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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
241012. Lynda's Wedding Day Session at 14:50

It's time to blog about the second important event of October 2012, which is lynda's wedding! She is the first close friend of mine who getting marry at such a young age! However, I'm so excited for her! 

I got her a wedding present and shared with David. I printed out some of her proposal's picture which she saved to my pen drive and showed me two years ago. I secretly saved it down because I wanna print it out for DIY.
One of the picture and sweet talks from David and me.

I made love contract for her! We customize the words togather before the wedding.

Another self printed Polaroid alike photos <3

Overall! This is show hard to stick word by words and I actually slanted it a bit towards the end of the rules! >.<

Sister helped me to draw the Caths kids ton nailart to match the pastel yellow bridesmaid dress.

I was still working during Tuesday and I only managed to get a day off on her actual day which falls on weekdays.

I dropped by to her home at night to help her finalize all the game things and tools and stayed up to 1 something.

She is luckily to broke a quail's egg with two yorks! #goodsign #superstitious lol

She freezes her room key into three big ice cubes lol 

Aunty made this thing and want the groomsmen to wear as a bra. Actually we initially want them to wear like a granny pampers.

Those sweets inside the ice water which need them to take out using mouth! 

Something happened on the pré wedding night. Two of the bridesmaid (a guy and a girl) they both missed the flight due to flight reschedule without notice. They both left at the airport during midnight and only going to reach by morning which surely gonna over the time where groom fetch the bride.  But anyway, there are still got six of us there! 
We were there to camwhore in the morning. This is me, Jen, Syndy and sing tian (lyn's uni mate)

We kissed the board!

Lynda walking around and see our preparations.

Not forget to snap OOTD picture on this important date!

This is mine! ;)
Here comes the groom! 
Wanted them to dance in oppa gangnam style by following the YouTube video but they complained it is impossible to learn it after watching it once on the spot. So we agreed to have four picture with the signature post of the song!

Him guessing on the kiss mark! 

Then after he went in, we make him sing their love song - 你知道我在等你吗?<3

There are also six most important question prepared by lyn to b asked by Jen!

Next steps sign the love contract!


Finally got into her room! His aunty played a trick! She grabbed away that three ice cubes with keys and melted it under tap water!!!! *angry* we were all shocked and we thought that is his mum or who so no one stops her!!!!!

The decorations all done by lynda!

Cute little chicken and Chics!

Sweet rice balls!

Happy bride of the day! I love her pastel flower ball!

Some of the camwhore picture before going the groom's house!

This epic shot was taken by the groom's men! The special version of you may kiss the bride now! ;)

Before go to the grooms house, we do off to friendship pak for group shots!

The secondary mates!

Forget to show you ppl that they make us ate this super gross thing! But got another big angpau in return so nvm la hahahah

With them :)

The other two bridesmaid has arrived!

The bodyguards!

Groomsmen gang!

She changed into a super hot evening dress for tea serving session!

Back at bride's house!

I actually got the flower cause no one actually go and grab it!

But I'm really happy to see her get married!

Next post is on wedding dinner of hers! 

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