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Saturday, March 19, 2011
Herbaline at 23:02

Date: 27th Feb 2011

One day, we saw posters along Jalan Song. It is having promotion now! Normal facial wash only for RM38(First Trial) :) Me and sister decided to give it a try! So momma helped us called up and make a appointment on Sunday noon time :) 

I always afraid of going those facial treatment centre ask they like to consult you then hard selling you their products. This one is just nice, they didnt hard selling, and no any facial consultation (this might be good might be bad, depends each ppl's judgement. )

RM38. whole facial session took 90 minutes!

So, we start of with a foot bath for 5 mins after filling up a normal form about our particulars.

SO relax.

  This is a place for customers relax there and wait for the staff to get ready the room
another view from the room where you can go up to the facial rooms
we had aroma therapy before our facial session starts :)

The facial session took approximately 90mins. Sister is at the other side of my facial room. The facial rooms is small so we actually can overheard what ppl next door talking. I said that they doesnt have any hardselling right, well~ they got another trick!

So, they will like normal routine talk to you and get to know more about you. And making you letting go any self defence and getting into a total relax mode where you couldnt think properly or at the end you just feel like answering them "umm,umm ya ya~"

I'm always alert and away eventhough the place is kinda relaxing. So, the girl talking talking with me then suddenly she switched topic and asked me" Do you want to add on another antibiotic? Just for RM30 ONLY!" They keep on saying like those product is cheap and add on "RMXX ONLY" but, those are not your money, to you sure you can say like " ONLY RM90 ONLY ma!!" =.=

I rejected that offer. Then, she stop persuading me and stop talking to me :D
Then silence in my room allow me to overheard what my sister and the other girl talking besides my room. So i listened the whole process how my sis got that trick! 

Girl: Do you want to add on an antibiotic?
Sister: Umm ya [ she must be thinking this is normal procedure they telling us what they going to do next, thought that it is in the package!]
Girl: Ok, this will add on RM30.
Sister: [silence and must be with the face like this =.=]

Me at the otherside thinking, what the heck! My sister's face no any serious acne but she oso offered her to add on antibiotic? Omgawd, i really cant help to stop her from falling into the trick~ :D 
She gonna pay RM68 for this facial session LOL

I dunno how the make it, they finished the whole facial session on time!
We got free fish spa after that for like another 5 mins :)

the fish pool very very small 
This is the first time i tried fish spa, very itchy i tell you!
but i tahan-ed for like 3 mins :P

After finised our facial, we went yeoung-sul for strawberry yogurt icecream!
My big love recent is Yeoung sul's icecream! :) 

Random thing - my Mickey hanger broken! I wish i can get another Mickey hanger back!

 Herbaline, located besides Beauty Angel at Jalan Song.
The environment is kinda relaxing, you may give it a try if you wish to.
i'm just sharing my experience today!

shall blog again!


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I've learned goodbyes
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pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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