Lost days, pictures fade.

Sunday, June 28, 2009
17 Again + Mcvalue Lunch at 20:33

Finally went to town for shopping and had Mcvalue Lunch!
Watched "17 again" at GSC with sister.
This is the best way to relax!
It is a nice moviee. Enjoyed!
Window shopping at Mahkota Perade and Dataran Pahlawan.
but doesnt have much thing that i wish to buy
save money XD

July is approaching.
Hmm, 32 days to go home again!!
3 more weeks to my midterm exam
i feel that i should start study already

Here are z-chen's picture i grab from others one.
Due to my lousy 2MP camera i dont have a nice one to post.
and that nite i actually sat quiet far away

He is so so skinny arhhh


Friday, June 26, 2009
张智成- 签唱会 at 21:50


有他的主打歌 “暗恋”,“爱来的刚好”,“u r not alone” for michael jackson
和另一首我没听到名字 =(
全部都好好听!他说了“暗恋”这首歌的背后故事 还有一段小访问后就开始签名了

下一个是 Eason 的签唱会



Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Locked at 20:16

I'm sorry. This is a protected article. Please input the password:


updates at 19:59

Today is the 2nd lesson for Squash class. I felt bit uncomfortable wearing sports wear to lecture hall for the theory sessions. Due to the specific shoes required for the court wear and my shoes doesnt met the requirement therefore i bought this Dunlop brand shoe from my lecturer. I'm kinda in love with the highlight coloured squash racket. But i think i wouldnt own it at the moment.

The other day, i went to Deans cafe with sister to have Chicken choppp as lunch. I personally think that it is not as delicious as i thought cause it is not serve in hot.
Looking forward Mcvalue Lunch this saturdayy~ ^^


Sunday, June 21, 2009
new semester starts at 18:49

New semester has started. Busy life starts again. Have been attending a lot night classes. I hate attending night classes cause i feels so sleepy after attend the night classes and i will automatically hit the sack before 12am without doing anything. It is like i'm wasting my time. I think i have to start think of my plan for this semester as my cgpa has dropped last semester. *sad*

From now on, counting down 6 weeks i'll be back to kuching.

In the first week of lectures, we have been inform about our assignments and midterm's dates. I felt so headache when i see tones of thing to be settle in this 6 weeks time. But what i'm glad is the midterms are schedule to be carry out on the week before i back kuching. That means i dont have to bring back my books, i dont have to study in kuching!! *hurray*

Things happened in this week.
- Celebration done by housemates, new housemate and ex-housemate.
- Celebration made by coursemates.
- Rainbow finally approved to be reallocate in Melaka campus.
- Coursemate asked me to the the leader of the assignment group again.. *It is tiring!*
- Had my kfc on saturday.
- Xuan broke up with Roger. [what a waste!]
- Fathers day, Daddy feeling not perfect because we are not in kuching. We looking forward to dine out in kuching fest this coming august!

Happy Fathers Day!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Another Birthday Celebration at 02:15

Today woke up at 12 noon because i slept late last night. Received lots of sms from friends as well as papa n mama. My Facebook's wall were full of wishes from friends. Glad that everyone remember my birthday. Even they dont but wrote because they saw the highlight. I still feel thankful because u guys made an effort to drop me a msg on my facebook's wall. =)

A day lighten with a bright smile.

Coursemate Yeeshu look for me for a high tea session in the afternoon. I agreed to join and we end up goin KFC with lynn, pang, lenz, yongqi, joy, and xiao ling. I knew they wanna make it as my celebration. Owh ya, i just know that every tuesday got 25% off for KFC for those who got that offer card.

They were planning for another tea session at night after our AIS lecture which is after 10pm. I hate night classes. =(

Attended the AIS lecture at night and thank god that it ends earlier on 915pm. We go to Wings Music cafe after that. Some friends arrive earlier and they did their preparation for my birthday. They bring out the cake with lights on and the singer of the Wings Cafe sang the birthday songs when i step into the cafe. I was bit embarassed as everyone in the cafe knows it is my BIG DAY! Blowed off the candles and start our tea session. =)

This is a facial soap that they told me it is very hit recently product from singapore i heard. I'm sorry i know nothing about it therefore i googled it just now. I found in the website that it costed around RM90 for a piece of facial soap? OMG, so expensive larr.. Anyway, thanks for the facial soap~
Besides that, they got me a key and lock necklace with a star bracelet. I like it!
Lastly this is my cake~ I have so many cake to be finish in this few days. Scared of cakes!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Happy 21th birthday to me! at 02:20

Housemates made a simple celebration for my 21th birthday. They rent a car and going to bring me to try out Satay Celup. I came melaka for a year already not yet try out the satay celup therefore they bring me there. I thought we going to eat like counting by pieces but nope. We went a shop that is selling satay celup buffet like order mixed for four person portion and if we want we can order side orders.

