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Sunday, October 31, 2010
Konnyaku Jelly ♥ at 01:49

♥ DiY stuffs. I cook quite often in Melaka. I actually enjoy the process of making it and having something that i like.

Since last semester my housemate dated me to Pasar Malam on one Wednesday, two of us end up going to Pasar Malam every Wednesday after that. I'll buy some vegies, Fruits- Kiwi/Orange/Apple and of course my favourite Melaka Style PohPiah. I never get tired of PohPiah 

The date of Pasar Malam doesnt stop during our Final Period. We goes there eventhough the sky seems going to rain. We just wont gonna change our plan. Wheee I'm glad i found my kaki to Pasar Malam coz she loves cooking as much as i do. Another reason she went to Pasar Malam is because she blends Japan cucumber+small bitterground Juice everyday. So, she will go there to get those materials. Seriously having those juice helps her cure the pimples. But it is a NO to me. I just wont going to take any bitterground, i mean like forever wont.

I had an Kiwi perday since the week i started to visit Pasar Malam. 6/7 for RM10. Cheap isnt it? At least my mum said so. And i could see the effect on getting fairer :)


So the new sems starts, i didnt follow them for the last week but I did this week. I'm planning to make fruit jello over the weekend to cure my temptation on titbits >.< I dunno why i keep craving for titbits! Oh help, i'm gonna gain weight if i dont control. 

Lychee Flavour Konnyaku Jelly Powder
2 Kiwis
around 20 seedless grapes
Lychee flavoured Nata de Coco

Cook the konnyaku jelly powder, pour over the cut fruits, put into the freezer and it is ready to serve after 2 hours!
♥ it QQ

This is sista's version for the special one. 
She put more mix fruits than i do.

♥ Konnyaku Jelly
This gonna be perfect titbits that full of Vitamin C
Good for girls who care for beauty 

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Memories good or bad
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and words can never
replace those feelings!

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