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Sunday, November 14, 2010
Why I love Pizza Hut's Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza at 02:06

First of all, I would like to share a story to you readers =)

It is a story about CHANGE!
This story is about 4 characters which are the "little people" (Hem and Haw), and the two mice (Sniff and Scurry).
They all trapped in a "maze". Their daily routine involves scavenging for cheese everyday. For a day, they found some cheese left on the floor in station C. They wondered who could have left the cheese there. One of the mice said, " Well, finders keepers!". Therefore, the two mice had plenty of joy returning to the station to eat the cheese left there everyday.

The two little mice patrolled and checked the area of station C every single day and they realised the cheese was getting less day by day. They knew that themselves have been eating the cheese but the amount of cheese missing was just too great to fit the picture. Sniff lifted his nose and pointed at a direction to signal while Scurry will took off in the same direction too to follow his lead. The mice together went out looking for new cheese. 

The mice didn't bother too much about the missing cheese. They decided to just deal with their loss.

However, Hem and Haw aren't thinking like the mice. When they found out Station C is out of cheese, they felt shocked and outraged. They aren't like the mice which had notice the cheese supply had been dwindling, nor that the cheese became old and smelly. 

Hem and Haw take Station C as their home. All the cheese inside were belong to them, and now it's all gone. It is so unfair to them! The little people couldn't anticipate to the change, they remained with hope that the cheese would return and they went back to Station C everyday hoping that someone would put the cheese back!

The mice later found more cheese in Station N.

One day, Haw finally awakened. He decided to move into the maze and hunt for new cheese as he was getting weaker and weaker. The fact is the cheese would not return to Station C anymore! He was tired to seek for new cheese and he was afraid. Afraid of the unknown, and he also afraid he wouldn't found any new cheese, but still he pressed on.

Haw found new cheese and he met the mice at Station N. While Haw was searching for cheese, Haw written some notes on the wall of the maze all the way as a signal for Hem. Those notes are what Haw left for Hem and hoping that he will see it one day. Sadly, Hem was still hemmed in by his old thoughts. He may have starved and getting weaker in the cheeseless station.

Cheese in this story is representing the needs in your life.
Ex. financial security, happiness, career, success and many more.

The maze is the place where you taking chances

Sometimes we may act like Sniff/ Scurry/ Hem/ Haw.  If we found the cheese on time, we would treat it as lucky or favour. When our opportunities are taken away, we feel like the situation is unfair and an act of injustice. But in all that, we ourselves did not prepare for the change, just like Hem.

The lesson of the story:
No matter what happens in our life, we must think like a mouse. Always anticipate change, monitor change, adapt to change quickly and change! Be ready to change and looking for new cheese!

So, are you ready for change now?

Now, Pizza Hut make some CHANGEs on their Menu


They had newly introduced Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza that 
has 6 types of cheese on it!

Looking at the menu.. Without flipping the other pages, this is the one we hunting for!
My sister and I ordered the Extreme Cheesy 1 with 1 Regular Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza, 2 Soup of the Day, 1 Garlic Bread and 2 Cups of Revive ---- Cost RM28.00


So, we chosen Cheesy Hawaiian as topping :)

Waiting waiting waiting for the food to be serve

Mushroom soup will be serve first like usual
It comes with the garlic bread!
We ordered the ala-carte 4 pcs Honey BBQ chicken wing too!

We took the bus to town, when  we reached Pizza Hut it's 3 o'clock already.
I was so hungryyyyy~
 They were too busy servicing around. The waitress forgot to give us the spoon.
Typically DRINKing mushroom soup there!
I always keep my eyes on the cheese powder!!! 
It get lost for a few times coz other people from other table will grab it without telling you!
It happens a few time i couldn't find it on our table.
Those people are MOUSE right!

I keep on asking my sister, "WHO MOVED MY CHEESE???"
Tearing the garlic bread apart.
*GUESS* what i did to the garlic bread?


I was pouring some cheese powder on the garlic bread!

I wonder one day if they gonna mix 6 types of cheese into the cheese powder.

Testing how the mushroom soup gonna taste with the cheese powder.
Self-made cheesy mushroom soup? lol
I keep holding the cheese powder bottle coz i really worried those people will grab it away again!

Finally the Extreme cheesy 6 pizza is here! Tadah!
Cheddar. Monterey Jack. Mozarella. Parmesan. Provolone. Romano

Cheddar - Semi Hard Cheese
Monterey Jack - Semi Hard Cheese
Mozarella - Soft Cheese
Parmesan - Hard cheese
Provolone - Semi Hard Cheese
Romano - Hard Cheese

I'm not gonna leave any cheese over! I pay for it ok? 
Why should i feed the dustbin with it? LOL
This is what i normally do larh!
Eating in action! 
You noticed how fast i'm eating yea? The camera couldn't capture it properly!!
*ignore my ugly eating face*
or u teach me how to eat and look nicely lorh 
i can see 6 cheeses with different shade of yellow colour
camwhored with my LOVE shaped pizza
Opps! caught licking fingers at the back!
My favourite shot of all~

You must be thinking why am i loving Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza so much? [ok lah! I assume you are thinking so ok?]
1. I'm typical cheese-addict!
2. You can choose whether to dine-in or take away! So convenient! Just make a call to the HOTLINE
3. And it's so nice that they let you to add on toppings with only RM2. [cheap!!!] There are 3 choices!!! Will they add in Tom Yam flavour as well??? [i'm wondering]
4. When you get bored of normal meals like rice/ mee/ porridge, you can owes go for Extreme cheesy 6 Pizza!
5. Wah the hard cheese and soft cheese as well as semi-hard cheese just mixed up so nice, you know that? The texture... wow it's so undescribeable!
6. This is definately gonna replace the HOT and ROLL Chicken and Cheese Paratha that serve with very litttle cheese. [I dont know why they always put so little cheese one. Like that how to cure my cheese addict???]

Then, what ya waiting for?
Get you phone now and call!

Hotline of Pizza Hut

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!



I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

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I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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