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Monday, June 18, 2012
Long time no FOOD! 21.04.2012 at 23:47

It's time to update my blog again!

Refreshing back two months ago, 21th of April we were having another food hunting session around Melaka. My beloved friends all love to hang out togather and hunt for new food that we never try out in town! 
hmm, unrelated picture. Just colours that i love recently :)

curled my hair in order cause doesnt wanna look retarded. 
#360 camera for pictures :)

First stop, Batu Berendam's chicken rice ball.
Ten of use ordered 70 rice balls and a whole chicken! >,<

Then, the second stop for food is Sam Patisser.
A dessert shop which located at Jalan Melaka Raya. Somewhere not far away from Nadeje shop.

cute macaroons. Still dint get to try out until today.

Creme Brule 
Choco Lava

Mini cheese set which i dont think it taste good.

These are the other cakes that we've ordered.
This is my hmm Raspberry cheese cake? i cant really remember the name for it :(
The girls of the day.

Ten of us. :) Out of pose i guess. hahaha

Dropby to Run Melaka Shop. There is a clock on the door inside the shop.

Spotted lots of vintage earrings. Three for RM10 :)
Texted sister and bought two for her.
The ring belongs to me :)) big loveeeee

Then we took a gang picture outside that RUN MELAKA SHOP.
Melaka is fulls of painting on the wall. This is the first picture that i have with such backgrounds.

Then we headed on to Dataran Pahlawan. There is a car show running overthere.
Those guys were so in mood to check out hotchicks over there!

Camwhored with the sun. Feels like i'm at oversea :P

My Favourite car at the car show cause of the Hot Red colour it has. :)

Spotted colourful trishaw on the street. This is the most common pattern they had for now.

Last station for food for the night--- Pizza Hut.

We are just going to try out the latest new flavour with chicken floss.

there ends our food journey :)

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012
One day trip to KL. April Fool at 21:16

One day, Lynn (my coursemate) were randomly inviting a few of our coursemate for one day trip to KL.
The date set was on 1st of April which is APRIL FOOL. A few of our friends said it was a trick but somehow i'm half believing it was true and another half oso thought it was a trick! So not all of us agreed joining, Only me and Vivian is going with them.

this is what i wore for the day. Red cardigan with plain white top and high waisted pant
was still very early in the morning, i got bored of waiting so i explored this app - photoage.
It is an app that tell the age of you in the picture. So experiment shows that if you put a pic with specs, you will definately get an older age. #delete the app after explore.

We took bus from Melaka to KL. Again, it is a trip with Amy's family and relative.

We reached Times Square around 12 in the noon. So, we give ourselves a lunch treat before shopping :)

We decided to go for KIM GARY :))
I'm craving for their cheese baked pork rice so i ordered the set meal again!
Dessert and Lo Sung soup always comes first.
Amy ordered this - fries with seaweed flavour. Priced around RM6.50++

Pork rib rice

This is vivian's order - French Toast

and tadahhhhh my cheese bake rice ;))

Then we went off for shopping at times square. Just got time to shop from Level 3-4 only. arghhhh time is so limited.

I texted the cousin sis regarding our Ji Mui Theme for Annie's wedding day. So they asked me to look for checkered shirt or anything with checkered either skirt or dress or anything.

they even googled and again upload into the facebook event for us ;)

Spotted all this sweet style cardigan. Controlling myself not buying anymore.

Really have an eyes on this cloth but again i din bring it home :(

So, i'll show what i bought...

A pair of lace shoes. Flat is my love!

A black formal dress with rose pattern on waist area :)

and some other little tiny stuffs.

we back to melaka around 11pm at night. So there ends another weekend of my short semester :)

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Monday, June 11, 2012
Casa De Cafe at 20:37

I know all this were over but i still feel like writing it down. 
I get to snap a lot of meaningful moment aka pictures down using my phone. so useful for me ;)

went for a sneakout at night with kawan and her friend, teckson.
her friend brought us eat around Melaka. So kind of him.
erm that night, we get to know our drafted final exam schedule.

So you see i got only two subject. Looks pretty nice ok? But still i feel tension. T___T

He brought us to Ban Lee Siang. We all craving for satay celup. hehe
It was late 11pm at night. So, i can only have a few sticks for that supper session.

#die-ing. Fats accumulated started right here.

After supper session, we went to Casa De Cafe for tea session.

this is the inner design of the second floor. The ambience looks very nice and soft lightning provided.

i ordered chocolate milk only. for a better sleep.

After i went home, got a gift from housemate........


This is a gift from my housemate, Elaine. She did baking with her church friends for Good Friday. 

shall end the post here :)

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28.03.2012. Irene's Birthday at 20:27

This is a super back dated post. About two months plus ago >,<

Irene, is my coursemate who are from Sandakan, Sabah :)
It was her birthday on 29th of March. However, we decided to go for her birthday celebration dinner a day earlier
that day we met up with J1 after her class at 2pm. We first stop is to fill up J1's tummy as she haven had her lunch. She's been craving for A&W and we also wanna have a sip on root beer. So there we go ;)

randomly AA was having promotion on October and our expected convacation date were announced around that time. So i called mum up and decided the period that we gonna stay in KL for my convocation.

So, as the picture i will be there from 4th till 10th October! ;)

Saw the charges for 6 people? only RM660 for round way! Cheap max!

OK ok move back to SUK YEN's celebration! We decided to go for Korean food at Daorea!
starting appetizer! But im a bit dissappoint with that night's appetizer! So- so only

We ordered this fried korean japchae chige [if im not wrong]

kimchi soup is a must! 

This is me and sukyen's favourite! Spicy fried PORK X)

they ordered this ginseng soup too!

the boss gave us this free pancake. Erm is it because we keep on snapping picture of his food? No ideaaaa

So this is my chingu with her surprise ^^

THis is us playing with her spec! We all get turn to put on and snap pictures!

Our polaroid picture of the night~! Epic one! Do you spotted the birthday girl with funny action?
It is because when we all are ready for the picture, the birthday girl wanna tell the guy which is the correct button to press one and the just click it. So, this is the outcome! XD

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