, again i bring it home! =)

Nah, another leopard print sexy singlet that i got it from online boutique. It cost me a BOOM! But i like it marh!! Will be collecting the parcel tomorrow. Hope it turns out okay just like the picture shows. OR ELSE i gonna T.T..

There are always so much reasons for me to bring them all home!! I'm still considering should i get a leopard print's jacket?? =P

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
This must be love at 14:59

Taeyeon& Sunny- This must be love [English Sub lyrics]

When I pass by you
My heart flutters for the entire day
I alone longed for you
An image of you is always left behind

When I happen to run into you again
I just blankly bow my head
Even when our eyes happen to meet
All I can show is a shy smile

Do you understand now?
Can you understand my heart now?
That love that come silently
Can you, can you hear it?

From the beginning, it was my love
Shining warmly through my cold heart
The love, that comes to me step by step
Although i'm a bit afraid

The love that moved me
Like the rain, the love engulfed my heart
My heart, my heart is already in love
As much as i'm longing for you


Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Leopard Print and Ribbon is ♥ at 11:13

I want to blog but i got no idea what to blog about. >.<"

I'm back in Melaka and today is my first day of attending lectures. 6 hours today, hell busy one. Woke up at 6am in the morning because i'm a bit excited waiting to attend lectures. =)

Okay, some random thing to share here. I guess some of you realize leopard prints and ribbons are all over the market on clothes/accessories. And, I hearts them all! I'm so obsessed over leopard prints and ribbons. I found out that i cant stop myself from buying them. Help!!! But, I must control now of else i failed my new year resolutions! T.T There are still some thing i wanna get in my "To-Buy List" which cost me a huge amount! Save Money!!!

This is Popteen Disember issues.
Somehow i think no one in Malaysia dare to use such big hair bow yea? But, it is so cute!!

I am looking for leopard print hair bow. Who can tell me where got sell??? Told you i'm obsessed over leopard prints!

Okay, i actually got myself some hair accessories during my semester break. I hearts all of them. I plan to tie up my hair and try to be well groomed everyday to school. But, i know i'm not style enough so i'm a bit worry that i'll look weird with it. >.<"

Nao, waiting my self confidence level to grow higher day by day...


Sunday, January 17, 2010
Meetup with Syndy at Hills at 20:04

My dearest Syndy decided to sneak back to Kuching during this weekend. I'm leaving Kuching on Sunday, so we decided to meet up on Saturday! =)

I'm super duper happy cause at last there is someone dating me out!

So we went to Hills Shopping Center. There still a lot shops under construction. We just went into Skin Food then proceed to our tea session at WaN chai Restaurant.

Our Handphone Pouch and our table Number. ^^

Passion yogurt snow and Blurberry yogurt snow. [Priced RM4 each]
Do you noticed? Purple drink. Purple Nails. Purple eyeshadows!

Then we go to Crown Square. Found out that i couldn't shop for clothes in Kuching anymore cause whenever i saw those clothes i got a thinking that " I can get almost the same quality with lower price at WM larrr" >.<

Then we shop at accessories side and we both got ourself cute hair accessories.

This is mine. Fresh Yellow with little Pinkish Bow.

With Syndy's Flower. Nice one!!

Camwhore in the car while no idea where will be our next station.

I like dear's hair accessories too. =)

Ps: Gonna start my new semester soon. Awaiting...

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
K box Karaoke Embassy at 18:33

This semester break is almost come to an end. I'm gonna back to Melaka this coming Sunday and start my 2nd year Last semester. Sigh.

Two days of rainy day in Kuching. The weather is very cold. Told mum that we are going to sing K but she nearly ask us cancel the plan as it is rainning outside. But but, i'm craving for K time and i dont want to stay at home. >.<

Okay, noob me only found out that i didnt bring back my student id when i'm already at the doorstep of K box karaoke. So i decided to join their member hopefully can pay slightly a little bit cheaper? The member card is for wholelife and it only charges 10 bucks, so why not?

This is the design of my K box card. So cutie, right????

I searched through online and get this pricelist. For students, you just need to pay RM8 to sing from 12 noon till 4pm i think? And the privillage for member is you can sing till 6pm.

Oh yea, that guy is kind enough he charged me RM8 even though i told him i forget to bring my student id when my sister shows hers. =)

This is the K box design we got. woohoo with baby cupid wallpaper.

Camwhore again.

