Lost days, pictures fade.

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Kuching Food | Portico Restaurant & Lounge Bar at 12:07

Was in a hospital job for a month with two new staff and another associate. 
The new staff is an ACCA graduates. Through our conversations, she found out that I'm taking paper three. She is so kind that she said she has an exam kit and also pass year paper sets that she would love to give it to me! Where to find such kind people who will treat a new friend aka colleague this way right?

Chocolate crave hits me! I'm really crazy when my craving strike me! I can spend a lot on it!

Another childhood snacks to accompany me study!

Random Friday night, brother and me go to T4 to chill. He tells me that the wifi connection is very fast over there. The environment is good but I found a group of annoying kids shouting and laughing super loud there! So annoying! They treat the place as their house like that!

After that brother bring me to take away at 101. He wants to introduce this famous 猪扒包 to us! Lol

 The next day, it was a hot sunny Saturday spend at home. Le sisters craved for cold drinks and they drove out to city one to take away T4! I'm trying another signature lychee black tea! Slowly trying one by one of the drinks in the menu!

Then mummy brings in this ginger sweet which was given by dad's colleague. Brought back from China!

It was grandpa's birthday! We decided to book a table at Portico for his birthday dinner. We went for something extraordinary for this year as we are quite sick of Chinese food. Thought of getting lamb shank for him.

Actually, initially I was planned to go for cafe cafe. It is a cafe that serves Chinese and western cuisine. Just thought whoever wants to have Chinese cuisine, they can still go for it. But too bad, that day it was closed for private function.
Creamy cabornara. Actually I'm quite unsure what to order. Just simply get a plate of carbonara from the menu.

Been craving for calamari salad. So, here it is. But, the portion is too small! I miss the one from the Junk!

We ordered the special pizza from Portico too!

Grandma's Grilled Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce

Aurora Chicken Chop for brother.

Lamb Shank.

Picture taken by little sis.

Pineapple Cheese Chicken Chops for aunt.

And here comes the bill of the night. Check out the bill if you want to know the individual pricing.


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