Lost days, pictures fade.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
at 22:44

today i attended my first tutorial for managerial communication
early in the morning i did plan to read over my script first
but then i was attracted by the online game
so i ended up play the game till left half an hour to prepare for class

when the tutor come in
i feel tat he got a bit looks like my working collegue, jerry
attend his class start to make me feel easy with this topic
all the stress feeling start gone away
he noes how to attract people listen to him
he is nice anyway

he said that he dun care about our grammar or vocab or what
this subject is to see how we communicate
i'm worried coz i think i do have grammar mistake and my vocab not gud like others
then, he said he wanted to test and see our class english level
okay, i'm lucky today.
i was picked by him among ten ppl he chosen
i'm the 4th ppl who speaks.
title is if you are the prime minister, what will you do for the country?
i try to act steady while talk about my points
actually i really panic arhhh

but at last that tutor comment on me is..
i can give points with supported reasons, can get his attention and...
i can give efficient smile =)
luckily he didnt said i smile like monkey =P
he ranked me => 85%
haha~ finally i feel a bit more confident in myself ady
hopefully i can score well in this subject
last nite i was really stress till i feel like wanna knock d wall
thanks to this tutor.
make me feel that this is not the end of the world yet~ ^^

Ps. my fren asked me to be one of the speaker in the debate team.
i never participate in debate before.
but i think i'll still try my best
coz i really wish i can score well in this sem!!
Aiming 1st class mar..



I amkelyn
I Like to dream
I Dislike dreams doesnt come true =(
Live. Love. Laugh

my favorite quote

I've learned goodbyes
will always hurt
pictures never replace
having been there

Memories good or bad
will bring tears
and words can never
replace those feelings!

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