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Saturday, May 31, 2014
Recap of May 2014 at 14:38

24th May 2014

On those days that our chef not at home, so i become the chef instead.

Brother who went KL for good meal and he whatsapped us pictures for collage. Lol.

25th May 2014

Exam is less than two weeks time. I'm grateful that my junior whatsapp-ed me the tips.

Though preparing for exam, i still went for a senior's farewell party!

26th May 2014

Dad had a day off, which is quite rare. He used to work almost 365 days.
Thankful for him sending me juices while we busy studying in room.

29th May 2014

Shocked that how fast my perfume used in less than a month.

My random break time from study.

30th May 2014

That day, i went for skincare consultation and this is the routine that she suggested me.

31th May 2014

Random skincare talk with kawan during our study time. This is one of the clay mask that i love.

I spend some time on watching mum wrapping dumplings too.

A short recap for my study leave at the end of May 2014.

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Friday, May 23, 2014
Kuching Cafe | The Coffee Clinic at 18:38

Back to another cafe hopping post!

Recall back that i was attending my P3's revision class at sunway school. Just right at the downstairs, besides the entrance of sunway school, there is a construction under-going. We have a sneak peak of the half done site and it just looks like a cafe or restaurant. We aint that sure but an old man approached us, i believe he is the boss. He told us that it is a cafe and will be start operating in two weeks time.

So two weeks later...

They build up a Coffee Clinic!

This is the exterior design. I'm impressed that they can fully utilize all the space outside the shop.

There are menu hang up there for you to pick your drink. 
Price ranged RM6-13 like that, if i'm not mistaken.

Cookies and cakes for sale too. RM1 for 2 pcs cookies.

Another seating corner that gives more privacy on top.

We sat at another box that is seperated from the aircond area, it is semi air cond area because it is half closed area. But this is a very vintage corner.

Two guitars hanging on top.

Some treasure boxs and vintage fans.

Babycinno - it is a combination of chocolate and cappucino. Priced at RM7.00

Mocha. Priced at RM9.00

Being a coffee addict, I drink coffee on daily basis. But, i wasn't that good on making comments on coffee because i just simply addict to it regardless what type of coffee. I can take any type of it.

More photos

Another corner that has vintage box and also leather sofa. Quite cozy too! It will be nice spending time there with books. I spend an afternoon there to detox my mind because it is the first day of my study leave! Relax time! 

The Coffee Clinic
Operating hours: 9.00am -11.00am
Address: Sublot 16, Song Plaza, Off Jalan Tun Jugah/ Jalan Song, 93200, Kuching.
Facebook page: The Coffee Clinic

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Thursday, May 22, 2014
Kuching Cafe | Earthlings at 18:17

Our Friend, David was back in Kuching. We all used to hang out a lot at Jase Tea Room and Starbucks. There isn't much choices for tea session for my atas friend. Since Kuching is having a coffee cafe fever this few months, then i suggested a few coffee shop to him.

Say bye to Starbucks, temporary.

This is another coffee shop in my cafe hopping list that i want to try out. It was located at CityOne Megamall. I don't favour coffee shop in a shopping mall because i hate paying extra parking fees. Also looking for parking in a shopping mall is so annoying. Anyway, i'll pay it a visit since i haven't been there yet.

So it was my study leave eve, falls on a Thursday Night.

Dated David and Lynda out for tea session. This two fellow were so funny that they have another group of their own date sitting on seperate tables before i arrive. Then their date left when i arrive and we finally reunite in a table. Laugh.

This is the interior design of the coffee workshop. The theme are coffee colours and very earthy feel.

Designed was done by Shongen Lee from Four Interior Designs.

It is a bit different from other coffee shop that i have seen in Kuching. They seems to be a little bit more complex and they gave me a feel that they knows a lot on coffee. Simply because they use complicated tools. Spot it on the counter side.

Spotted a lot yellow bulbs hanging on top. This seems to be a common design for those cafes that i went recently. 

Our Selfie! 

Sorry, this is a no drink post because the drink i ordered looks sucks and they finished all their drinks before i come. Will share again if i go for second visit :)

The outer design of the shop. I like this signboard thingy. If i owned a shop in future, i might embedded this into the design plan.

The design is really very nice, warm and cosy. But, still pack at the moment. 