Satay Celup tasted not bad. I like it when it is hot. I like hot food~

After that, we went to a cafe for tea session. Oh ya, forget to mention that my house came a new ipoh girl who is taking foundation in law. [owh, i become senior already.. so old arhh] We chit chatting and talk about her current roommate who still not yet back to melaka yet. Trying to tell her more about our HOME. Thanks for Jia Yie for joining my celebration. The house without her seems weird. ='( Miss you so much larr
Group picture. The fruit cake so big yeh. I counted that i have been eating cakes for 6 times during this 2 weeks. Omg, no more cake please.. It is so fattening! *slim plan failed for this moment, catch up later*
This place looks gud and i'm legal for it. But anyway, i dun drink and dun smoke.
This isnt a place that suit me.
Me with pretty Jia Yie
Here is a pressie i got from Sook Yen and Zi ning before i leave kuching. So touching ya!I like this cute optical mouse so muchhh! Thankss X1000..
Pressie from housemates. Soft and fluffy + love shaped. I like it so much too!!
Pressie that cindy got it for me. She actually planned to order a key shaped cake but failed cause it was too rush to plan all this as we all back from kuching yesterday. Anyway, i was looking for this since months ago. This is another pressie that i appreciate much too.

Thanks to friends who sms me- Youwei, xuan, yeevon, ma ing and aisieng.

21th is a point of change in life. I wan to change! Stay tune~

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Saturday, June 13, 2009
Random Update at 17:09

09 June 09

Back from damai Puri, went for a movie session- night at the muzeum 2 with darling. Here are the pictures of the day.
We were trying to find back our childhood times.

camwhoring in Crown Square.
Camwhoring in the car. *wink*
Shooting pics in the spring. Luckily the sales girl didnt chase us away!

11 June 09
A gang of friends planned to have a gathering at the living room. Unfortunately Yeevon couldnt make it at night. Therefore, i dated her out in the afternoon. I couldnt think of any suitable place except Kimbay Cafe which located at The Spring. We chit chatted for about 3 hours there. Having nice time chatting with yeevon. Glad that we still close like before.
Dom, this is for you. =)
We talked about visiting local uni's after we all back to our own uni. I really wish i can make it. Looking forward for visiting at UM and UKM~

Hang out with friends at the living room. Guess this will be the last gathering before i back to melaka. The lightning at the living room isnt suitable for digital camera to snap shots without flash on. We keep camwhoring around with the flash on. I dislike the pictures with flash, look so not natural. Joash brought his DSLR to the gathering. Shots with his DSLR just prefect!
Group picture taken by Joash.
I like this group picture! Taken by a AngMO who sat at table behind us.

Picture taken by my grandma's cybershot digital camera.
Cute Jason who still have naive look.

13 June 09
As planned earlier, we had a family dinner at Toh Yuen Restaurant @ Hilton. My mum them says is a earlier celebration for father day since we are going back to Melaka on 14th JUNE.

Dressed up for the dinner.
Sister and brother take a picture with Janice in the room.

After the dinner, We snap picture around the lobby and outside the restaurant.
The Heart shape were made from coffee beans.
Lightning outside the restaurant is nice!
Flowers that mum like.
Outside Toh Yuen Restaurant.
A Picture with uncle.
A picture with daddy.
taken outside the ballroom. Someone having wedding dinner inside there.
A picture before leave.

Here it ends my Beta third sembreak. SIgh.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Gathering+Suprise 21th birthday celebration at 17:34

Went out for movie with sisters and brother and Roger.
We watched Monster VS. Aliens.
i enjoyed watching movies. ^*

Before Out.. trying on something new. =)

Shots again!

Roger is xuan's BF. He looks like a very shy guy and he always makes me feel so funny.
He's funny when he saw us he will called all of us like " dajie, er jie and di di".
I never tot of watching movie with sister and her BF. A very different type of feeling.

Nite time

I always wished to have a gathering/reunion with members of The Sixth but unfortunately Joshua went back already. My stupid uni's holidays always hardly met with other private/local uni's holidays, so i think the only chance to meet up with u guys is just this mid year holidays.

As buddie and others planned, we made a gathering at The Jase Tea Room.
Buddie's brother pick me up and dropped us to The Spring. We waited for wewe and Ts to off from work then proceed to our gathering.

I like the natural lightning in Jase Tea Room. Perfect pictures need perfect lightning.

wewe looks natural in this pic XD

Snap picture of ts and yt. They were enjoying their food~

I tried to camwhore around again. We chit chatted, drinked and laughed. Enjoy being togather with you guys. While talk with Yuantat, suddenly the waiter bring a cake out without candle light on.

Okie, i know this is my earlier birthday celebration. And, i'm 21th! So, i wanna take down lots of picture. This napoloen cheese cake very nice. *thumbUP*

Busy taking shots. Forget about wishing or blow off the candle first.

Group picture with the cake that with candle light on and off.

After that, buddie gave me a pressie. She still ask for shots like Price giving ceremony picture.

A special mug from buddie laopo. This is the most special gift i got ever! Thanks buddie for giving me this memorable moment and the suprise!

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