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Thursday, November 25, 2010
Stop Child Abuse! at 21:03

I went KL over the weekend last week. A banner caught my attention while I'm taking the escalator at Fahrenheit 88. It was a banner with a lot celebrities holding a piece of message on their hand. Do you guy noticed it too? It was about CHILD ABUSE.

Do you know what is child abuse?
Child abuse can be physically, sexually or emotionally mistreatment to the children. Sometimes people just doing things wrongly and they does not know they are committing an abuse. :(
There are four major categories of child abuse which is neglect, physical abuse, psychological/ emotional abuse, and child sexual abuse.

Neglect is where the adult (parents, baby sisters, elders and more) failed to provide various needs such as food, clothing, hygiene, education, medical as the child need it.

Physical abuse is where the adult conducting physical aggression such as kicking, striking, slapping, burning, pulling ears or hair, choking or shaking a child.

Child sexual abuse is another form of child abuse where an adult abuses a child for sexual stimulation. An adult is conducting a child abuse when they force or misleading a child to carry out sexual activities, displaying pornography to a child, actual sexual contact, using them to produce child pornography. Do you all know that all this act will causing depressing or post- traumatic stress disorder to the child? Just like those we see in the HK dramas, some people were depressed in their childhood and they committed crime after they grown up.

Lastly, psychological or emotional abuse can be destruction of personal belongings, excessive criticism, inappropriate or excessive demands, withholding communication and humiliation. This type of abuse may result in abnormal or overly passive behavior.


Among 4 major types of child abuse, physically abuse is the one i hope most of the parents would aware about it. Sometimes we flips through the news papers, we can see those baby sitters using hot water pouring it over the baby's body or some of them using kicking or even shaking them. T.T How can a baby stand it? Babies were so adorable. How can those baby sitters did that to them? All this can be prevented if people aware on it. If the parent gives more care to their child, then the baby sitters might not have a chance to do so. It will helps in giving the child a healthy environment to grow up. Do you all know that shaking a baby can lead to intracranial pressure, swelling of the brain, diffuse axonal injury, and oxygen deprivation; which leads to patterns such as failure to thrive, vomiting, lethargy, seizures, bulging or tense fontanels, altered breathing, and dilated pupils.

yeah, you might think that not only the baby sitters did those child abuse. For those parents who caused it, I was wondering.. do they ever think that they were once being a child before? Do they ever imagine if their own parents did that to them in the past time? People!! If you aren't a kid lover, please don't give birth. PLEASEEEEE

Yeah like the banner on the above, raise your hand and togather create awareness please!



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