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Friday, July 05, 2013
230113. Rakuzen Restaurant at 22:05

Back to blog about my outstation in Klang.. I had this vitasoy everyday morning as breakfast! 
I had a different feel about the outstation this round.

I had a lot of stress and it is the first peak that I'm going through. I always heard about how scary is the peak, but never experience it. So, I'm really stress that I might not able to handle it. 

The manager came over for a visit and meeting with the client. She brought us to a lunch treat at Rakuzen! 

Rakuzen is a place that sells Japanese food! I heard it is in the top list of the Japanese restaurant from A. I bet it gonna cost a lot!

Have a look at the menu and it is seriously costly!

Due to this meal is having with te manager, we don't really dare to order too expensive thing. Just.. Paise? Or what if at the end we must pay our own portion? Lol

Since cny is approaching, le manager ordered a prosperity yee sang!

The real one and taste very yummy! The main thing that makes a Yee sang taste different than others is the side dishes (the jeruk jeruk) and the sauce!

My seniors they ordered the unagi sets that cost around RM68/70!

This unagi rolls is my favourite! But since there are 5 of us, I can only have a piece of it!

Sashimi salmon which cost RM22!

And here comes the main focus of our lunch - sashimi sets that cost RM180!! However we felt a bit not worth is compared to the salmon set that we ordered on above that cost only RM22!

The mean that I ordered which I dislike :(

Another maki that taste super yummy! I swear next time I go KL I should order those sushi or maki like this and dont order set meal again!

A's Katsura! He is a big fans of katsu lol

Omggggg maki with crab meat! 

The total bill for our super blissful lunch cost around RM500++.. The most expensive Japanese food I had ever! 

But I think what u get, you have to pay for it. Mayb in other forms of return...

Xoxo, kelyn

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