You may pay this shop a visit if you want to have specialty coffee (精品咖啡).

Earthlings Coffee Workshop

Location: Lot 45, Ground Floor No. 1, City One Megamall Kuching.

Facebook Page: EarthlingsCoffee

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Sunday, May 18, 2014
Kuching Cafe | Dot Waffles ad Desserts Cafe Kuching at 17:59

Random night outing with family to hunt waffles.

There is a new dessert cafe opened nearby our housing area, at ST3 Kuching (right opposite The Spring).
It is a trend that Kuching people keep hopping cafes and the thing is there are so many new cafe popping out in Kuching within two months time.

So, i saw people posting on Kuching Food Critics commenting on they served nice belgian waffles. So, we went and try it out too. I wasn't a fan of waffle tho.

The shoplot was small and basically it only can fit two small table for 2 ppls. 
The rest of the tables are outside the shop or on the side of the main door.

They din serve any special drinks. I guess their main product is focusing on the Belgian Waffles.

The Order Counter.

You need to go to the counter to order and get seated. Since the shop is newly opened, so it was full when we go there.

More interior photos

The menu.
Their Belgian Waffles cost around RM8.00 - RM15.00.

Belgian Waffle Ice Cream with Banana | RM 8

Belgian Waffle Ice Cream with Banana | RM 10

The total bill we spend for the night.

Dot Waffles and Desserts Cafe

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thu2:00 pm - 12:00 am
Fri - Sat1:00 pm - 12:00 am

Sun2:00 pm - 12:00 am

Facebook Page: dotcafekuching


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Kuching Food | New Happy Cafe - FooChow Specialties at 09:41

Ever since i graduated from University (Year 2012) and come back to hometown for good, i always to make my life more happening and i want to live like a kuchingnite. Do what they do and eat where they eat. I get to discover more kuching's food after i started working. As you know, we get to eat out a lot during weekdays lunch hour. From there, i discover more!

This is one of the favourite lunch spot for our office. It is named as New Happy Cafe, where they mainly sell authentic Foo Chow's Specialties. We always go there during our Friday Lunch Hour. 

New Happy Cafe

It was located at Petanak Area. It isn't very significant as the shop is not facing the main road. You might need GPS or Foursquare to lead you the way.

Address: Lot 46, Lorong 1, Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, Kuching, 93100, Kuching, Sarawak, 93100, Malaysia
Tel: +60 82-246 051

Kampua (I forget how much is the price already >,<)

Hong Gan (粉干) Special | RM6.00 

They also famous for this:
Red Wine Egg Soup 红酒蛋汤 (RM5.00)
Fried Thick Vermicelli 炒粉干 (RM5.00)
Pickled Vege Vermicelli Soup 糟菜米粉 (RM5.00)

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Saturday, May 17, 2014
Kuching Food | 海天楼 at 15:46

Recent new buy! White lace blouse for work/ casual! Love all the details!!

The gel nails cracked after one week. Make me feels like remove it asap!! 
And, i think that gel nails hurt my nails a lot. Possibly not going to do gel nails again or maybe not so soon again.

The other night, we have company event at GSC! Free movie time!! We are watching the amazing Spiderman 2 this round! The second movie with EY mates!

Had a lot of secret recipe cakes in this two months. Guess it will reflect on my weight scale very soon! arghhh

Another lunch day with collegue at Song Kheng Hai Hawker Stall.
Actually this place is quite near our office, can be reach by walking distance (just the weather too hot we all can't take it). Missing this coconut+ sugar cane juice naooooo

Outfit for the night when i go for a farewell dinner for brother before he going to UNI.

He asked my help to take his OOTD. But, he forget to post it in his instagram LOL

We are going to try chinese cuisine at 海天楼, somewhere located at Jalan Mendu. Went there once for Lynn's baby full moon party and found the food really nice. So, mum decided to go there and try out!

Spinach chicken shredded mee. This is super super nice!!!

4 hot and cold dish

Normal steam fish

This is one of those must not miss dish - Midin.

Another dish that we all super love for the night - Scallop with Broccolli. We only get one each!

Sweet and sour pork

Butter Prawn

Black Pepper Deer Meat

That's all. A very nice restaurant that served good food! I think we will come back again next time for our family gathering!

xoxo, kelyn

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