Lost days, pictures fade.

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Konnyaku Jelly ♥ at 01:49

♥ DiY stuffs. I cook quite often in Melaka. I actually enjoy the process of making it and having something that i like.

Since last semester my housemate dated me to Pasar Malam on one Wednesday, two of us end up going to Pasar Malam every Wednesday after that. I'll buy some vegies, Fruits- Kiwi/Orange/Apple and of course my favourite Melaka Style PohPiah. I never get tired of PohPiah 

The date of Pasar Malam doesnt stop during our Final Period. We goes there eventhough the sky seems going to rain. We just wont gonna change our plan. Wheee I'm glad i found my kaki to Pasar Malam coz she loves cooking as much as i do. Another reason she went to Pasar Malam is because she blends Japan cucumber+small bitterground Juice everyday. So, she will go there to get those materials. Seriously having those juice helps her cure the pimples. But it is a NO to me. I just wont going to take any bitterground, i mean like forever wont.

I had an Kiwi perday since the week i started to visit Pasar Malam. 6/7 for RM10. Cheap isnt it? At least my mum said so. And i could see the effect on getting fairer :)


So the new sems starts, i didnt follow them for the last week but I did this week. I'm planning to make fruit jello over the weekend to cure my temptation on titbits >.< I dunno why i keep craving for titbits! Oh help, i'm gonna gain weight if i dont control. 

Lychee Flavour Konnyaku Jelly Powder
2 Kiwis
around 20 seedless grapes
Lychee flavoured Nata de Coco

Cook the konnyaku jelly powder, pour over the cut fruits, put into the freezer and it is ready to serve after 2 hours!
♥ it QQ

This is sista's version for the special one. 
She put more mix fruits than i do.

♥ Konnyaku Jelly
This gonna be perfect titbits that full of Vitamin C
Good for girls who care for beauty 

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Saturday, October 23, 2010
Another random post at 23:16

Back to melaka for about 5 days. I miss home so much. I miss the days i hang out with my friends, sisters and mum. Everyday in hostel was bored to max. Sigh.

Was planning for a trip next week, but aint sure bout it yet. :( 
Why my uni life such a dull one?
The other day i went Aerobic registration with housemate. 
Broke this mickey while waiting lift.
Thank god i stick it back using SUPER GLUE
I just heart mickey so much
I dont know why

Another random thing, result released. Saw it and i'm not happy about it. Had some chit chat with my girlfriends and i'm glad that i have them around. I felt that i'm loved by them. Thanks girls!

Feeling at the moment, I'm waiting 2010 to pass faster!


Friday, October 22, 2010
Nadeje ❤ at 20:39

On. 20.10.2010 timed 20:10pm, Melaka was declared Melaka Maju 2010. Hence, we had a sudden Public Holiday on 21th October. Woohoo, no schooling again! If we know earlier, we should stay in Kuching for 1 more week! :( 

Since it is a Public Holiday, rainbow and I went for shopping at town! I'm already growing mushroom at my hostel coz i wasnt having any class since Tuesday. 
We woke up at noon. Reached DP around 2pm. Had our lunch then we go for Nadeje! :)

 Summer DreamKiwi with Sprite❤  three dot eighty
Pink Guava Yakult drink❤ - 5 bucks
❤ Mango Yogurt Mille Crepe 
listed as Today's Special 
 ❤ The Berry Strawberries Mille Crepe 
sista's favourite
 I wore my princess sleeve as my outfit
❤ simple 
 my makeup free look! :)

After the high tea time, we went for shopping around Dp. Went into some boutique, testing, trying but i didn't bring any clothes home. The first item i was hunting -- Leopard print Shade.
We went Vincci, spotted few necklace that we hearts but it cost 19 bucks and some cost 29 bucks. Doesn't feel like we should waste too much money on accessories as we are still studying! I tried the Leopard Print Shade from Vincci, it suits me somehow i will heartache if i spend on a RM29.90 shade. I know it is a normal Price for that, but i feel heartpain coz i know saving is very hard. There are so many thing i craving for. So, spend wisely!

Tried this tee at Brands Outlet.
Do YOU Like Me? 
Next, go for Shihlin xxl Fried Chick Fillet as my dinner.
Regret after that :( 

I didnt buy alot thing home. Show something i bought today~
Very nice pair of angel love wing slipper
very cheap, less than ten bucks! 
 Got this Facial Wash Brush from Daiso - 5 bucks items Store
Hope it helps to clean my face better

And lastly my Leopard Print Shade! :)

Now, gonna start save hard for a pair of nice heels!

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A gift ❤ at 02:24

This is a gift that i receive from my mummy last week when i back in Kuching. 

For the past 2 weeks i'm being a good girl always staying at home, hanging around with sisters and my family. One day, mummy said it is time to change the spectacle for my sisters because their eyes degrees changed. Out of expectation, mummy asked me change mine too! Yea, yours truly wore spectacle for the past years to school. But once i started my degree, i rarely or i should say the number of times i wore my spectacle to uni can be counted with ten fingers. Hehe. Normally i don't wear my spectacle unless i got an eye infection couldn't wear my contact lens or during exam time then i will be the nerd.

I'm a typically Gemini who always couldnt make a decision. I will be having "three heart two mind" hard time. teehee. You got wat i mean? This time, i dont know i wanna get a full frame/ semi-frame/ frameless spectacles. I couldnt make the decision and i actually cared what other people thinks when they look on me. So i asked my sisters, mother and brother to choose for me instead.

