Lost days, pictures fade.

Sunday, October 06, 2013
Plan my career at 20:11

Recently the firm has a very high turnover rate. We were having farewell almost every month. It makes me feel like it is a routine monthly gathering already. Everytime I heard about someone has tendered the letter (most of them are seniors), I will start to think when is the time I should tender the resignation letter?

To be frank, I don't hate my job but I don't like it either. Somehow, I don't know what I like or where to go if I leave this job. It's not easy to have such a 'good' offer for a fresh grad, of course now I'm considered as owned 1.3 yrs experience. But I'm sure people still treats us as fresh. Experience wise, I have not gained enough yet. To be well trained in a firm will take at least 3-5 years. That's what my dad told me. 

Someone also said that, if you willing to step out of the comfort zone, you definitely can get a better offer. However, if I'm in a senior position and wish to join the banking industry three years later, I guess my pay will be cut off half. The only way to earn more is stay in accountancy after gaining audit experience. 

So after foresee myself in 3-5 years time, the first thing I have to do now is finish my professional papers. By the time I would have enough experience and base to help me get another better offer in future! So I have to be clear with my goal now and work for it!

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Xoxo, kelyn


I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
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my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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