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Saturday, April 23, 2011
Our Buys from Melaka Trip at 22:42

Start off the post with an awesome picture because of an awesome mirror <3

So the second day, finished having assam laksa for lunch, we went new JJ to shop! :)
The guys were back to home for sleeping while us shopping there.

The buys of us:
Facebook & Yahoo slippers from Jonker Street
fake crocs
Rocky for the cousins from new JJ mall
some random Tees
a formal suit [mine]
2 set guys Tees
lots of hair accessories from Jonker Streets too

close shot of the Facebook slippers :)


Rose hair clip and Beach flower hairclip from Jonker Streets

so lovely!

Cute Piglet's hair clip for Angie

Bear hair clip for Janice!

All this flower hairclip for both Angie and Janice! :)

Ok another awesome picture with xuan inside!

Oh ya, the first round of shopping session xuan wasnt joining coz she were sick and have a rest in the apartment, so we went back home and pick her out again around 4pm~ We shopped for another 3 hours then heading to BeiZhan for dinner!
Love the this building!

Pork!!!! :( i din touch this dish at all

Sichuan TauFu *tasted abit like Thai TomYam... but kinda love it!

Fried Spinach with deep fried century eggs

Nadeje's Green Tea Mille Crepe as supper that night!
I think this is kinda good selling, cause this were the last piece from the shop

Another piece of original mille crepe for the others to try out too! :)


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Friday, April 22, 2011
Melaka Day 2 at 20:05

So the next morning we slept till 8am. Was planned to have Assam Laksa as breakfast. Woke up in the morning, the elder one all were out for breakfast themself. Left four of us in the apartment.

Mummy went to have some melaka sight seeing with the grandma. And they can take nice photos too!

Me, bow and brother went to Jonker 88 for assam laksa but they asked us to go on 1030am as things are not ready yet~! Then got a call from mummy saying they were lost in Tan Kim Hock area, we headed to meet them up. Then sister wasnt feeling well, brought her to visit the panel doctor! Was a busy morning! End up Jonker 88 assam laksa is my lunch! :S


Nyonya Assam Laksa

Yours truly

while we heading back.. saw a shop which catch our eyes. Simply love their decorations :)

They were selling hand made soap!

love this vintage lamp!

vintage clock too.

till then, xoxo

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Thursday, April 21, 2011
Photo Editing Software ♥ at 13:39

1. Poladroid 
It works like polaroid but with lomography feel! ♥ max!

Sample Pictures

2. Shape Collage 

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Shape Collage is a free software download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux!

Download Shape Collage at http://www.shapecollage.com/

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Have fun editing your pictures!


Monday, April 18, 2011
Hello Melaka again! at 23:02

here i continue previous post :)
Our family 6 members and grandparents, eight people in total. We were searching places to stay in Melaka which is cheap, nice, comfy and located in the centre of the town! Last year saw friends stayed over this place and it really looks great! So i got the contact number and mum them proceed with the booking stuff.

Checked in the apartment around 4pm that day. Pretty late huh? was busying settle hostel stuff before we can have fun! The apartment is like located at the first floor of shop houses. Once we stepped in the apartment, we really wanna give it a WOW! super comfy oh!!! 

The whole apartment consist of 3 rooms with 2 queen bed, and a double decker bed; a kitchen with all the kitchen tool available including freezer and stove; 2 toilets and a living hall with tv available too! :) *like the pictures showed below*
looked so grand? hehe

the owner of the house is a interior designer!
another room :)

 they provided us this map to drives around melaka.
This map is super useful! :) now i know those roads well.

three sisters gather again! ^^

oh yaya, guess how much the rental for the apartment per night? hmm

- kuih
- oyster omelette
- takoyaki
-ikan bakar
-fried vege in oyster sause
- mixed parts soup 

we had our dinner at old newton before we go shopping at DP and also Jonker Street. Mom broke her rekod going out with us until midnight! LOL 


Add on details for this homestay :)
Pangsapuri Kota Laksamana is located in Taman Kota Laksamana, a residential area, nearest to tourist hotspots and shopping malls. Our 3 bedrooms apartment is suitable for group of friends or family stay. We aim to provide an alternative for a homely comfortable accommodation in melaka at the best price.
  • Features :
    • · 3 fully air-conditioned rooms
· 2 bathrooms with heater showers
· · 2 queens beds  1 double decker
· · Free parking
· · Balcony
· · TV
· · Fridge
· · Washing Machine
· · Iron ironing board
· · Kitchen with complimentary tea, coffee and bottled water
· · High quality spring mattress beds, pillows blanket
Rates :               
Weekday & Weekend                            Peak
2. (Monday - Sunday)         (Eve, Public Holiday & School Holiday)
  • 1st night RM 200/unit                                RM 250/unit
  • 2nd night above RM 150/unit                     RM 200/unit
(Rates subject to change without prior notice)
Other Chargeable Add-ons :
· · Toiletries
· · Towel rental
· · Housekeeping services
· · Extra mattress pillows blanket

Pls call / sms  :    Kathryn  019-666 8033
Chua  019-6666 505
Email :     kath.ho@hotmail.com

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