 Tadah! My semi-frame spectacle in Purple color!
I think purple suit me most huh?
My old spectacle also in Purple color! :)
I heart Purple!
 It has a very nice playboy sign at the side there
Yea, it is from PlayBoy!

Someday in the past 2 weeks, i went to Sushi King for the second time with the sisters.
Sushi King is having October Promotion for Spider Temaki - Buy 1 Free 1 for just RM6!
It is just RM3 each, so sister and me just give it a try~
Go try out while stock still last! :)

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Thursday, October 21, 2010
Self portrait ♥ at 01:15

To dearest all of uuu,
i'm having sucks line at my hostel nao. Every now and then i'm super phek chek with the line. I cant do anything with it :(

Lets continue for the photoshooting pictures!
Belows all are my self portrait from ShiiTeck's Canon 1000D. Good pictures always comes from good skill and nice angle. If you would like to take nice pictures, you would need to shoot from various angle and get the best angle of all. You wouldn't know that actually all these pictures actually chosen from few hundreds pictures. Skills and experience gain through other ppl's experience and self non-stop trying. Lets work hard to gain more knowledge in this area!


Peace~  ♥ this!

can you spot my new colour contact lens? :)
the end

i wish i own a better camera and having more photography.
Or perhaps there is someone else who willing to offer me more photoshoot session?

 ♥ ♥ ♥


Monday, October 18, 2010
Buddie photoshoot session at 22:18

Last Saturday, I had a photoshoot with my buddie- Faithlyn @ Reservoir Park, Kuching. Before i went back to hometown, i was asking begging shiiteck to have photoshooting session with us. I'm just a little too thick face to offer myself as free model. But... if i keep the mouth shut, i'll just lose the chance to have nice photos. It could be a good chances to gain some special experience :) Eventually, i think we all had great time and alot of fun!

Now, story telling session!

Buddie and yours truly knew each other since Form One. Until today, we walked through our friendship for ten years. We share laughters and we shed our tears. All the dreams we ever talked still fresh in my mind. Some came true and some yet to come true. Now, we were grown up and turning into a beautiful lady. We playing different role in the society at different place but our heart still connected.


 you, buddy!

You were so talkative, and so me too!
Togather work hard to achieve our dream
This is our promise!

Our love will never ends.

Thanks millions to ShiiTeck for the photoshoot. 
More Photoshoot post will be coming up soon!
Just stay tune!


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Sunday, October 17, 2010
Melaka again! at 23:32

Hello, i'm back to melaka again! Sobs time flies!! 
2 weeks holiday is just too short! 
Anyway, i had a nice photoshoot yesterday and...
 it makes me whole nite couldnt sleep well!
Cun wait to blog about it!

Stay tune! :)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Ice Kacang ♥ at 01:20

Hello peeps, i'm here updating again~ My semester break in my hometown is pretty short and my schedule were so packed everyday! Should be glad/ sad? I wonder why time passed so fast! Hey, it is wednesday already! I'll be touching down Melaka this Sunday evening! Sobs..

 Had been eating this for 4 days continuously.
Feel so nice eating this coz KCH is super hot!
 Super likey this gong mia
but cost RM0.70 each
kinda expensive~
The other day go try out this cocunut + sugarcane drink with sis and dad
thumbs upppp

Ps: A random food post~

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Sunday, October 10, 2010
Update for my holiday at 00:33

One morning, i wake up and there is no electricity current due to one of the wires supply broken after heavy rain. No current means no any entertainment. So, i help out mummy to sew the picture as big as 2meter. 

I love D-i-Y stuff and i ever try out cross-stitches. Mum said this is something different and easier cause the picture were printed on the cloth. What we need to do is just fill up the colours. :)

This is what i filled up for 3-4 hours~

Yesterday morning, had some outing with sisters and mummie. We dropby The Spring to get a new printer. As we almost going back, someone from Slimming Sanctuary stopped us. At first i wasnt attracted but then mum saw the Elite facial just at RM68!!! I was planned to go to Beauty Angel to have the Elite Treatment which gonna cost more than hundred. But this package gonna help mum save up money! So, sign up! :)

 Free soothing mask/ purifying plan set.
I chosen the purifying set. ^^

I bought another coupon for full body slimming desire too! RM38 only!! Just give it a try then. :)
Wow, free so many thing! Seems so cheap lorh~
Activ7 Sculptor Gel - to be apply on the place that i wan slim down.

Ps: I got the busiest ever holiday! :(


Friday, October 08, 2010
TangShuiYuan ♥ A sweet date with Fanfan at 00:51

8I went for Squash hours with daddy, sister and brother. I just need to do alot exercise to keep up my diet plan :( I spend alot time on my computer and i totally ignored my handphone. So, I didnt noticed buddie's msg. After back from squash time around 7pm till i saw the msg, i hurry prepare myself for another meetup! :)

 Fanfan getting more lady nowadays! So sweet of u!
 Buddie with Fanfan
  Me with Fan fan
Buddie snapped this picture using her Iphone!
I'm well-trained for camwhore! XD
My so women-like buddie

 thumbs up for the 鸳鸯豆腐. Love the combination of redbean and beancurd :)

Opps, i'm craving for it nao!

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I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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