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Saturday, June 21, 2014
Planning Itinerary of Langkawi- Must visit spot in Langkawi at 20:21

I'm doing my survey and also drafting an itinerary for the upcoming family trip to Langkawi in July 2014. Doing surveys and reading blogs and official website while doing my own plan. I think it will be nice if i compile all this in a blog post. Somebody going to benefit from this in future. Perhaps, i might need it again in future.

1. Langkawi Wildlife Park

Location: Lot 1485, Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kampung Belanga Pecah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
Operation Hours: 8.30 a.m to 7.00 p.m. Last entry is at 6.00 p.m
Entrance Fee: Adult (RM 28/ RM 15 for Malaysian); Children ( RM 18/ RM 10 for Malaysian)
Nearby Attraction: KLIM KARST Geoforest park, Bat Cave & Durian Perangin Waterfall
Things to do: Animals Feeding, Animals watching ; upclose interactions, photo taking

2. Langkawi Cable Car

Location : Jalan Telaga Tujuh, Burau Bay Pantai Kok Beach, 07000 Pantai Tengah, Malaysia
Operation Hours:
  • Monday - Thursday 10:00AM - 07:00PM
  • Wednesday12:00PM - 07:00PM
  • Friday - Sunday, Public; School Holiday 09:00AM - 07:00PM

Entrance Fee: Adult (RM 30) with Mykard & Children ( RM 20)
Nearby Attraction: Elephant Adventures, Quad Adventures; Telaga Tujuh Waterfall
Things to do: Sight seeing, riding skycab, flora; fauna exploring, enjoy breezy weather; etc

3. Kilim Geoforest park / Mangrove Tour

Location: Kampung Kilim 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, 07000, Langkawi, Kedah, 07000, Malaysia

Entrance Fee:

Nearby Attraction: Duty Free Shopping at Kuah Town, Wildlife park & Durian Perangi Waterfall
Things to do: Sight seeing, boat ride, visit mangrove, bat watching, watch eagle upclose, visit fish farm (touch & feel stingray), see the beautiful limestone hill; etc
Official Website: http://www.langkawigeopark.com.my and www.langkawimangrovetour.com

Alternative Price Package List:
A) RM150/boat for One Hour Tour
Bat Cave
Fish Farm
Eagle Feeding
Mangrove Sightseeing

B) RM200/boat for Two Hour Tour
Bat Cave
Fish Farm
Eagle Feeding
Mangrove Sightseeing
Crocodile Cave
Open Sea (Andaman Sea)
Mangrove Sightseeing
Icon Kilim Geoforest Park

C) RM250/boat for Two Hour Tour
Bat Cave
Fish Farm
Eagle Feeding
Mangrove Sightseeing
Crocodile Cave
Open Sea (Andaman Sea)
Icon Kilim Geoforest Park
Swimming At The Island Beach

D) RM300/boat for Four Hour Tour
Bat Cave
Fish Farm
Eagle Feeding
Mangrove Sightseeing
Crocodile Cave
Open Sea (Andaman Sea)
Mangrove Sightseeing
Icon Kilim Geoforest Park
Tanjung Rhu View
Swimming At The Island Beach

 - Alif 017-4304800

Fun Fishing Trip
Duration : 4 hours
Charges: RM 450.00 (max 8 persons)
·         Boat and Experienced Boatman
·         Fishing Line
·         Bait
Starting time : At Your Choice
Day Time : Extra use per hours
Night Time : Maximum of 4 persons / boat
*Transport provided upon request - Additional charges
Mangroves Tours & Island Hopping
Duration : 9 hours (1 day)
Charges: RM 850.00 (max 8 persons)
·         Bat Cave
·         Fish Farm
·         Crocodile Cave
·         Eagle Feeding
·         Open Sea (Andaman Sea)
·         Mangroves Sightseeing
·         Pulau Beras Basah
·         Around Pulau Singa Besar
·         Pulau Dayang Bunting – The pregnant Maiden Lake
More information at http://www.langkawimangrovetour.com/

4. Langkawi Island Hopping -  Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Lake), Pulau Singa Besar, Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island)


Charges :
Charter boat : RM 300.00 ( 8 persons/boat )
Sharing packages : RM 35.00

Departure time :
9.00am (morning)
2.00pm (evening)
Duration : 4 hours

5.Underwater World

Location: Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation Hours: 10.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m daily. 9.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m during public holiday
Entrance Fee: Adult (RM 38/ RM 28 for Malaysian) ; Children ( RM 28/ RM 18 for Malaysian)
Nearby Attraction: Pantai Cenang, Morac Go Kart, Laman Padi
Things to do: Animals Feeding, Marine Life watching ; upclose interactions, photo taking

6. Eagle Square, Lang Tengah

Location: Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

7. Chocolate Shopping, Haji Ismail Group kuah
They are all duty free which means its about RM 6 – 10 cheaper then the other stores.
Location: Lot 1852 Kompleks HIG, Jalan Penarak, Kuah 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation Hours: 10 am to 10pm Daily
Nearby Attraction: Wild Life Park, KILIM Karst Geopark ; Durian Perangin Waterfall
What to do: Shopping for Chocolate, Glassware; Perfume

8. Cenang Beach

Location: Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Nearby Attraction: Underwater World, Laman Padi, Night Market

9. Harbour Park

Ticket: none
Opening Hour: 24hours accessible

10. Langkawi Craft Komplex

Ticket:  none
Opening Hour: 10am - 7pm

11. Black Sand Beach

Ticket: none
Opening Hour: 24hours accessible

12. Legend Park

This is a scenic park with beautifully landscaped gardens. The 50-acre park has 17 monuments depicting various folklore personalities inspired by local legend and history. There are also four artificial lakes and a man-made beach. Located near the Kuah Jetty Point and Eagle Square, entrance is free.

Ticket: none
Opening Hour: 8am - 7pm

9. Cruise with Tropical Charters

Day Cruise
Location: Pick up at Porto Malai Port, Langkawi, Malaysia
Operation Hours: 10am to 4pm Daily
Entrance Fee: Adult (USD 100) ; Children ( USD 50) inclusive of Free Flow Bars and BBQ Lunch. Transfer (Surcharge applies for some Hotels)

Sunset Cruise
Location: Pick up at Porto Malai Port, Langkawi, Malaysia
Operation Hours: 5pm to 8pm Daily
Entrance Fee: Adult (USD 82) ; Children ( USD 41) inclusive of Free Flow Bars and BBQ Dinner. Transfer (Surcharge applies for some Hotels)
Nearby Attraction: Cenang Beach, Underwater World; Laman Padi
Things to do: Sunset sea viewing, swimming in sea water, sunset dinner, photo taking
Website:  http://www.tropicalcharters.com.my/ 

Download this PDF for another three days gateaway plan.

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