Us in the K box. Veryyyy cold larrrrr inside

At Night, got my nail painted purple colour. ^3^

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Monday, January 11, 2010
♥ 神奇围巾的穿法 ♥ at 20:30

This is just something to share with you guys. =)
I scarfs! I want to have a collection of scarfs~

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3
Step: 对折,然后在对折的地方打一个圈,再把另一端两头的塞进圈里.这样的围巾,最好不要折得整整齐齐,

Style 4

Style 5 不对称结

Step 1:把围巾交叉绕在脖子上,左边在上,然后将右边那段沿箭头方向穿过空隙
Step 2:把围巾从空隙中抽出来

Style 6 领带结

Step 1:把围巾绕在脖子上,右边在上,把后边那段围巾沿箭头方向在左边那段上绕一圈
Step 2:绕好后,再将围巾从空隙中穿出
Step 3:把围巾从空隙中抽出来

Style 7 小蝴蝶结

Step 1:把围巾在脖子上绕一圈,交叉打一个结
Step 2:把打好的结调整到前后方向,然后再打一个结

Style 8 蝴蝶结


*Guess everyone knows how to tie a ribbon knot right?*

Style 9 围巾变身洋装

Ps: I know that there are still a lot of ways to make the knot. By the way, these are more than enough already and quite applicable yea??


Sunday, January 10, 2010
10012010 ♥ Hair dye at 22:53

Finally i got my hair dyed today on 10.01.10. =)

I have been craving for the hair dye since August 2009 which my hair already grows out about 8cm long or may be longer than that. My hair are naturally very very black in colour. There are a few times i had my hair dye but my friends said it is not obvious. T.T

Therefore, this time i had a hard time in choosing colour. I'm very confuse with blonde series/copper brown series/copper red series/red series. Red series definately gonna be my last choice because I always wish to get something like brown but there are so many shades!!!

Previous years...

I tried highlight and low light using red+ red magenta on year 2008

and i tried Dark brown with red reflects on year 2009.

This is the colour chart that she showed to me. I choose " Light Natural Copper Brown" while sister choose "Dark Natural Copper Blonde". ^^

The hairstylist told me that the colour i chosen might not turn out the same. Because, i ever dyed black too!!! T.T But, she will try her best to make it as light as possible.

*Pray Hard*

So this is the outcome. Shot taken at room around 6pm.

Anyway, i am satisfied with the hair colour! Little sister comment that i looks much more younger than with previous hair colour and mummie likes my hair colour too! =)

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Saturday, January 09, 2010
Kate line spicy- My natural everyday look at 10:30

This is what i always hope to blog about. I know there are lots of make up guru out there. But, after all this is MY blog and i can blog anything, right?

Basically, my close girlfriends will know that i love make up a lot. Make up is awesome okay? It gives one better appearance/ more presentable right? Besides, i don't own a flawless face/ naturally big watery eyes. And one more point, whats the point i purchase full sets of make up tools but not fully utilise it right?? Make up gives me a little bit more confidence and it makes me feel good. ^^

Actually, since June 2009 i did apply makeup quite often cause i want to look well groomed everyday! I also bear in mind that Nana Babe told me there is no ugly women but lazy women!! But then, sometimes i will still lazy to apply make up everyday to university lar if that day happen to have early classes like 8am. =.="

Ps: This is not a professional tutorial. Just that i want to practise more and play with it. Practise makes perfect, right? Make up is just like painting to me. =)

So, start from here..

* I wore my Black Geo Lens before i start my eye make up~

1. I used to curl my eyelashes before apply eye shadow cause everytime i try to curl after my liner, the liner just going to stain on the curler and i have to reapply the eye liner again. =.="
2. Apply the highlighted brown/light brown [ refer to A]
3. Apply a thin Black pencil liner
4. Use the Dark Brown kate eyeshadow Liner overlap my black fine eye liner. [refer to C]
5. Apply the highlighted brown/ light brown on 2/3 of bottom eye lid area. [refer to A]
6. Apply the medium shade brown. [refer to B]
7. Apply Black fine eyeline & medium shade brown at 1/3 end of lower eye lids. [refer to B]
8. Coated a few coats of Mascara.
9. Apply the shimmering pink eyeshadow at the 1/3 front of lower eye lids. And, it is done. =)

This is the colour palatte i used. My Chinese lunar 21th Birthday Pressie from Dear! I'm a BIG FANS of KATE! Second will goes to Majolica-Marjorca. I want to have a collection of Majolica-Marjorca too when i got EXTRA $$$!

So, this is me with the full make up. Readytogo. =)

I took those pictures at night so the colour of my eyes are bit unclear may be. Perhaps next make up post [if there is] should have taken in day time. Kthatsall.

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Friday, January 08, 2010
UCSI tour at 18:53

Eik Hua invited us to her UCSI's Coffee Bar & Bistro. So, Joshua going to be the driver this time and we pay her a visit there. =)

#1。Ready to go

#2. There is too much of pictures but i don't want you guys to keep scrolling so i combined it into one. Basically, the pictures is about our short tour to UCSI.

Okay, done another post. Bai.

Ps. Emo-ing now so this gonna be a short post~ My blog's song suits my feeling now T.T

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