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Sunday, March 30, 2014
Kuching Food | Osome Wood Fired Pizza at 13:21

27.04.2014 Had our second last block class for P3. That day, we drove out to Taiwan Xiao Zou for our lunch. We were sick of Chicking/ Life cafe/ Shan City pan mee already lol. After the lunch, the girls craved for Starbucks so we went and grabbed one for ourselves.

That night, we decided to hang out and have a dinner togather after those heavy blocks. Since we got our pay around that time too. Lol Initially, we wasn't planned to go this place but too bad the place that we want to go was closed that night. Last minute switched to this place.

I hope you can read their menu. Their pizza price ranged around RM18.80-28.90. Reasonable priced.

The shop itself have partition into two levels. Upper level are for bigger tables to accommodate more people. We were given only one small table at downstairs which that place is quite dim.

Behind me is the area they put those folk and spoon and tissues. And, also a notice board wrote "Self Service"!

This is the Pizza making area! Initially we plan to move to those seats there too! But the waiter is like asking us, are you serious? There might be quite hot one! 

We did a lot camwhore there and surprisingly turned out not bad!
So we cancelled our request to change our seats after that. :D

Camwhore! Actually the guys at next table keep on looking at us. Why la? never see girls selfie meh?

Here comes our pizza!!

The first one that came was four element! Price RM24.90

Then another one is Chef's Special! Priced RM 22.90

The total bill for three of us. Quite cheap la, right?

Then, we requested to go to upstairs and take pictures togather.

That guy is very friendly cause he keep helping us to take photos from different angle.
Later, i found out we actually met before in Lynn's wedding dinner. Kuching, really is a small place.

till then.

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Friday, March 28, 2014
Kuching Food | Sanga Japanese Food at 12:11

March highlight - Salmon Feast 

A quick update for my third week of march!

22 March 2014

We just received our book voucher from the government! Granted RM250 book voucher! So happy la cause i can use it to buy books that i'm not willing to spend using own money, get some electronic equipements ie calculator/ pendrive/ harddisk? If you are going to buy books from Popular book store, you can only spend 20% on stationeries while 80% must be spend on books!

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?
A challenge that i saw a lot people is taking! Tempted to do it but i'm still busy right now. Will do it soon!

25 March 2014

My workstation in a hospital. Get to work in a pantry for a month. So disgusting because on and off the staff will come in and make their food hot using the microwave. They even use the microwave to cook the maggie! OMG, really make the whole pantry smells maggie all the time. 

My new pastel purple calculator that i got it using my book voucher! So happy because i love things in pastel colours! I can be happy for small things!

Brought my ipad to work as i always spend my lunchtime in that pantry. Love the retina display that make all the pictures look so nice in real colour! BDW, my lunch time there is quite long, about 1.5 hour! wheeee 

That night, random date with buddie to Cuppa Kap Coffee. Cafe hopping with cakes and coffee is a trend now. You can see a lot of cakes and coffee picture in instagram scrolls. lol

Photo credits to here!

We ordered a piece of caramel-almond crepe cake, RM9.00 (If im not mistaken)

Green tea Latte. RM9.00 

Cuppa Kap Coffee is located next to Porkies, at Jln Song. 
Operating hours: 10am- 10pm.

29 March 2014

Highlight of the month! 

I have been seeing people posting about salmon feast on and off in the instagram and wondering how it works and where? Yet to figure out. Then randomly, Maggie came and told me that they planning to have a salmon feast gathering with our colleagues and ask if i would like to join?

How it works?

1. You buy your own salmon fish at some seafood supplier shop.
2. Send to Sanga Japanese Food (山河日本料理)
3. Enjoy your time there with all the 5 different types of dishes made from that one whole fish.

We bought our salmon fish from Hong Yong Seafood Supplies, located in Pending. 

The fish was priced at RM48/kg. As i heard from my colleague, they normally will import fresh salmon fish on every Thursday! So, we bought our fish on Thursday then send over to Sanga and make our booking on Friday/ Saturday night. We got a fish weighted 4.5-5kg for about 10 of us.

