Lost days, pictures fade.

Saturday, September 01, 2012
안녕. at 12:18

안녕  means hello! ^^,

This is how yours truly looks like now. lol
I really wanted to update my blog but maybe i'm a stubborn person. I always thought that i should update my blog according to sequence. But today, i don't follow that rule :)

This is not a blog post about things or events happen in the past but a short post about myself. Just a little bit of update about my life, my thoughts now.

Time flies. I've started to work in the firm for 2 months already. How awesome? I still remember the excitement that i got when i received the call for an interview then the day i read over the text preparing for the accounting standard. Then facing the down part on keep waiting for reply regarding the second interview and i finally made it through. All that kept me goes along is the secret that i believe i will made it through. So, i'm really thankful now for what i have now .

Working person means i got a really healthy routine and lifestyle now. I'm quite adapted to life in Kuching after came back from Melaka. However, i really missed Melaka's life so much as well as my university friends! I always try to spare some time whenever they try to text me over FB or whatsapp me. I'm sorry that sometimes i did halfway ran away from chats. I'm just have something on to do, so i might forget to reply after that :)

Folders about my graduation trip is yet to be tidy. And convocation is coming soon, just about 37 days later! I'm anticipating for that day's arrival so i can meet all my friends up! Distance, doesn't break the bond between us. That proves how strong our friendship are! I'm always thankful to have you all around to make my university life awesome! So now, i gotta work hard and wish to have our reunion trip again in coming years.

Apart from work, i did attend to korean class for self-enhancement purpose. Still remember the korean teacher asked everyone of us that what makes us wanted to study korean. And my answer would be "peer influence". I'm not a super fans of korean pop thing before i go to west malaysia. But through all the four years, i started to watch korean series and i really fell in love. But so sad that university doesn't offered korean, so i couldn't learn about it. Now, i'm going attend the 3 months short course for beginners. I finally get to understand how the words forms and this and that. Just get to finish all the vowel consonants in one month. Hope to get into conversation part soon! The class starts at 6.30pm every Tuesday and Thursday which really a bit too rush for me! But, i didnt feel pressure to attend cause i'm interested in it! I actually feel i'm a little bit relax after attend to the class.

For work, it is really hard to express out in words. I does not know is it the job that i'm doing is like a top secret or what. But somehow, i think should do less publicity about it. You would never know what are the consequences that will brings. But after all, so far so good. Shits did happen in the beginning. But thank god that i'm still have the chance to do more and improve. I know that nothing is impossible! :)

Everyday now, i wake up seeing a lot of beautiful things and i learnt a lot positive thinking from my friends. I'm totally lovin my life!

I got more positive energy now and i can foresee more good things is coming all the way to me.

Ps: i'll meet you soon :)

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I've learned goodbyes
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pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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