Sanga will charge us RM100 for the processing fee.

Attendant List of the night : Yi Song, his wife, Siaw Wei, Alex, Jin Chiat, Chichieh, Lisia (Sharing), Lynda, Yours Truly and Li Pheng.

The first dish! Salmon Sashimi!!!

Li Pheng said, ONE small part of it already charged at RM22/25 by the shop on the menu. Can you see how many of RM22 of it in this sashimi boat? At least 12/14 portions!!

The boat that worth RM 264 (Assume RM22*12 portion).

The sashimi is so fresh, so soft!!

Chichieh, the late comer. So we helped him to take out a portion from the boat first.

Second dish of the night.
More salmon sushisssss! I personally think this is better than the first one. But too bad they made only a few sushi on this. Next time should request them give us more SUSHI instead of sashimi.

Close view.

Another side view of it.

Salmon Fried Rice.

BBQ Salmon Fish Head!

And the very yummy Salmon Skin.

Lastly, we have a small surprise for Alex! LOL he is very funny as he thought the surprise is for yi song's wife because thats the birthday month of Yi song's wife and he just proposed not long ago in Sanga on his wife's birthday.

Overall, the whole meal only cost us about RM340! Each of us paid RM34 only!! Cheap or not? You can eat till you sick of salmon loh. Laugh

Business Hours: 
Monday – Friday (11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm)
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday (11am-10pm)
Ending this post with a group photo of us. The group is big as another group of colleague also bought about 10kg salmon fish and sat besides our table. Lol

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Friday, March 21, 2014
Kuching Cafe | Cupella Cafe at 16:40

The third week of March 2014...

Random night spend at 101. Just found that Kuching has this Kulai Lou Pan Beancurd which I thought only available in west Malaysia! Lol. Each bowl priced at RM4. Quite expensive la cause very small portion only! 

Did take away for continuously three weeks to the hospital with the colleague. So, on the last day (the junior is released) I've decided to drove them all out to Sarawak Gold Club for our lunch date. I like their seafood Tom Yam Bee Hoon Soup. I'm a super big fans of Tom Yam and this one really taste nice as in the Tom Yam soup is great, won't too salty or too spicy. Just nice!

FYI, there are member price given if you are member of the golf club. Actually non of us is a member of the golf club. We told the waitress too. But when the bill comes, we are charged at member's price! Saved up 20%! Luck is by our side! 

20.03.2013, the day brother got his straight As SPM result. 

He has been working really hard for this. Everyday, I see him study day and night and ran for a lot tuitions for his science subject. Then, he even did those state's mock exam paper! 

Conclusion, hard works will definitely paid off!

21.03.2014, i was invited to attend Lynn's baby full moon dinner at Hai Tian Lou.

Took a picture with them before we leaving at 9.30pm.

Yours truly with pretty mummy and Baby Aloysius. His birth date was 22.02.2014. A very nice date!

Can tell the hubby very sayang Lynn from this photo! Envy to the max when look at this happy family!

Last group picture with the pooh pooh balloon!

Next, me and buddie went for cafe hopping. So I brought her to Cupella coffee & Bar which located at Titanium area.

This is the first time I'm here after see-ing so many people posted for this place.

Buddie's lemon ginger mint tea. Priced RM8.

Added in my failed hand craft caramel latte. Priced RM9!

Okay, a selfie to end this post! I'm looking so pale! >.<|||

This is how a working lady looks like? Or purely just an auditor's look?


06.04.2014 random thoughts
Internet was suspended for three days. Gosh, super hard to leave without internet! Glad that it comes back today! Then, I got too many work to do and wants. My weekend is always too short! *sad*

Want to learn about photography. I have passion in it and I keep longing for trips! But when i want to start to plan for my travel itinerary, I tend to be lazy! 

And, ACCA have been resting at side for about two months! Guess I really should catch up faster and make myself pass again this round!

Note: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


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